Undergraduates 5.50 The duration of your B.Sc./M.Sci.
Postgraduates 5.50 The duration of your Ph.D./M.Sc.
Staff 10.50 Three years


Good events can only be organised with financial support, so we ask joining members to pay a small fee of five pounds, which covers membership for the duration of their degree. This entitles free entry to most CPS events, and a fantastic colour changing mug at an additional cost of 3.00 (or a standard CPS mug given for free) to all newcomers. The colour changing mug is also available to current members for only 6.00.


The simplest way to join is to do so at the start of the academic year. Simply come along to one of our first events, where we will have set up a membership desk, and join! That said, any member of the committee will be happy to help you join at any time of the year. Your joining makes a big difference to us, so please do.

Finally, if you like what you see and would like to get involved with the CPS, do not hesitate to contact us. Any help is welcome!