Inaugural Lectures

Tuesdays 6.30pm -7.30pm

Wilkins Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, 2nd Floor, South Junction, Wilkins Building, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

Inaugural lectures give newly appointed professors a chance to exhibit to the wider UCL community and provide the public with a flavour of their intellectual activity and research. The scale and diversity of this 2013/2014 series is testament to the strength and vitality of the arts, humanities and social sciences at UCL.

The lectures are followed by a reception.

2013-14 Series

3 December 2013

Professor Axel Körner (UCL History)

Unveiling Modernity. Verdi’s America and the Unification of Italy

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28 January 2014

Professor Charles Stewart (UCL Anthropology)

For an Anthropology of History

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4 February 2014

Professor Susan Collins (Slade School of Fine Art)

Transporting Skies

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11 February 2014

Professor Margot Finn (UCL History)

The East India Company at Home: Private Fortunes, Public Histories

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25 February 2014

Professor Dorian Fuller (Institute of Archaeology)

Growing Societies: the Archaeobotany of Food Production and Globalization of Agriculture

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4 March 2014

Professor Karen Radner (UCL History)

A Godforsaken Country: Assyria after 614 BC

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11 March 2014

Professor Susan Morrissey (UCL SSEES)

In the Line of Fire: Terrorism and Political Violence in Late Imperial Russia

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18 March 2014

Professor Vanda Broughton (UCL DIS)

Madness and Method in the Organization of Knowledge

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25 March 2014

Professor Maxine Molyneux (UCL Institute of the Americas)

Transnational Americans: Latin American Perspectives on Recent Trends in Pan-American Migration

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6 May 2014

Professor Mike Parker Pearson (UCL Archaeology)

On the Road to Stonehenge

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13 May 2014

Professor Rose Marie San Juan (UCL History of Art)

Punishment, Anatomy and Recollection

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20 May 2014

Professor Elizabeth Shepherd (UCL DIS)

Past, Present and Future: the Archive, the Academy and the Community

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27 May 2014

Professor Melissa Terras (UCL DIS)

A Decade in Digital Humanities]

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