About the
Society for Ancient Medicine

The Society for Ancient Medicine fosters the scholarly study of ancient medicine broadly understood: not only Greek and Roman medicine, but also ancient Near Eastern, medieval European, Arabic, Armenian, and traditional Indian medicine, and indeed medicine from all pre-modern cultures. Membership in the society is open to all persons interested in ancient medicine; for further information, write or e-mail the Society's president,

Professor Lesley A. Dean-Jones
Department of Classics
The University of Texas
Waggener Hall 123
Austin, TX 78712

e-mail: ldjones@mail.utexas.edu

The Society publishes an electronic newsletter distributed by e-mail to members.

Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua is glad to endorse the Society's aims and serve as an on-line resource for its members.

Lee T. Pearcy
The Episcopal Academy
Merion, PA 19066


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