Postgraduate Courses 2017-18

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Masters Students should discuss with their individual Masters tutors the particular optional course they wish to attend. 

Optional courses for Masters Students are 1.5-2 hour specialist seminars but students are advised to attend the lectures associated with the options they choose, which are open to both postgraduate and undergraduate students. 

Masters seminars will normally assume knowledge of the material presented in these open lectures, and deal with the issues raised at a more advanced level. One extended essay is normally required for each option you take but do please check with your tutor for the requirements of your specific Masters programme. You can also refer to the module’s Moodle page. 

Times of seminars can be by arrangement and as such will be confirmed at the first lecture for the course. Always check the online timetable for the time and place of the lectures.

Term 1 Options

ANTHGC03 - Art in the Public Sphere
ANTHGC10 - Transforming and Creating Worlds: Anthropological Perspectives on Techniques and Technology
ANTHGC12 - Anthropology of the Built Environment
ANTHGC25 - Advanced Topics in Digital Culture
ANTHGD12 - Medical Anthropology
ANTHGD20 - Aspects of Applied Medical Anthropology
ANTHGD21 - Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment
ANTHGE02 - Ecology of Human Groups
ANTHGE03 - Population and Development
ANTHGF02 - An Introduction to Social Theory – a foundation course
ANTHGF03 - The Story and I – Finding the Form: a practical exploration of story-telling
ANTHGF04 - Time and the Staged Index - photography and narrative in the digital age
ANTHGF06 - Experimental and Interactive Storytelling – Form and Narrative
ANTHGH05 - Evolution of Human Cumulative Culture
ANTHGH08 - Evolution of Human Brain, Cognition and Language
ANTHGH15 - Primate Socioecology
ANTHGH16 - Palaeoanthropology
ANTHGS06 - Ethnography of Forest Peoples
ANTHGS17 - History and Aesthetics of Documentary
ANTHGS20 - Practical Documentary Filmmaking
ANTHGS21 - Statistics and Causal Analysis for Qualitative Social Scientists
ANTHGS30 - Anthropology of Latin America
ANTHGS31 - The Anthropology of Islam in Diaspora

Term 2 Options

ANTHGC09 - Anthropology and Photography
ANTHGC20 - Issues in Power and Culture (The Anthropology of War)
ANTHGC21 - Social Construction of Landscape
ANTHGC23 - Anthropology of Socialist and Post-Socialist Societies through Text and Film
ANTHGC26 - From Analog to Digital
ANTHGD02 - Multisensory Experience: Understanding Sickness and Health Through the Senses
ANTHGD10 - Anthropologies of Science, Society and Biomedicine
ANTHGD11 - Anthropology and Psychiatry
ANTHGD22 - Anthropology of Ethics and Morality
ANTHGD23 - Reproduction, sex and sexuality
ANTHGD28 - Biosocial Anthropology, Health and Environment
ANTHGE06 - Anthropology of Development
ANTHGH02 - Advanced Human Evolution – Evolution of Social Behaviour using Comparative Methods
ANTHGH04 - Statistics 2
ANTHGH14 - Human Behavioural Ecology
ANTHGH17 - Primate Evolution
ANTHGF07 - Documentary Radio – a practice-based introduction
ANTHGS03 - Risk, Power and Uncertainty
ANTHGS05 - Anthropological Theory
ANTHGS18 - Gender, Language and Culture
ANTHGS23 - Temporality, Consciousness and Everyday Life
ANTHGS25 - Practical Documentary Filmmaking (Lab-based)
ANTHGS72 - Anthropology of India
ANTHGM02 - Digital Infrastructure: Materiality, Information and Politics
ANTHGT03 - Mass Consumption and Design