[06/10/2011] Computer Malfunction

Due to an unfortunate laptop technical difficulity, we have lost around 40 names/email addresses from our Sign up spreadsheet! We are really sorry about this. Hopefully the Union will help us recover the lost contacts however if you are not on the mailing list then please join here: http://groupspaces.com/uclutabletennissociety/

[13/09/2011] THE HONG KONG TOUR

Each year, we hold a number of events, ranging from after-training socials to inter-university tournaments. This year our new club committee has a high profile event lined up: a 7-10 day tour to Hong Kong, during the Christmas break. We feel that tour to the Far East will provide our players with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime sporting experience. . Hong Kong is one of the top table tennis playing nations in the world and the country is also a modern hub of opportunity for both businesses and students. We hope to develop strong relations and good friendships with the institutions over there. Table tennis is Hong Kong’s largest and most popular sport and this tour will attract widespread attention and large audiences. The University of Hong Kong Table Tennis Club is extremely keen to host us, and have demonstrated their enthusiasm by providing the necessary accommodation.

[12/09/2011] New Website Launched

The new UCLU Table Tennis website is now in operation.