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Nanofibre Optical Interfaces for Ions, Atoms & Molecules (NOIs) is a collaborative project with contributions from five European research groups:

Sile Nic Chormaic (University College Cork)

Arno Rauschenbeutel (Universitšt Mainz)

Phil Jones (UCL)

Rainer Blatt (Universitšt Innsbruck)

Vladimir Minogin (Institute of Spectroscopy, Moscow)

and funded by the European NanoSci-E+ programme and national agencies (EPSRC in the UK).

For more about this research see the project website at UC Cork

NOIs start-up meeting Thu 3 Sept 2009

Sile, Phil and Vladimir in the main quad at UCL

The aim of the project is to use the evanescent field around tapered optical nanofibres as an interface for trapping and manipulating matter, ranging from single ions to microscopic particles.

Please check back for news and further updates about the project.

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