The geeks' way to answer any questions is to set up an FAQ. So here is ours:

What is the CPS?

The CPS is UCL's oldest student society, and quite possibly the oldest scientific student body in the UK. Our aim is to promote extracurricular events within UCL's chemistry department.

How old is it?

We were founded in 1876.

What does it do?

The ChemPhysSoc organizes events during term time. These include a talk series, the departmental sports day, Christmas quiz and other events such as bowling, ice-skating and treasure hunts. The talks are open to everyone and are informal in nature. We like to think we have something for anyone who has a curious streak in them, so come along! The talks are preceded by tea and doughnuts and inevitably followed by a cheese and wine reception in the Nyholm room. See the list of events for this term overleaf.

Anything else?

We also organise career evenings, theatre trips, ice skating and bowling sessions.

How does the CPS work?

Each year, a committee is 'elected', and is in charge of organising events.

Elections? So you really are a students' union...

Here at the CPS we take an enlightened view of democracy. It takes time and effort, so we avoid it. Each year the outgoing president appoints, often by force, his successor. The president is traditionally a member of staff (we are the only student society in the world to count over 100 professors as past presidents), but there is nothing stopping a particularly eager undergrad from staging a revolution and voting themselves in. The president appoints a committee of students who act, so to speak, as the civil service of the society. The committee is in charge of making sure the ideas get turned into events.

How do I contact the CPS?

Turn up to one of our events! If you have any suggestions, get in touch with any member of the committee, email chemphyssoc@ucl.ac.uk or look us up on facebook.

I want to help.

Great! See the question above.

I want to help, but I don't want any responsiblity.

That's fine. ANY help is welcome, in any shape or form (even spiritual). See above.

What's the deal the URL?

Our pages are hosted by socrates, the main UCL computer which also has all the students' computer accounts. The actual address is http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~uccacps. However, we also have a mirror site at http://www.chemphyssoc.org.uk. We recently started our own blog, and MySpace and Facebook profiles; which are alternative places for us to post up information as we get it.

Your events seem to be very alcohol-related. What about non-drinkers?

While pub crawls will inevitably involve drinking, we always ensure there is a non-alcoholic option at our in-house events, such as talks. At ice-skating, bowling and on the treasure hunts drinking is entirely down to the members' choice.

A special thanks goes to our sponsor, the SCI, for their kind contribution