Something about me

Got my degree in mathematics by the University of Granada in 2003; in 2004 I moved to the University of Antwerp (Belgium) in order to follow the International Advanced Master's Degree "Noncommutative Algebra and Geometry", which I obtained in 2006 with dissertation "Twisted tensor products in noncommutative geometry".

In 2007, I defended my PhD Thesis, "Factorization structures. A cartesian product for noncommutative geometry" at the University of Granada, under the supervision of Pascual Jara.

During 2008, I got a postdoc fellowship at the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn (Germany).

From January 2009 till August 2010, I was a Marie-Curie postdoc fellow at the Mathematics Research Centre, Queen Mary University of London, in the United Kingdom.

From September 2010 I am working as a teaching fellow for the Math Department of University College London

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