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1. surnames/family names beginning A-F

Development of the dorsal-ventral axis in Drosophila (WDR)


2. surnames/family names beginning G-Q

Development of the left-right axis in vertebrates (HKS)


3. surnames/family names beginning R-Z

Development of the neural crest and its derivatives  (LD)


First read the relevant sections of the standard textbooks.  Then use PubMed  to search for short, recent review articles, e.g. Cell "minireviews", Current Biology "dispatches", Nature "news and views".

The essay should be about 1500 words.  Illustrations/diagrams are highly desirable.   If possible, word-process it and print it DOUBLE-SPACED. Including diagrams, I expect it will be around four to six A4 pages

DEADLINES for COURSEWORK ESSAY: In accordance with Department policy, there are two deadlines for coursework.  Work handed in by the first deadline will be marked on the full scale as normal.  Work handed in after this but before the second deadline will be marked on a pass/fail basis, i.e. if satisfactory it can score 35%, otherwise it scores 0%.  Work handed in after the 2nd deadline is marked “incomplete” and the student fails the course.

The FIRST DEADLINE for the B2010 course essay is Friday 24th March 2006, 3pm  (last day of term).

Submit your essay in person at the Biology Dept office (Darwin Building, South end, first floor) to one of the departmental teaching administration staff (Kathryn Rowlinson, Louise Smith or Chris Pieri).  You MUST get one of the staff to sign/ date stamp your essay and the record sheet to confirm that you have delivered it.

The SECOND DEADLINE for all coursework is Friday 7th April 2006, 3pm (during the Easter holidays)

If you need to submit your essay during the holidays please email Hazel Smith ( informing her of the fact and how/when you are sending it - either by first class post* or as an email attachment (include any pictures or illustrations as jpegs).  BE SURE TO MAKE A LOCAL BACKUP COPY

* addressed to:  Ms Kathryn Rowlinson, Dept of Biology, University College London, Darwin Building, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT

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