Digital Linguists' Network


The sixth session of the Digital Linguists' Network will be given on Sketch Engine by Dr Mark Shuttleworth, Senior Lecturer, SELCS.

  • How often is a word used?
  • How is a word most typically used?
  • What's the difference between competing forms such as Spanish hiciera and hiciese?

These questions and many more can be answered by Sketch Engine, an online corpus framework. It already contains many large corpora and enables the creation of new corpora. It does within seconds what a few years ago would have been laborious or impossible.
We will meet in the Language Space in Foster Court, UCL until 18:15 after which there will be refreshments in the Staff Common Rm (Rm G24) in Foster Court until 19:30.
Please let me know whether you can make it, so that we can plan the refreshments, by using this Doodle poll.
Use the "if need be" option if you're not sure if you can come.

The Digital Linguists' Network runs regular events for linguists based at UCL, SOAS and in the London area. There is an introduction to the DLN at the start of this video. If you are interested in joining the mailing list, e-mail Chris Dillon.

Recent sessions

The King's Speech Approach to teaching (English) pronunciation June 2014

Translation technology February 2014

Publishing January 2014

Using video to support learning December 2013

Languages, wikis and crowdsourcing May 2013

Future sessions will be on:

  • Outreach
  • Pedagogy
  • Apps
  • Cultural advice (à la CEELBAS)
  • Public engagement
  • Learning non-Roman scripts

etc. and will take place once a month or so in term time.

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