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Editor, Translating Others. Manchester: St Jerome Publishing, 2006. 2 vols. 536 pages.
ISBN 1-900650-84-3 (vol. 1), 1-900650-85-1 (vol. 2).


Volume 1

Theo Hermans
Maria Tymoczko
Reconceptualizing Western Translation Theory
Doris Bachmann-Medick (trans. Kate Sturge)
Meanings of Translation in Cultural Anthropology
Ovidi Carbonell Cortes
Misquoted Others. Locating Newness and Authority in Cultural Translation
Alexandra Lianeri
Translation and the Languages of Historiography. Understanding Ancient Greek and Chinese Ideas of History
Martha Cheung
From 'Theory' to 'Discourse'. The Making of a Translation Anthology
Harish Trivedi
In Our Own Time, On Our Own Terms. 'Translation' in India
Myriam Salama-Carr
Translation into Arabic in the Classical Age
Audrey Prost
Gained in Translation. Tibetan Science between Dharamsala and Lhasa
Eva Hung
'And the Translator Is-'. Translators in Chinese History
Carol Maier
The Translator as Theoros. Thoughts on Cogitation, Figuration and Current Creative Writing
Paolo Rambelli
Pseudotranslation, Authorship and Novelists in Eighteenth-Century Italy
Christi Ann Merrill
To Be or Not to Be a Gutter Flea. Writing from Beyond the Edge
Cosima Bruno
English-Chinese, Chinese-Chinese. On Reading Literature through Translation
G. Gopinathan
Translation, Transcreation and Culture. Theories of Translation in Indian Languages
Sukanta Chaudhuri
Translation, Transcreation, Travesty. Two Models of Translation in Bengali Literature

Volume 2

Stephen Quirke
Translation Choices across Five Thousand Years. Egyptian, Greek and Arabic Libraries in a Land of Many Languages
Yukino Semizu
Invisible Translation. Reading Chinese Texts in Ancient Japan
Ruth Evans
Vulgar Eloquence? Cultural Models and Practices of Translation in Late Medieval Europe
Myriam Salama-Carr
Translation and the Creation of Genre. The Theatre in Nineteenth-Century Egypt
Saliha Paker
Ottoman Conceptions of Translation and its Practice. the 1897 Classics Debate as a Focus for Examining Change
Paul Bandia
African Europhone Literature and Writing as Translation.
Ibrahim Muhawi
Towards a Folkloristic Theory of Translation
Carol O'Sullivan. Retranslating Ireland. Orality and Authenticity in French and German Translations of Blasket Island Autobiography
Annmarie Drury
The Hoe As We Know It. Translating a Contemporary Swahili Poet
Martin Orwin
On Translating Somali Poetry
Fabrizio Ferrari
The Uselessness of Translation in the Bengali Dharma-puja
Kate Sturge
The Other on Display. Translation in the Ethnographic Museum
Hephzibah Israel
Translating the Bible in Nineteenth-Century India. Protestant Missionary Translation and the Standard Tamil Version
John Tsz-Pang Lai
Christian Tracts in Chinese Costume. The Missionary Strategies in Translating The Peep of Day
Daniel Gallimore
Measuring Distance. Tsubouchi Shoyo and the Myth of Shakespeare Translation in Modern Japan
Kenneth Liu
Translation and Cultural Exportation. A Case Study of Huang Chunming's Short Stories

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