12 Some Wildlife Photographs

Young swallow in the northern moors

Fulmar at its nest, Forvie Sands, Aberdeen

Moorhen at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire

Robin in the waterfall of my Foxton Garden

Eider duck family at Forvie Sands, Aberdeen

Heron on the river Tweed at Kelso, Scottish Borders

Jay with a ruffled feather in the snow in my Foxton garden

Winter visiting Whooper swan at Welney in Cambridgeshire

Grass snake visiting my wild-life pond

Six-Spot Burnet Moths mating: at Forvie Sands

Croaking Frog with Spawn in my garden pond (as published in the Times national newspaper)

Red Admiral butterfly on the compost heap at Foxton

Where the fairies hid at Halloween. Published in the Cambridge News under the heading Magic Mushrooms

A Water Measurer on a lily leave in my pond

A wild white duck visiting my pond in the snow

A smooth newt found curled up under a pile of leaves. In my garden, March 2010.

Sparrow Hawk with its kill