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A new Bulletin de Médecine Ancienne / Ancient Medicine Newsletter

Emory University's MedWeb listing for History of Medicine

From the creators of MedWeb, a new search site, MedWebPlus, for medical topics.

MEDguide, a searchable index site.

BioMedLink, which describes itself as "an evaluated and annotated database of Internet resources for biological and medical researchers." Search it using this form:

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The History Channel allows you to search for any topic in history.

Major Resource Sites

Tufts University's Perseus site
Perseus is a Web resource for all aspects of ancient Greek culture; see especially entries for the sanctuaries at Epidauros and Pergamum.

The Diotima Project
Materials for the study of women in the ancient world, including

The National Library of Medicine's HyperDoc Project.

Other Resources

A page on ancient astrology and divination from the University of Michigan. (In the ancient world, astrology, medicine, and magic often share concepts and modes of discourse.)

Information on Roman life expectancy, from Prof. Andrew Riggsby at the University of Texas.

Antiqua Medicina: From Homer to Vesalius.
An on-line exhibition prepared in conjunction with the Colloquium "Antiqua Medicina: Aspects in Ancient Medicine" held in McLeod Hall, at the Health Sciences Center of the University of Virginia on February 27, 1997.

History of Western Biomedicine, from the Karolinska Institut, Sweden.
Links of all sorts, from students' work to scholarly reviews.

A Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European languages, from the University of Gent in Belgium.

The Asclepion, a useful site designed for a course in ancient medicine at Indiana University, Bloomington.


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