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This programme of research focuses on inpatient mental health rehabilitation services. These services provide care for people with severe mental health problems, usually schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, that are complicated by other problems such as non-response to medication, substance misuse, challenging behaviours and "negative" symptoms that make it difficult for the person to motivate themselves and organise day to day things that we usually take for granted. Because of these problems, this group of service users often require lengthy hospital admissions.

Rehabilitation services aim to help the person gain or regain skills that they have lost through their illness, cope better with their symptoms and gradually gain the confidence and ability to leave hospital. Most of this group of service users will require supported accommodation when discharged. Rehabilitation services tend to work with a minority of the people who receive care from mental health services but because of their severe and complex problems, they often require lengthy admissions and high levels of ongoing support in the community, resulting in high costs. Despite this, very little research has been carried out to help understand which aspects of rehabilitation services work best and which patients benefit most from them.



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