Update history

Version 1.0: released August 2007

Version 1.1 (Sep 2007): Bug fix, previous versions did not 'remember' changes in the density settings (bug reported by Mirjam Goethals).

Version 1.2 (Feb 2008): Fixed bug in Desilets scaling factor calculator (bug reported by Irene Schimmelpfennig).

Version 1.3 (Apr 2008): Minor change to fix incorrect labeling of Banana plots in Excel 2007.

Version 1.4 (May 2008): Fixed erratic behaviour of customized settings in German and French versions of Excel (bug reported by Hella Wittmann).

Version 1.5 (May 2009): Changed the scaling of data plotted in the forbidden zone of the Banana plots (bug reported by Mirjam Goethals).

Version 1.6 (May 2009): Fixed bug in the topographic shielding correction and changed default exponent from 3.5 to 2.3. The effect for those who use the default settings should be negligible (bug reported by Samuel Niedermann).

Version 1.7 (Jul 2009): Fixed bug in the treatment of the calibration sites, affecting the short lived radionuclides (14C and 36Cl) (bug reported by Reka-Hajnalka Fulop).

Version 1.8 (Jun 2011): Added a tick box to the Options menu for the 'Banana' function, allowing the user to produce two-nuclide plots for samples that have undergone zero, rather than steady-state erosion (update based on feedback by Ralph Hetzel)

Version 2.0 (Jan 2013): Adopted the Chmeleff/Korschinek 10Be decay constant. Updated the list of default 10Be and 26Al production rate calibration sites and standardized them to the Nishiizumi ratio standards. Added the Braucher et al. (2009) muon production rate ratios of 10Be, 26Al and 36Cl. Fixed a decimal place error in the erosion rate labels of the 21Ne/10Be banana plot. Fixed the scaling and converter calculators to deal with negative latitudes and magnetic inclinations. (thanks to Samuel Niedermann, Régis Braucher and Greg Balco for feedback, suggestions, and help)

Version 2.1 (Apr 2013): Tied the 21Ne production rates to the 10Be calibration set, using a default (but editable) 21Ne/10Be ratio of 4.23 based on the paper of Kober et al. (2011, EPSL, v.302, p.163-171). Updated the 3He calibration dataset with values reviewed by Goehring et al. (2010, Quaternary Geochronology, v.5, p.410-418). (updates based on feedback from Samuel Niedermann and Cassie Fenton)

Version 2.2 (Jul 2013): Fixed a minor bug which prevented the burial-decay lines of the 26Al/10Be banana plots from appearing on Office for Mac.

Version 2.3 (Sep 2015): Added further calibration sites.

Version 2.4 (Mar 2016): Changed file format to .xlam. Created a GitHub repository. Happy forking!

Version 3.0 (Mar 2017): Modified the add-in for Excel 2016. Added Office 2007+ ribbon-style icons. (update triggered by feedback from Marie Protin).

Version 3.1 (Sept 2021): Updated Age/Erosion calculators, which now work in Office 360. (update triggered by feedback from Fabiano Pupin).