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A small collection of photos of colleagues, friends and physics...

Building an Experiment in Finland...

fin02First visit: our space still empty (2015).
fin03Marking the space - Note the "X"! (2015).
fin04aThe first components of the experimental setup assembled in London have just arrived (2016).
fin04bAnd the laser system built at UCL is soon in place for testing (2016).
fin05The laser system is fully operational (2016).
fin06 In the meantime, we get ready for the second table (2016).
fin07The Cs test MOT is up and running (on the table on the left) (2016).
fin08... And we soon complete the dedicated beam line (2017).
fin08bPreliminary tests on the transport line are realised with a "dummy" vacuum line (2017).
fin09The chamber to connect the cold atoms system to the beam line is complete (2017).
fin09nThe chamber's inner coating is prepared in a chemical hood (2017).
fin10One last glance at the "old" testing setup (2017) ...
fin11... And soon we start the upgrade to Phase 2 (2017).
fin12Ready for the new vacuum line and the new chamber (2017).
fin13The new vacuum line is installed (2017).
fin14The baking of the new line is a chance for learning some Finnish: Kuuma! (2017)
fin18The new chamber is ready: the neutraliser is installed (2017).
fin19Checking the final system (2017).
fin21The Phase 2 setup is ready (2017).
fin20The Phase 2 setup is ready - Detail of the science chamber (2017).
fin23The neutraliser is tested (2017).
fin24In the meantime, the activity of other groups at the Accelerator Laboratory continues (2017).