Jacaranda Evaluation Licence

For a user who wishes to evaluate the Jacaranda system for process design and optimization, the following steps should be followed:

  1. E-mail Professor Eric S Fraga, the developer of the Jacaranda system, to notify him of your intent to request a licence for Jacaranda.
  2. Download the licence (PDF document, approximately 100 kB).
  3. Print out two copies of the licence agreement and fill in the company / university details on the agreement header (Page 1) of each copy.
  4. Complete the site definition (e.g. Department of ??? if a University or an actual physical location if a company), again on Page 1.
  5. Fill in company name in the signature block of page 5. Sign both copies of the agreement and post them to:

    Professor Eric S Fraga
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    UCL (University College London)
    Torrington Place
    London WC1E 7JE
    United Kingdom

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