Group Visitors

Prof David Cubero David is a theoretical physicist, and a professor at the University of Seville. He is a long term collaborator of our group. David works on the theory of transport in optical lattices, and in particular on the ratchet effect and related phenomena.

Dr Andrea Fioretti, Dr Carlo Gabbanini and Dr Silvia Gozzini Andrea, Carlo and Silvia are experimental physicists at the National Institute of Optics (INO) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). They work on ultra-cold atoms experiments with RbCs molecules and with Dy, and on coherent effects in thermal alkali vapours. Andrea, Carlo and Silvia regularly visit our laboratories in the framework of a Royal Society Exchange Programme.

Prof Iain Moore Iain is one of our collaborators for the nuclear ultra-cold matter experiment, and he visits our laboratories. Iain was an invited speaker to the UCL AMOPP group, where he gave a talk on laser spectroscopy for nuclear physics.