Uniting Planetary Models and Data Analysis Tools / Services: A Europlanet NA Workshop

Jupiter Image
Jupiter Image

(Jupiter HST Image NASA, ESA, and A. Simon (GSFC))

Saturn Image

(Saturn Cassini Image NASA-JPL)

Background : The large scientific communities involved in the analysis and modelling of ground- and space-based datasets related to planetary environments in our Solar System have, over many decades, developed sophisticated models, algorithms and software for supporting this kind of research. With missions such as Cassini leaving a large legacy dataset for Saturn, Juno expected to do the same for Jupiter, and JUICE in the pre-launch phase of development, now is the time to raise awareness of these resources and in what form their originators have provided or plan to provide them to the wider community.

These workshops aims to bring together the following general groups:

Organizers: Nick Achilleos (UCL), Nick Sergis (Academy of Athens).

Venue: Elite City Resort Hotel, Kalamata, Greece.

Booking Rooms: Information to be announced.

Registration: Registration is payable on the first day of the meeting, and will be 100 Euro (regular), 50 Euro (student / early career), free (invited speaker).

Support for Participants: Reasonable accommodation costs incurred by participating speakers, for the purpose of attending the meeting itself during the dates below, will be reimbursed by Europlanet. We will email you the appropriate information in due course.

Dates: July 22 through 25 (Mon-Thu), 2019.

Program for Workshop I: Link to Program

Presentations / Report for Workshop I: Link to Presentations / Report

Magnetodisc Lab for Workshop I: Link to Notes for Participants

Magnetodisc Lab for Workshop I: Link to Files (.zip) for Participants

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