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Our research aims to understand and control the properties of materials, by building up a picture of where the atoms are what the atoms do. This approach also allows us to design new materials that will perform particular functions for us. For example, we are currently investigating the propoerties of complex organic and aqueous fluids, we are creating solids that will be able to store hydrogen for the supply of clean energy, and we are devising ways to process nanotubes and graphene so that we can exploit the remarkable properties of these forms of carbon. We also have long-standing interests in the more fundamental properties of liquids and non-crystalline materials. We are experts in the handling of liquid ammonia, and are therefore able to exploit it's extraordinary properties as a solvent. These include it's ability to dissolve very large concentrations of electrons, giving us unique metallic liquids of very low density. We are also very interested in the way that aromatic molecules interact with each other. These interactions are a key factor in many important environmental, biological and chemical processes.

We have excellent research facilities in the CMMP group and in the new London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN). In addition, we make extensive use of Central Facilities, such as ISIS and the ILL.

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