Practical Astronomy

The Radcliffe twin refractor was built in 1901 by Grubb of Dublin, originally for the Radcliffe observatory in Oxford. Having been offered to ULO in 1935, it was transported and erected at this site at Mill Hill in 1938. Since then it has been mainly used for research in positional astronomy and for undergraduate teaching in practical astronomy.

(Taken from the University of London Observatory official website)

This is so winderful to ubserve something in the sky through this magnificent telescope! I was lucky to had a chance for observing. I have been looking at Messier 42 object - The Orion Nebula. It was the first time I was seeing that famous object, and of course it did not look as colourful, as all the images in the books, but still it was an enormous object, located more than a thousand light years away...


This is one of the most exciting subjects I have done so far - Practical Astronomy. I have attended 12 sessions in the University of London Observatory, and it was a great experience to study there.

The weather this time of a year is not very good for astronomers, but still we had great chances to observe the sky visually and perform the CCD imaging.

The course is run in University of London Observatory

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