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Material, Visual and Digital Culture Seminars

Mondays 5-6.30 pm
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton St. 

Spring 2015

12 January Dr Deborah Lupton (University of Canberra)
Fabricated Data Bodies: Reflections on 3D Printed Digital Body Objects in Medical and Health Domains

19 January Dr Maruska Svasek (Queens University Belfast)
Aestheticisation and the Production of Religious Space: Merging and Clashing Formations of Potentiality and Agency in Chennai

26 January Dr Jamie Cross (University of Edinburgh)
Everyone Is Not Illuminated: Light, Energy and Infrastructure Off the Grid

2 February Dr Alison Hulme (Royal Holloway)
On the Trail of the £1 Commodity: The Thrift Ethic and the Spirit of Austerity Capitalism

9 February Dr Eeva Berglund (University of Helsinki)
Activism in the entrepreneurial city: reworking ecological and political relations


23 February Dr Gabriela Nicolescu (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Three faces of communism: on the relationships between people and things in a contemporary Romanian museum

2 March Dr Antonia Walford (Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, Open University)
Compacting and Comparing: the nature of scientific data and the culture of anthropological Comparison

9 March Professor Penny Harvey (University of Manchester)
The material and social intimacies of waste infrastructures

16 March Dr Regina Bittner (Head of Academy Department, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)
Bauhaus stuff: between Museum and Everyday life

23 March Professor Ton Otto (Head of Academy Department, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation)
Yiwan kup: Worlding practices, objects and notions of personhood in Baluan, Papua New Guinea

Seminar Convenors: Adam Drazin & Hannah Knox

Autumn 2014

29 September Rafael Schacter (UCL)
Ornament & Order: Graffiti and Street Art from a Material Culture Perspective

6 October Hannah Knox (UCL)
The Carbon-Life of Buildings: Material Politics in the City

13 October Paolo Fortis (University of Durham)
The aesthetics of power and alterity among Kuna people

20 October Lambrose Malafouris (University of Oxford)
How things shape the mind: a theory of material engagement

27 October Roos Gerritsen (Heidelberg University)
Public intimacy: Urban affects on South Indian walls

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