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ISCON sponsors the Social Cognition pre-conference that precedes the annual SPSP conference. It organizes a similar pre-conference for the tri-annual meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology. ISCON also is a sponsor of the PMIG conference that precedes the annual SESP conference.

  • Information on the EASP 2014 Preconference
  • Information on the SPSP 2015 Preconference
  • Information on PMIG
  • Awards

    In cooperation with PMIG, ISCON honors career contributions to the study of social cognition with the Thomas M. Ostrom Award

    ISCON honors the contributions of junior scientists with the Early Career Award

    Each year, ISCON also gives an award for the Best Social Cognition Paper

    And finally, ISCON recognizes outstanding research by graduate students with the Best Poster Award at the Social Cognition Preconference

    What is Social Cognition?

    Social cognition is not a content area, but rather is an approach to understanding social psychology. It is a level of analysis that aims to understand social psychological phenomena by investigating the cognitive processes that underlie them. The major concerns of the approach are the processes involved in the perception, judgment, and memory of social stimuli; the effects of social and affective factors on information processing; and the behavioral and interpersonal consequences of cognitive processes. This level of analysis may be applied to any content area within social psychology, including research on intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup, and intergroup processes.

    History and Purpose

    The International Social Cognition Network (ISCON) was formed in 2003 as a joint enterprise between the European Social Cognition Network (ESCON) and the Person Memory Interest Group (PMIG) to act as an umbrella society to advance the international study of social cognition. Among the objectives of ISCON are to advance the understanding of social cognition by encouraging research and the preparation of papers and reports, holding meetings for the presentation of scientific papers, sponsoring or issuing publications containing scientific papers and other relevant material, establishing professional honors and awards to recognize excellence in social cognition research, and cooperating with other scientific and professional societies.