PEG Workshop: 'Responding to anomalies in stated preference studies'



Friday 12 May at UCL


10:30 to 11:00:  arrival and tea/coffee.


11:00 to 11:10:  opening remarks (Bob Sugden)


11:10 to 12:10:  Graham Loomes (UEA): ‘(How) Can we value health, safety, and

the environment?’

Powerpoint presentation            Paper (forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Psychology)


12:10 to 12:55:  Andy Jones (UEA): 'Reducing gains/loss asymmetry: a

virtual reality choice experiment (VRCE) valuing land use change' (co-

authored by Ian Bateman).


12:55 to 14:00:  lunch break.


14:00 to 15:00:  Paul Dolan and Tessa Peasgood (University of Sheffield):

'Valuing Non-market Goods: Does subjective well-being offer a viable alternative to contingent valuation?'

Powerpoint presentation            Rough draft of paper


15:00 to 16:00:  Bob Sugden (UEA): 'Coping with preference anomalies in

cost-benefit analysis:  a market-simulation approach'.

Powerpoint presentation            Published paper


16:00 to 17:00:  tea/coffee and open discussion of 'responding to

anomalies in stated preference studies'.