Final Year Physics Projects 2009-10
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Final Year Physics Projects 2009-10

Aim & Objectives

All Physics Laboratory Courses within the Department contribute to the continuing development of the students' practical and project skills, extending throughout the three/four years of the BSc/MSci degrees. Collectively the courses have the overall aim of equiping the student with those practical and project skills which will open up a wide range of employment opportunities, both in scientific research and development, and in a wider context. The two-term research projects, PHAS3400 and PHASM201, contribute to this aim by providing students with the skills needed to plan, execute and present a complex and open-ended scientific investigation.

    At the end of the course the student should have:

    • developed the skills and confidence needed to plan and work independently, or with a single partner.
    • improved their ability to conduct a complex and open-ended scientific investigation, in an active research environment.
    • increased their ability to seek out information as required, from a variety of sources.
    • become accustomed to developing ideas through discussion.
    • acquired the technical skills required to complete their project.
    • have further developed the reporting skills practiced in earlier lab courses, by distilling their lengthy notebook record
    • of the project into a word-processed formal report which is concise but complete.
    • have enhanced their presentation skills, by making a full-scale oral presentation to an audience of academic staff and peers.

      General Information

      • Post-examination period - a list of projects is made available; students choose partners and projects (by consulting with relevant supervisors). Having chosen your project, and obtained the supervisor's agreement, inform the course coordinator (Dr Mark Ellerby: mark.ellerby@ucl.ac.uk) who will then flag your choice on the course web pages.

      • Students who have not managed to settle a project during the first week of the first term will be allocated one by the Course Coordinator.

      • 4-th week of the first term - submission of project outline (see Guidance notes section 8). (19th October 2009)

      • Second week of Second Term -(18th January 2010) submission of progress report (see Guidance notes section 9) and first inspection of laboratory notebook/logbook, mainly to provide feedback for students. On the (20st January 2010) there will be a short progress interview with Dr Mark Ellerby just to see how the project is progressing.

      • 2nd week of March - Project Talk (see Guidance notes section 10) ( week beginning 8th March 2010)

      • Not later than the last week of the 2nd Term (Deadline is 30th March 2010) submission of Project Report (see Guidance notes section 11).

      Work (eg outlines/progress reports/final reports) should be handed in to Sophie Cross(Physics) , who will date stamp it and pass it on to your supervisor.

      Adherence to the above timetable is essential. Work submitted late will be penalised, at the rate of 2% of the mark awarded per full working day. Please contact the Projects Coordinator and Tutor immediately if there are mitigating circumstances that delay the project.

Laboratory Class


Progress interviews schedule 2009-10

Guide notes 2009-10

Physics Project titles 2009-10

High Energy Physics Project titles 2009-10

Medical Physics Project titles 2009-10(Live early July)

Astronomy Project titles 2009-10

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