brief cv

previous employment

  • Project Officer - Argon-Argon & Noble Gas Laboratory, Open University, Milton Keynes. Day to Day Laboratory Manager
    • Department Safety Advisor for Earth & Environmental Sciences, Deputy Radiation Protection Officer.
    • Day-to-day laboratory manager of the Argon-Argon and Noble Gas Laboratory Suite.
    • Deputy Radiation Protection Supervisor
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Open University Work on several projects, including:
    • Cassini Cosmic Dust Analyser (CDA) (Dust impact detector mounted on Cassini)
    • DEBIE Space Dust Detector (European Space Agency Funded)
    • New Methods of In-Situ Dust Detection (ESA Funded)
    • Effects of Impacts onto the GAIA instrument (ESA Funded)


  • Ph.D. - Open University, Milton Keynes Derived fluxes of space debris and micrometeoroids in the near Earth environment from telemetric data received from the DEBIE detector. Developed a computer program to convert the binary telemetry data into an ASCII format. The program accounts for errors in the original telemetry. Calibrated scientific instruments to ensure quality of data produced. Used mathematical and statistical methods to test validity of data, spot patterns and derive results. Reduced a dataset of over one million events to ca. 100 real impacts, and demonstrated DEBIE's susceptibility to both terrestrial and space based interference.
  • LLB (Hons) - Law, The Open University
  • MSc - Physics (by research), University of Kent
  • MPhys (Hons) - Physics with Space Science and Systems, University of Kent