I am a Senior Research Fellow at University College London, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, via the Accessibility Research Group.  My doctorate is being completed in sociology from the University of Oxford, and I was a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at the University of East Anglia for three years.  In general, my research concerns the relationship between political philosophy and economic policy, measuring benefits for purposes of public policy, and philosophical and experimental approaches in decision theory.  My main project concerns the measurement of benefits from public projects for purposes of cost-benefit analysis, with a focus on health.  In part of my work I apply cost-benefit analysis to normative issues surrounding trade-offs between liberty and security for the REASON project.   I am a member of UCL’s newly founded Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health.  


Some Papers:


Preference Uncertainty and Status Quo Effects in Consumer Choice (with Graham Loomes and Robert Sugden)

(Currently under review)


The Normative Theory of Social Exclusion: Perspectives from Political Philosophy

(Currently under review)


Sufficiency of Resources and Political Morality

An Accessibility and User Needs in Transport Working Paper


Resolute Choice and Instrumental Reason: A Critique of McClennen

(comments welcome) 


Attitudes, Preferences, and the Consumer-Citizen Distinction in Cost-Benefit Analysis

Published in Politics, Philosophy and Economics


Social Approval as a Collective Good and a Selective Incentive: The Role of Normative Motivation

(currently revise and resubmit)


The Economics of Shame in Work Groups: How Mutual Monitoring can Decrease Cooperation in Teams 

Published in Kyklos.




A review of The Methodology of Experimental Economics by Francesco Guala

for Economics and Philosophy


A book review of Modelling Rationality, Morality and Evolution that I wrote is available online



Organizational Activity:


I was recently co-director, with Adam Oliver of LSE, of the ESRC-sponsored Preference Elicitation Group.

This group is concerned with theoretical and methodological issues in the economic valuation of

public sector spending through the use of the contingent valuation method and cost-benefit analysis

generally.  See here for further details.


I have also organized, with Annabelle Lever, a conference on

“Privacy, Equality and Security” (Information available here.)


I am also presently organizing, with Martin O’Neill of the University of Manchester,

a second conference on the theme of Political Philosophy and Taxation. 




Information pertaining to “Economic Analysis for Political Philosophers”, a graduate seminar that I

have taught with Jo Wolff in the UCL Department of Philosophy, is available here.



Further Information:

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