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Dr Nesbitt, UCL Healthcare Biomagnetic and Nanomaterials Laboratory Manager


Dr Stefanos Mourdikoudis, EPSRC Research Associate, 2016-2019

Dr Max Besenhard, EPSRC Research Associate, 2016-2020

Dr Katerina Loizou, EPSRC Research Associate, 2016-2019

Dr Jun Chen, Royal Society- National Nature Science Foundation International Exchange Fellow, 2016-2019

Dr Liudmyla Storozhuk, EPSRC Research Associate, 2019-2020

Dr Liman Sai,
China Scholarship Council Fellow, 2019-2020



Miss Lilin Wang, Self-funded, 2014-2018

Mr Francesco Rossi, UCL-ASTAR Singapore studentship, 2015-2018

Mr Simone Famiani, UCL-JAIST studentship, 2015-2018

Mr Andreas Sergides, ACM DTC UCL-Imperial studentship, 2015-2019

Mr Georgios Kasparis, UCL studentship, 2015-2019

Ms Diana Raie, Newton Mosharafa PhD studentship, 2017-2021

Mr Mateij Sebek, UCL-ASTAR Singapore studentship, 2017-2021

Ms Joyce Caoimhe, ACM DTC UCL-Imperial studentship, 2017-2021

Ms Elizabeth Storey,
UCL-ASTAR Singapore studentship, 2018-2022

Mr Thithawat Trakoolwilaiwon, Royal Thai Government studentship, 2018-2022

Mr Gianmarco Stati, Eramus+ student from Universi
Ó "G. d' Annunzio", Chieti-Rescara, Italy, 2019.

Mr Mark Hardmeier,
UCL-ASTAR Singapore studentship, 2019-2023


2018-2019 Mr James Gray, MSci in Physics

2018-2019 Ms Lisa Juurti, MSc in Physics

2018-2019 Ms  Wu Yuting, MSc in Chemistry

2018-2019 Ms Nur Hanisah Abu Talib, MSc in Chemistry

2018-2019 Ioanis Tsonas, MSc in Engineering                


2019 Ms Sara Pinto Ahmad

2019 Ms Rachel Duran





Prof Lanry Yung, Univeristy of Singapore, 2014-2015 


Dr Diane Ung, BBRSC Research Associate, 2007-2008

Dr Nasir Ahmad, Higher Education Commission Pakistan, 2007-2008

Dr Duy H. Nguyen, RAE Newton Fellow, 2015-2016

Dr Kuan Boone Tan, RS Newton Fellow, 2015-2017

Dr Pingyun Li, China Scholarship Council Fellow, 2016-2017

Dr ALec LaGrow, EPSRC Research Associate, 2016-2018

Dr Bengi Ozkahraman, RAE Newton Fellow, 2017-2018



Dr Ian Robinson, 2005-2009. First Employer: Unilever Ltd, UK

Dr Le Trong Lu, 2006-2010. First Employer: Vietnam National Academy of Science and Technology

Dr Trinh Thang Thuy, 2009-2012. First Employer: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Dr Luke Green, 2009-2013. First Employer: Malvern Instruments Ltd, UK

Dr Cristina Blanco-Andujar, 2009-2013. First Employer: Toyohashi University, Japan

Dr Blanco-Andujar won 2014 Marshall Stoneham Prize for the best PhD thesis in the 2014 UCL Condensed matter and Materials Physics (CMMP) group. 

Dr Marianne Monteforte. 2011-2015. First Employer: Strategic Business Insights, UK

Dr Roger Molto Pallares, 2012-2016. UCL-ASTAR Singapore studentship. First Employer: Northwestern University, USA.

Dr Pallares was awarded a Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Postgraduate Research Dean's Commendations for 2016 for his outstanding performance in his PhD. He was also awarded Biophysics Prize for 2017. 

Dr Valentina Mameli, 2013-2016. Joint PhD studentship with Sardina University, Italy. First Employer: Sardina University, Italy.

Roxanne Hachani, 2012-2106 SLMS Grand Challenge Studentship. First Employer: H˘pital Saint-Louis, Paris. France

Dr Razwan Baber, 2011-2015, EPSRC studentship. First Employer: Tes Global, UK

Dr Ana Estandardte, 2011-2015, EPSRC studentship. First Employer: University College London.

Dr Nick Hobson, 2012-2016, EPSRC studentship. First Employer: GW Pharmaceuticals plc, UK.

Dr Aziliz Hervault, 2013-2016, UCL-JAIST studentship. First Employer: Hutchinson Reserche & Innovation, France

Dr Xian Weng Jiang, UCL SLIM studentship, 2013-2016.
First Employer: Lonza Biologics, UK.

Dr Le Thi Hong Phong, exchange PhD student from IMS, VAST, Vietnam, 2018.

Dr Pham Hong Nam, exchange PhD student from IMS, VAST, Vietnam, 2018.


Ms Kristin Vassileva, BBSRC rotation PhD student, 2017

Ms Giota Chondrou, MRC-Biophysics studentship, 2017

Ms Giyun (Laura) Yoo, BBSRC UCL-King's rotation PhD student, 2018


2007-2008  Ms Nicola Julie Kay, MChem

2007-2008  Mr Patrick John Moran, MChem

2008-2009  Mr Daniel Dawson, MChem

2008-2009  Mr Alex McLennan, MChem

2009-2010  Mr Yimeng Ma, MSc in Nanotechnology

2009-2010  Mr Joshua W Owen, MChem

2010-2011  Ms Tania Fritz, MSc in Biomedicine

2010-2011  Ms Maria Brooks-Barlett, MSci in Chemistry

2010-2011  Mr Fang Gao, MSc in Nanotechnology

2010-2011  Mr Jeffrey Tan, MSc in Nanotechnology

2010-2012  Ms Reshma Unadkat, MSci in Chemistry

2011-2012  Mr Shravan Suresh, MSc in Nanotech & Regenerative Medicine

2011-2013  Mr Niall Maclean, MRes

2012-2013  Mr Nathan Johnson MSc in Physics

2012-2013  Mr John-Mark Sisman, MSci in Physics

2012-2013  Mr Kingsley Hannah, MSci in Physics

2012-2013  Mr Charalambos Klitis, MSc in Nanotechnology

2013-2014  Mr Kadyrov Ilyas, MSc in Nanotechnology

2013-2014  Ms Sara Mahiddine, MSc in Nanotechnology

2015  Mr Paul Bonijol, MSc

2014-2015  Mr Sungmyung Kang, MSc in Nanotechnology

2014-2015  Mr Ben Bishop, MSc in Nanotechnology

2014-2015  Ms Anwaar Khabou, MSci in Nanotechnology

2015-2016  Ms Amanda Smyth, MSci in Physics

2015-2016  Mr James Dunworth-Crompton, MSc in Physics

2015-2016  Mr  Frederick Brezina, MSc in Physics

2016-2017  Mr Max Zamblera, MSci in Physics

2016-2017  Mr Aritz Stern Erdocio, MSci in Physics

2016-2017  Mr EMrvin Haihaj, MSci in Chemistry

2017-2018  Mr Gabriel Cheung, MSci in Physics

2017-2018  Ms Danitza Sithirangathan, MSci in Physics

2017-2018  Mr Horatio Cox, MSc Physics student

2017-2018  Ms Sarura Deeprasert, MSc Chemistry student



2005-2006  Mr Avinash Nanayakkara

2006-2007  Mr Richarch Pole

2006-2007  Mr Robert Harries

2007-2008  Mr Chao Liu

2007-2008  Ms Elizabeth Dowson

2008-2009  Ms Katherine Woodward

2008-2009  Ms Mohini Chauhan



2006 Mr Matthew Forster, 1st class MChem, Wellcome Trust VIP summer project

2006 Ms Jacqueline Wrench, MRC summer project student

2006 Mr Derek Cocker, MRC summer project

2006 Mr Christopher Bentley, IDBA summer project student

2006 Ms Marina Prewitz, IDBA summer project student

2007 Mr Isaac Bruce, Placement student

2008 Mr Daniel Dawson, Wellcome Trust Vacation Studentship

2008 Ms Elaine Wang, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2009 Mr Peter Edmunds, Wellcome Trust Vacation Studentship

2009 Mr Shaun Wood, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2009 Mr Paul Gorman, Nuffield Undergraduate Summer Studentship

2010 Mr Josh Owen, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2010 Mr Neel Makwana, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2010 Ms Ana Katrina C. Estandarte, University of Philippines Malina

2011 Mr Anthony Perera, Infonaut funded summer studentship

2012 Ms Jingyi Wang, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2013 Ms Victoria Gomez Murcia, Exchanged Summer Student from Spain

2014 Mr Stanislav Sokolov, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2014 Mr Benjamin Spanos, Condensed Matter & Materials Phys. studentship

2015 Mr Mohammed Fatah, Condensed Matter & Materials Phys. studentship

2016 Ms Hollie Packman, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2016 Mr Josh Tuffnell, IPLS Vacation Studentship

2017 Mr Markus Grueter, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2018 Ms Zuzana Hamasova, EPSRC Vacation Studentship

2018 Ms Ashely Kirs,  IPLS Summer Studentship

2018 Ms Nur Hanisah Abu Talib, Summer Student

2018 Mr Christoforos Efstathiou, Summer Student



2007 Mr Christopher Bingham

2007 Mr Jonathan Benwell

2007 Ms Charlotte Lynch

2008 Mr Luke McRedmond

2008 Mr Michael Ng

2008 Ms Charlotte Green

2009 Mr Connor Watts

2009 Mr Gabrielle Deehan

2010 Ms Shazeaa Ishamael

2014 Mr Jack McDermott

2014 Ms Mandy Elrayah

2014 Mr Fahim Islam

2015 M Mirusaire Ramarajaha

2015 Mr Omar Almubarak

2016 Ms Tobe Morkah

2016 Ms Georgina McCabe

2017 Ms Madelaine Donoher-Lamden

2017 Mr Abdulrahman Omar

2018 Mr Sayeed Ahmed

2018 Ms Afia Shakir

2019 Paramveer Singh

2019 Shania Waheed



2011 Dr Alaa Mohamed Ali

2011 Dr Aliaa Nassar, Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery (MB BCh)

2011 Dr Ziad Mansour

2013-2014 Mr Alex Dunn, University of New South Wales, Australia, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

2013-2014  Mr Douglas Dunn, University of New South Wales, Australia, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

2016 Ms Maria Theodossiou, National Centre of Scientific research Demokritos, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanomaterials, Sol-Gel lab, Greece.

2018 Mr Francis Beton,  Institut de Physique et Chimie des Materiaux de Strasbourg | IPCMS,  Chemistry of Inorganic Materials, Univeristy of Strasbourg, France

2019 Mr Julian Bonello, Department of Physics, Universtiy of Malta, Malta.