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A small collection of photos of colleagues, friends and physics...

Our Group Then...

Group in 2017Our group in 2017.
Top row, from the left: Cameron Deans, Andrea Loreti, Brendan Darrer. Middle row: Tanapoom Poomaradee, Luca Marmugi, Ferruccio Renzoni. Bottom row: Michela Venturelli, Roberta Guilizzoni, Sarah Hussain.
Group in 2014Our group in 2014.
From the left: Roberta Guilizzoni, Meliz M. Metbulut, Luca Marmugi, Brendan Darrer, Ferruccio Renzoni, Michela Venturelli, Deborah Allan, Tanapoom Poomaradee, Soliman Edris, Raffaele Nolli.
Group in 2010Our group in 2010.
From the left: Nihal Wahab, Meliz M. Metbulut, Vyacheslav Lebedev, Arne Wickenbrock, Piyaphat Phoonthong, Ferruccio Renzoni.
Group in 2007Our group in 2007.
From the left: Lyubomir Petrov, Peter Douglas, Vyacheslav Lebedev, Ferruccio Renzoni, Martin Brown, Arne Wickenbrock, Piyaphat Phoonthong.