AM/MA Essays

The Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua Essays are short, authoritative, up-to-date treatments of specific topics in Greco-Roman medicine and medical thought, with suggestions for further reading or WWW browsing. Several of these essays have been prompted by questions sent to AM/MA, and I welcome suggestions for additional essays. If you would like to contribute an essay, please e-mail me with your proposed topic and a short statement of your qualifications to write about it.

L. T. Pearcy
Editor, AM/MA

[Button]Hellebore (Helleborus niger), by W. Jeffrey Hurst and Deborah J. Hurst. The first in what AM/MA hopes will be a series on medicinal plants used in Greco-Roman medicine.

[Button]Hemlock (Conium maculatum L.), the third in the Hursts' series.

[Button]Rue (Ruta graveolens), the second in the Hursts' series.

[Button]Poisons, Poisoning, and Poisoners in Ancient Rome, by Francois P. Retief & Louise Cilliers.

[Button]Hippocrates: The "Greek Miracle" in Medicine, by Ann Ellis Hanson.

[Button]Dreams in Ancient Medicine, by Lee T. Pearcy.

[Button]Galen: A Biographical Sketch, by Lee T. Pearcy.


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