About Me

As you're here I suppose I might as well tell you

Here's my curriculum vitae.

I started out by doing a Computer Science degree at the University of York (Old York, not New). Then I became interested in mixing computer science and biology and did a Natural Computation MSc at my alma mater. Finally I decided to go completely native and started a 4-year MRes/PhD at UCL CoMPLEX (the Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology).

My main scientific interests outside my formal academic work (extra-curricular curricular interests) are

  • Emergence
  • Non-standard computation
  • Computable epistemology
My main non-academic (totally extra-curricular) interests are
  • Good music, including classic rock, psychedelia, British Isles folk-rock and metal
  • Playing the above on guitar and watching it live
  • Reading, especially SF and non-cliched fantasy
  • Reddit.

You can contact me on fintan.nagle.10@ucl.ac.uk.