Multi-State Survival Models

for Interval-Censored Data

Ardo van den Hout

CRC/Chapman & Hall, 2017 (link)

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Book excerpts:

R code:
The following code is not exhaustive. Adapt to create similar graphs or to fit extended models.
Chapter 1:
    Diagram four-state model for CAV data
    Fit CAV model using msm
    Fit CAV model with user-written code
Chapter 2:
    Functions for fitting survival models
    Fit survival models to CAV data
Chapter 3:
    Functions for fitting models to Norway data
    Fit models to Norway data (data not available)
Chapter 4:
    Scoring algorithm for ELSA data (data not available)
Chapter 6:
    Graphs in Figure 6.2
    MCMC chain for the graphs
Chapter 7:
    Life expectancies for three-state model with fixed parameters
Chapter 8:
    Cross-sectional data
    Fit model to cross-sectional data
    Fit CAV model with misclassification using msm
    Fit CAV model with misclassification with user-written code