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Basic warmup - Col Evans
Simple jog/sprint routine
Basic warmup - Andy Dawson
Simple warmup and stretch routine
Suicide - Jennifer Robson
Team jog/sprint drill
Netball Tag - Bernadette Barnes
Warmup passing/tag drill
Tag - Katie Parsons
Warmup passing/tag drill
Line drill - Judith Lee
Running/jumping drill
TH warmup - Tanya Hill
4+ person half-court sprint/dodge drill.
Quick feet - Bianca Rodda
Group agility warmup drill

Basic warmup

Use the entire court, jog the first third then sprint at half pace the centre third and jog the last third. Returning jog the goal third then sprint at three quarters pace the last two thirds Jog the first third then sprint at full pace the rest of the court and back again.


Vary tasks by adding netball movements eg dodge, jump, and recover three feet, zoning, pivot etc.

From Col Evans
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Basic warmup

A good warmup and stretch is always important - and especially for the more "veteran" players! This is the routine I use:

Jog 3 laps of the netball court.

1st stretch:

From base line jog up court to centre, long strides to other baseline, backpedal to centre, turn and sprint past baseline: repeat 3 times

2nd stretch: repeat as 1st stretch

From Andy Dawson
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Where I coach, there are four courts together in a square (two netball, two basketball). In general, I start my coaching sessions by sending the girls for a jog around all four courts (once in the first couple of weeks of the season, twice later on). They then come in and do some stretches. Then they get into Suicide.

The players line up along the baseline of a netball court and jog to the end of the first goal third, touch the line with their foot, turn around and run back to the baseline again. The players then jog to the end of the centre third and jog back to the baseline again, then on again to the end of the court and sprint back the length of the court to the baseline.

I normally run them through this exercise twice at the beginning. You can bring in different skills into the drill such as hopping, skipping, jumping, sidestepping, pivoting, etc.

From Jennifer Robson
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Third of a court

1 team passes ball b/w members,using netball rules , to be close to an opposition player to tag her with the ball(not throw at her) When tagged player leaves court area. Continue till all opponents are out.

Vary with this if only 1 team training,(my version)

Choose 2 players to be "he" same rules except when tagged they stay on court and become a "team " of "he" continue until one player is the winner(not tagged)

(note from ed - said to be "...the best warmup ever" - !!! )

From Bernadette Barnes
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Half the team tuck bibs into the backs of their skirts/trousers. Then the other half of the team have to try and grab as many bibs as they can.

This involves dodging and awareness of other people on your team and the defence.

(note from ed - obvious variant could be to have two teams after each others' bibs)

From Katie Parsons
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Line drill

requirements: 1 netball court.

steps: start at the top of the court run to the blue line run on the spot then jump up and down 5 times with your arms in the air then run to the next line and repeat the procedure when you get to the last line turn around and go back. Do this as many times as you like.

This is a good warm up to do because the game game involves being on your toes a lot and you also do a little bit of jumping

From Judith Lee
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TH warmup

requirements: 1 netball court.

steps: a.. It can involve no littler than 4 people, and can involve as many people as you like above that number. b.. You start at each corner on one of the base lines, So that you have two lines. c.. You alternate your start and sprint to the opposite corner on the half way line, so that you are only using one half of the court, d.. You then turn so that each line is facing one another..still running, and then jog across the half way line, dodging from side to side thorugh one another. u can repeat this as many times as u like, its tricky to get it 100% correct without anyone crashing in to one another, but when you do, you could go on for hours, its a lot of fun to do.

From Tanya Hill
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Quick feet

requirements: Players (any number)

Players line up in a straight line Running on the spot until coach calls out either quarter, half, full, down or up.

coaching points :

This drill should be run very fast and it gets their legs pumping so they are ready for next drill. Also you can make it harder by making the commands quicker or completely mixing the commands around. Don't do it for more than 90 seconds at a time though or players (especially youngsters) can get very dizzy!

From Bianca Rodda
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