Helioplot: visualising (U-Th)/He data on ternary diagrams and logratio plots

(version 2.1)
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HelioPlot implements the following functionality. (1) Plots (U-Th)/He and (U-Th-Sm)/He data on ternary diagrams and logratio plots. (2) Calculates central ages, which are the most accurate estimators of average age. (3) Computes 95% confidence intervals using a deterministic Bayesian algorithm. (4) Calculates MSWDs indicating goodness of fit by a single logistic normal population. (5) Saves the output in image (.png) or vector (.pdf) formats.    

Vermeesch, P. (2010) HelioPlot, and the treatment of overdispersed (U-Th-Sm)/He data, Chemical Geology, 271, 3-4, p.108-111.