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Netball Oddments

Here you'll find a hotchpotch of stuff which is interesting but hard to categorise elsewhere! Some things here are duplicated in other sections so if you have a strange sense of deja vu it just goes to show you're a true fan of these pages...Congratulations!

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The Netball Resource Pages Discussion List
Why not join our email list? A great opportunity to exchange load of netball-related information!
Storm's National Netball Club Directory.
THE source list for UK club contacts - the most complete list you'll find anywhere. Well done Malcolm!
Website of "Twinkle Toes" from TDC Netball, with lots of "features" - let's just say you'll either love it or hate it!
Elaine's Netball Page
Includes useful umpiring course info and events stuff for the East Essex Association and the Hockley Netball Club.
Beginner Umpiring Award and test
Courtesy of Gordon Dudman, whose Sussex County Netball pages are a mine of information, and well worth a visit. Fancy yourself as a putative umpire? Test yourself with this quiz, which Gordon will mark and return himself!
Simone's steps to stardom
Tips on playing from Simone McKinnis (Australia WD) as written for Sports Weekly...
The great Netball Quiz
Prepared by Elizabeth (of Netball Gallery fame) - varies from easy to very tricky (especially if you don't know Australian netball!)
Sussex community and youth netball development programme
Fledgling NZ site, in early with a TV domain!
New (1/2005) general netball site geared around a chat room.
Netball Online
Online forum with international coverage and participation, wide range of UK material.
Netball Zone
Forum site for netball matters, including quite a bit of information on leagues etc in the south of england. Not to be confused with NetballZoneUK, the kit and equipment suppliers!
Netball Australia Chat Forum
Redesigned interface to the first netball-based "newsgroup" I was able to find... Strongly Oz-based but it's a real opportunity to correspond with your fellow netballers...
Sporting Image's Netball Message Board
seems to be rather lacking in support, and slow to update... but it does have a dinky messagepad interface :-)
Storm netball discussion forum
Makes a nice alternative when AENA's down (MEOW!)
Netball.tv message board
A new chat/message forum on netball from Netball.tv.
The Netball Fan Forum
NZ based forum with lots of Aussie/NZ stuff but also quite a bit of UK material!
CNL Netball Forum
Croydon Netball League forum, but lots of non-league chat and info, including Netball in the news, and a fun and games section!
Sport One netball
Another sport forum site - this is the netball section but all sports are covered.
Sports Register
Clearing house for sports-related chat forums - geographically organised, but quite a bit of netball-related traffic.
Netball Window
Netball Blog run by Joy Scandlyn (NZ)
Jennifer Bailey's netball page
Find out all about the wild life of the Bradford University Netball Team...! Plus various other interesting bits and pieces.
Netball UK
No not the online shop! Website of Margaret Palmer, England U21 manager - mostly pictures, plus a collection of varied links.
Netball Images Index
A must for all you coaches, loads of pictures illustrating basic skills exercises etc. Part of the Sheffield Hallam University Sport Image Database. NB however, Gordun Dudman (gordon.dudman@which.net) comments that not all the techniques shown are as currently recommended!
Sporting Images - Netball
Commercial photographic/image service, but they have some freebie netball samples...
Fotoccompli picture library
Commercial photograpy site with lots of netball pics on show - images are not downloadable free at present (4/03) but I'm told there are plans to offer some netball ones gratis soon.
Netball Clipart gallery
Malcolm does it again! Courtesy of Storm, a collection of netball art at last (although NB his copyright disclaimer).
Statistics sheets
Freely downloadable stats sheets for netball - courtesy of Cancoach Netskills.
Xtra Sport Netball
A NZ-based information service netball news site - daily updates (but not always anything there!).
Netball World magazine
Basically a web advert, but it does have a sample article you can read each month...
Australian Netballer Magazine
Nice simple site, with a selection of downloadable articles and past issue contents as well as info on subscriptions and advertising!
Netball tips
From the Netskills site, useful tips for both players and coaches.
Belinda Reig's Exercises
Feedback from Belinda Reig on the netball exercises she's set up for a young lady with brittle bone disease.
Endorsed by Sport England, NPFA and many more, this site is an online job agency in the sport and leisure field. There is also talk of a minimal cost/free advertising service linking coaches and clubs... Watch this space!
Sportscoach training development
Not specifically for netball, but certainly useful for it - by Brian Mackenzie, senior UK athletics coach, with info on training scheme development, with sections on everything from coaching and conditioning to nutrition, psychology and plyometrics (whatever that is!).
"...Provides free health information for the sporting fraternity". Annoyingly slow frame-based site which has info on sports diets, injuries etc., including netball-specific material (and a summary of the game!).
NETTforce netball
The (Australian) National Centre for Vocational and Education Research's team who "...are basically two staff who are funded to promote traineeships to the national community". Why don't we get this sort of thing over here?
South Region Netball Association Performance Development Programme
...intending to "develop skills through training, coaching, umpiring, mentoring and competition" and open to all counties, schools and individuals within the South Region. Download further details here.
BG Netball
Coaches' resource site - commercial but with some free stuff.
KGS Netball
Kirkwall Grammar School's netball page, with an interesting comment on men in netball..! Hopefully that only applies to men in the Orkneys?
Volkswagen advertising
Did you know that VW use a ficticious netball team in their minibus advertising? Would you buy a used van from this lot?
Sweet Chariot
Group travel specialists who include netball tournaments - follow the tournaments-netball links.
Titan Groups Netball Tours
Bespoke and tournament netball tours for schools, clubs and universities.
Organisers of netball tours abroad, including some mixed ones! Spain, SA, Barbados, Malta, Ireland...
The Shootout Club
Offer netballing weekends in the IoW (and other sports).
Visit the 2003 World Championships!
Get a copy of Sportsworld's (the official WC2003 travel agent) brochure here.
geometry.net netball
"The online learning centre" - interesting site which combines web search with the ability to look for media (e.g. books, software etc). This is their netball subsection.
Sportquest Netball
Commercial directory site with not many links at present (but at least there's one to here!). Subdivided by rather unhelpful (misleading?) categories.
Leisurehunt Home Page
"The UK leisure geo-search engine!" Allows you to look up sports facilities geographically: but needs more search options (e.g. freetext search for sports). Might prove useful for tracking down local facilities.
Netball Webring
Got a netball site? Add it to the "nuts about netball" webring... Or try a random site to find new goodies!
Netball Tipping
Fancy yourself as a netball pundit? Try predicting the weekly winners in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy 2001... Hmm, time for a Fantasy Netball League? :-)
Sport First survey
Take part in an online sport survey for a new sports newspaper! If we all say our favourite's netball, maybe we'll get some more resources...?
Sponsorship Online
Site which helps to match sponsors to sponsees ((is there such a word?) in sports and similar areas.
Korfball vs Netball!
This comparison will show you the difference...
Netball Trivia
The netball section of funtrivia.com, where you can find loads of netball quizzes... and create your own! God don't you have better things to do?!
The Killzone
The official fansite of the Welford Roadkill X-Ball club! Based in Leicestershire, with a sense of humour. This is the spirit boys and girls... :-)
Watch this space! Apparently they're gonna make a film about netball...
Or for something different try Lab Netball
Strange people, scientists! Still, if you're one, no offense, and if you like netball too, here are the rules... You can even join a league! (SAD!)...

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