John Talbot

I am a Reader in the Department of Mathematics, at UCL.


My work is in Combinatorics. In particular extremal problems for hypergraphs and graphs. These are questions concerning how dense or large certain mathematical structures can be if they are to possess given properties. The methods I employ are varied, ranging from probabilistic to computational.

Publications (with links to papers)

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Rahil Baber (2007-2010) PhD thesis (Contains a number of otherwise unpublished new results in extremal graph theory using Razborov's flag algebras method.) C++ code from Rahil's thesis


I co-organise a seminar in discrete geometry and combinatorics with Imre Bárány. This takes place on Wednesdays at 5pm in Room 807. All are welcome. If you would like to give a talk please email me or Imre. For details of this term's talks see here.


3503 Graph Theory and Combinatorics 2013/14

Please see the Moodle page: 3503 Moodle Page

The Probabilistic Method

Lecture notes (LTCC course October 2012)

Office Hours

My office is 704 on the 7th floor of the Mathematics Department.

My office hour this term is Friday 11am.


Tuva's homework

What are the chances of someone winning the (UK) National Lottery jackpot twice?