Given names: Rodolfo Ignacio

Surnames: Hermans Zuñiga

ResearcherID: A-8891-2008

Scopus Author ID : 12807640500

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ORCID: 0000-0003-3347-7078

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Letters and Articles

Optical diffraction for measurements of nano-mechanical bending Rodolfo I. Hermans, Benjamin Dueck, Joseph Wafula Ndieyira, Rachel A McKendry, Gabriel Aeppli Scientific Reports 6 26690 3 June 2016 doi:10.1038/srep26690

Probability of Observing a Number of Unfolding Events while Stretching Polyproteins Rodolfo I. Hermans Langmuir 30 29 8650-8655 29 July 2014 doi: 10.1021/la501161p

Direct and alignment-insensitive measurement of cantilever curvature Rodolfo I. Hermans, Joe M. Bailey, Gabriel Aeppli Applied Physics Letters 103 3 034103 15 July 2013 doi: 10.1063/1.4813265

Rate limit of protein elastic response is tether dependent Ronen Berkovich, Rodolfo I. Hermans, Ionel Popa, Guillaume Stirnemann, Sergi Garcia-Manyes, B J Berne, Julio M. Fernandez Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109 36 14416-14421 September 4, 2012 doi: 10.1073/pnas.1212167109

Dwell-time distribution analysis of polyprotein unfolding using 'Force-Clamp' Spectroscopy Jasna Brujic, Rodolfo I. Hermans Z., Sergi Garcia-Manyes, Kirstin A. Walther, Julio M. Fernandez Biophysical Journal, 92 8 2896-2903 Apr 2007 doi:10.1529/biophysj.106.099481

Single-molecule force spectroscopy reveals signatures of glassy dynamics in the energy landscape of ubiquitin Jasna Brujic, Rodolfo I. Hermans Z., Sergi Garcia-Manyes, Kirstin A Walther and Julio M Fernandez Nature Physics, 2 4 282-286 Apr 2006 doi:10.1038/nphys269

Identification of ferroelectric domain structures in BaTiO3 for Raman spectroscopy Patricio Lagos L. , Rodolfo I. Hermans Z. , Nicolas Velasco, Guido Tarrach, Frank Schlaphof, Christian Loppacher, Lukas M. Eng Surface Science, 532 493-500 Jun 2003 doi:10.1016/S0039-6028(03)00138-9

Nanometer spot allocation for Raman spectroscopy on ferroelectrics by polarization and piezoresponse force microscopy Guido Tarrach, Patricio Lagos L., Rodolfo I. Hermans Z.,F. Schlaphof, Ch. Loppacher, and L. M. Eng Applied Physics Letters, 79 19 3152-3154 Nov 2001 doi:10.1063/1.1414292


Measurement of micro-structure curvature Rodolfo Hermans, Gabriel Aeppli WO/2013/144646 PCT/GB2013/050835 28 March 2012 03 October 2013

Book Chapters

Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid: Biological Applications. Chapter 6: Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy Albert Galera-Prat, Rodolfo Hermans, Rubén Hervás, Angel Gómez-Sicilia, and Mariano Carrión-Vázquez Wiley VCH 9783527327584


Experimental Study of Single Protein Mechanics and Protein Rates of Unfolding Rodolfo I. Hermans Z. Doctor of Philosophy Columbia University December 2009 February 2010
Download doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.3543500

Análisis de películas delgadas de PZT mediante PFM Rodolfo I. Hermans Z. Magister en Física (Master in Science) Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile August 2003

Diseño, Desarrollo y Construcción de un Microscopio de Fuerza Atómica Versátil Rodolfo I. Hermans Z. Licenciado en Física (Physics Bachelor) Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile August 2001


Barium titanate studied by polarization microscopy, micro-Raman spectroscopy and AFM. G. Tarrach, P. Lagos, and R. Hermans. Acta Microscopica, 10 Supplement 1 185 April 2001

Conference presentations

CW THz Spectroscopy on LiYF4:Ho Invited Talk: Terahertz Communications Meeting, London, January 2018. Rodolfo I. Hermans, Gabriel Aeppli, Haymen Shams, Alwyn Seeds.

THz time-domain spectroscopy reveals hyperfine structure features of lowest transitions of trivalent lanthanide Ho3+in LiYF4:Ho Poster: Optical Terahertz Science and Technology, April 2017. Rodolfo I. Hermans, Joshua R. Freeman, Guy Matmon, Gabriel Aeppli, Edmund H. Linfield, A. Giles Davies, Alwyn Seeds

Fast single molecule force-clamp spectroscopy of protein folding and unfolding Poster: 51th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, March 2007. Rodolfo I. Hermans Z., William M. Behnke-Parks, Julio M. Fernandez

Identificación de dominios ferroeléctricos en BaTiO3 para microespectroscopía Raman. Talk: XIII Simposio "SOCHIFI". (Chilean Physics Society Symposim). 13-15 November 2002, Concepcion Chile. Rodolfo Hermans Z., Patricio Lagos L., Nicolás Velásco, Guido Tarrach, Frank Schaphof, Christian Loppacher, Lukas M. Eng

Conference contributions

Direct Measurement of the Diffusion Dynamics of an Extended Poly-Ubiquitin Under Constant Force Presentation:BiophysicalSociety Conference, Platform 62 Ronen Berkovich, Rodolfo I. Hermans, Sergi Garcia-Manyes, Julio M. Fernandez Applied Physics Letters 102 3, Supplement 1 12a 31 January 2012 10.1016/j.bpj.2011.11.090

Binomial distribution of dwell times of an unfolding protein Poster: Frontiers in Chemical Biology: Single Molecules, Cambridge, U.K., March 2006. J. Brujc, R. Hermans, S. Garcia, K. A. Walther, J. M. Fernandez

Fluctuations in the energy landscape of ubiqitin revealed by single molecule measurements Talk: 50th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2006. J. Brujic, R. Hermans, K. A. Walther, J. M. Fernandez

Markovian Kinetics Behavior of the Forced Unfolding of Polyubiquitin Chains Poster: 49th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California, February 2005 J.Brujic, K. A. Walther, R. Hermans, S. Garcia, J. M. Fernandez,

Identification of ferroelectric domain structure in BaTiO3 for micro-Raman spectroscopy. Talk at NANO-7/ECOSS-21 conference, 24-28 June 2002, Malmö, Sweden. G. Tarrach ,R. Hermans Z., P. Lagos L., N. Velásco, , F. Schaphof, Ch. Loppacher, and L. M. Eng.

Three-dimensional determination of ferroelectric domain structure by polarization light microscopy and piezoresponse force microscopy. Poster at the 11th International Conference on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy and Related Techniques, 15.-20. July 2001, Vancouver, Canada. G. Tarrach, P. Lagos L., R. Hermans Z., Ch. Loppacher, F. Schlaphof, and L. M. Eng.

Barium titanate studied by polarization microscopy, micro-Raman spectroscopy and AFM. Poster at the 1st Latin American Symposium on Scanning Probe Microscopy, 2.-4. April 2001, São Pedro, Brazil. G. Tarrach, P. Lagos, and R. Hermans.

Newspapers and Magazines

Pensamiento mágico en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Chile The Clinic, 461 28-29 September 13, 2012 Rodolfo I Hermans, Daniel Basilio, Roberto Araya