13.02.2011 CPS Summer Ball on 20.06.2011!
27.01.2011 Collaborations with ICL!
18.11.2010 CPS Christmas Programme
05.09.2010 The Autumn 2010 Events List is up!
19.03.2010 Karaoke Night at Bloomsbury Bowl!
26.01.2010 Pub Crawl II on Friday 5th Feb!
07.01.2010 The Spring 2010 Events List is up
06.11.2009 Ice Skating on Tuesday 17th November!
06.11.2009 CPS Pub Crawl 2009 Pictures Are Up.
20.10.2009 Treasure Hunt on Wednesday 28th October!
04.10.2009 Pub Crawl This Thursday!
12.09.2009 The Autumn 2009 Events List is up.
20.10.2008 The Pub Crawl 2008 A memoire by Fawzi .
01.09.2008 The The Autumn 2008 events list is up.
02.01.2008 The Spring 2008 events list is up.
02.01.2008 Happy new year! The 2007 Christmas Quiz results are up.
13.12.2007 "Name To Be Decided..." win the Christmas quiz. Congratulations!
24.09.2007 Welcome (back)! The Autumn Term 2007 talk list is up.
05.06.2007 The staff win the cricket match at sports' day. Boo...
09.01.2007 Spring term 2007 talk schedule is up.
09.01.2007 Happy new year! The 2006 Christmas Quiz results are up.
04.10.2006 Andrea Sella's Odeurs et Lumières 2006 pictures and videos are up.
20.09.2006 Autumn term 2006 talk schedule is up.
06.06.2006 Join the CPS World Cup predictor league!
03.03.2006 For those who care, the 2005 Christmas Quiz results are up.
18.01.2006 Spring term talk list up
09.01.2006 The CPS has its very own blog!
03.10.2005 The CPS goes bowling on the 26 th of October!
30.09.2005 Talk list for autumn term 2004-05 available.
29.09.2005 2004-2005 News