Below are four scripts I have written in AutoIt to improve the integration between the text-editor that I use, Notepad++, and different programs that I want to run, such as Stata, Octave, LaTeX or C++. They are based on scripts by Friedrich Huebler and Keith Kranker, who both maintain detailed notes on integrating Notepad++ with Stata.

The basic idea behind the scripts below is that in order to perform a similar action to the current file, the same shortcut can be used for files with different extensions. E.g. instead of using different shortcuts for running Stata or Matlab files, ‹ctrl›-r can be used to run .m files in Matlab, .do files in Stata, and .html files in Firefox.


The usual disclaimer applies (downloading and installing this software is at your own risk, and no support or guarantee is provided, I don't take liability and so on), but please if you have any problems, suggestions, easier ways to accomplish the same thing, etc. These scripts can probably work with other text-editors as well.

Installation of the files is straightforward (a detailed readme and the AutoIt source code is included in the .zip files)

  1. Download and unzip the files to a convenient location
  2. Edit the .ini file as described in the readme
  3. Set up a shortcut in Notepad++