I. K. Robinson

Invited talks 2016

Coherence-based methods for Surface Diffraction, ID03 future planning workshop, Barcelona, January 2016

Opportunities for the Use of Free-Electron Lasers in Chromosome Science, Osaka University, Japan, February 2016

Time-resolved Materials Science, University of Copenhagen, February 2016

Pump-probe imaging of the initiation of particle vibrations, Workshop on Ultrafast and High Brightness X-rays, Imperial College London, March 2016

Mosaic Domain Structure of Microcrystals Visualised by Coherent Diffraction, Workshop on Bragg Coherent Diffraction, Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 2016

X-ray Imaging of Vibrations by Bragg Coherent Diffraction, Condensed Matter Seminar, Fudan University, Shanghai, April 2016

Internal Structure of Microcrystals by Bragg Coherent X-ray Diffraction, Seminar, TongJi University, Shanghai, April 2016

X-ray Imaging of Vibrations in Metal Nanoparticles, Dynamic Structural Science Meeting, Abingdon, UK, April 2016

Crystallography between the life and physical sciences, Simon Phillips Retirement Symposium, May 2016

Pump-probe methods for materials discovery, High Energy Density Science workshop, HIBEF consortium meeting, Oxford, June 2016

Towards Chromosome Imaging at SACLA, BBSRC Free-Electron Laser Workshop, June 2016

The original CTR beamline: X16A VIDEO Session on 30 years of surface X-ray scattering at the NSLS, Surface X-ray and Neutron Scattering 14, Stony Brook, NY, July 2016

Progress Towards Imaging Chromosomes at SACLA, Science@FELs 2016, Elettra, Trieste, September 2016

Ultrafast Bragg Coherent Diffraction Imaging, Workshop on New Frontiers and Emerging Techniques, Diamond User Meeting, Didcot, Oxford, September 2016

Crystal Microstructure and Dynamics by Bragg Coherent X-ray Diffraction, CFN Colloquium, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Lab, October 2016

X-ray Scattering Group, BSA Science & Technology Steering Committee Meeting, Brookhaven National Lab, October 2016

UED Investigation of Thin Film Melting, Accelerator Test Facility Users Meeting, Brookhaven National Lab, October 2016

Nanocrystal Structure and Dynamics by Bragg Coherent X-ray Diffraction, APS Colloquium, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab, November 2016

Materials Structure Analysis by BCDI and PDF, 2016 X-Ray Scattering Principal Investigators Meeting, Washington DC, November 2016

Time-resolved Imaging of Excitations in Metal Nanoparticles, Pohang XFEL, Korea, December 2016