04 Professional Activities

Scientific and Professional Activities


Sectional Lecture, 14th IUTAM Congress, Delft, 1976.

General Lecture, 28th British Theoretical Mechanics Meeting, Bristol, 1986.

Invited General Lecture to the General Assembly of IUTAM, London, 1986.

Opening Keynote Address, AFOSR/ARO Conf. Nonlinear Vibrations, Blacksburg, 1987.

Closing Lecture, Roy. Soc. Meeting on Newton's Principia and its Legacy, London, 1987.

Invited Keynote Lecture, 2nd Nat. Cong., Hellenic Soc. Theoretical & Applied Mechanics,

Athens, 1989.

Opening Lecture, IMA Conf. Chaos: Applications in Engineering & Science, London, 1990.

Keynote Lecturer & Session Organizer, 2nd World Cong. Computational Mechanics,

Stuttgart, 1990.

Presentation of the New Dynamics, Autumn meeting of the Directors, Ove Arup Partnership, London, 1990.

Invited Lecture Chaos and the danger of unpredictable failure, Fellowship of Engineering,

London, 1990.

Invited General Lecture, Spring Conf. Institute of Acoustics, Southampton, 1990.

Invited Plenary Lecture, 1st European Nonlinear Oscillations Conf, Hamburg, 1993.

Invited Plenary Lecture, Dynamics Day '94, Budapest, 1994

Invited Opening Address, Eurodyn '96, Conference on Structural Dynamics, Florence, 1996.

Invited Plenary Lecture, Conference on Theory of Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations, Dundee, 1996.

Invited Key Lecture, IUTAM Symp. Applics of Nonlinear and Chaotic Dynamics in Mechanics, Cornell, 1997.

Opening lecture, meeting on Nonlinearity in Engineering Dynamics, Sheffield, 2001.

Opening Lecture, IMA Conf. Bifurcations: the use and control of chaos, Southampton, 2003.

Opening lecture, IMA Conf. Recent Advances in Nonlinear Mechanics, Aberdeen, 2005.




Organizer, IMA Symposium at University College London, 1977,

            Catastrophe Theory in the Physical Sciences.

Scientific Chairman & Organizer, IUTAM Symposium at Univ College London, 1982,

            Collapse: The Buckling of Structures in Theory and Practice.

Scientific Committee, IUTAM Symposium at Stuttgart, 1989,

            Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems.

Organizer, Institute of Mathematics & its Applications Conference, London, 1990,

            Chaos: Applications in Engineering and Science.

Theme Organizer, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1990,

            Chaos and Dynamical Complexity in the Physical Sciences.

Theme Organizer, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1992,

             Nonlinear Dynamics of Engineering Systems.

Scientific Chairman & Organizer, IUTAM Symposium at Univ College London, 1993,

            Nonlinearity and Chaos in Engineering Dynamics.

Organizer, Minisymposium, 3rd Int Congress Industrial & Applied Maths, Hamburg 1995,

            Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Engineering

Theme Organizer, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1995,

            Chaotic Behaviour in Electronic Circuits.

 Scientific Committee, Eurodyn '96 Conference, Florence, 1996,

            Structural Dynamics.

Conference Committee (ENOCC), European Nonlinear Oscillations Conf., Prague, 1996,

            Nonlinear Oscillations.

International Committee, Second International Workshop, Osaka, 1996,

            Stability and Operational Safety of Ships.

Scientific Committee, IUTAM Symposium at Cornell, 1997,

            Applications of Nonlinear and Chaotic Dynamics in Mechanics.

Theme Organizer, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1997,

            Localization and Solitary Waves in Solid Mechanics.

International Committee, Third International Workshop, Crete, 1997,

            Theoretical Advances in Ship Stability and Practical Impact.

Theme Organizer, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1998,

            Nonlinear Flight Dynamics of High Performance Aircraft.

Scientific Committee, International Conference (sponsored by IEEE), St. Petersburg, 1997,

            Control of Oscillations and Chaos.

Scientific Committee, IUTAM Symposium at Hanoi, 1999,

            Recent Developments in Nonlinear Oscillations of Mechanical Systems.

Theme Organiser, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 2000,

            The nonlinear dynamics of ships

Organiser,  John Roorda Commemoration Meeting on 13 Sep 2000 at UCL on

             Structural Stability

Scientific Committee, Institute of Physics, International Conference, Glasgow, 2003

            Modern Practice in Stress and Vibration Analysis

Scientific Committee, IUTAM Symposium, Hamburg, 2007

            Fluid-Structure Interaction in Ocean Engineering

Scientific Committee, IUTAM Symposium, Aberdeen, 2010

            Nonlinear Dynamics for Advanced Technologies and Engineering Design



Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews, 1976-78.

Editorial Board, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 1981-2002

Editorial Board, Journal of Structural Mechanics, 1981-87.

Editorial Board, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 1985-95.

Editorial Board, Dynamics & Stability of Systems, 1986-99.

Editorial Board, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. A. 1989-95.

Editorial Board, Journal of Sound & Vibration, 1990-2007.

Acting Editor, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. A. Jan-July, 1990.

Advisory Board, Nonlinear Dynamics, 1990-

Editorial Board, Bifurcation and Chaos, 1990-




Chairman, University of London Board of Studies in Civil & Mech Engineering, 1984-86.

Royal Society, Sectional Committee 1 (Mathematics), 1987-1990.

Institute of Mathematics & its Applications, Council, 1989-1992.

Royal Society, UK Panel for IUTAM, 1990-1997.

Working group on Complexity (European Commission, Brussels, 1994)

Chairman, Board of Directors, ES-Consult, Copehagen, 1995-

Royal Society, Sectional Committee 4 (Engineering), 1996-9.

Council of the Royal Society (2002-3)  (elected, 11 July 2002)

External Examiner, Cambridge University Engineering Department, 2004.



Centre International des Sciences Mécaniques, Udine, 1990.

Centre International des Sciences Mécaniques, Udine, 1993.

Comett II, International University Course, Vienna, 1994.

EPSRC Applied Nonlinear Maths, Postgraduate Spring School, Surrey, 1995.


Science Now, Radio 4, 1975. Discussion on Catastrophe Theory.

Horizon, BBC 2, 1975. Television programme on Catastrophe Theory.

Science Now, Radio 4, 1983. Discussion on Chaos Theory.

Discovery, Ch 4, 1985. Demonstration of experiments and computations, Special Opening of Yorks TV Series.

Nature since Newton, BBC World Service, 1987. Interview with John Pickford.

Report on Chaos Meeting, Danish TV 1 News, 7 June, 1995.