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Conference posters

Producing a conference poster which both looks good and displays equations correctly always used to be a challenge. The LaTeX class a0poster has made this task much easier.

There is an initial choice to be made. If you naturally produce your images in pdf format, then you will want to use pdflatex to compile it. Ed Long from CoMPLEX has produced a beautiful pdflatex poster template (scroll down the page, it's second from bottom). If you can compile with XeLaTeX, then Rob Stanley has the solution here on github. However, if your images are naturally in eps format, and you don't have XeLatex, then my version below may be your best bet.

Here I've produced a sample poster which will compile on our local unix system, takes postscript images, and produces both postcript and pdf output in a0 landscape format conforming to UCL's corporate branding. It draws heavily on Ed's work above!

The key files you need are (for any poster): Thumbnail of finished poster

and (for the sample UCL-branded poster on the right):
  • The source file poster.tex;
  • The image file ucl_bar_black.eps, which provides the new UCL logo in a suitable format for use as a title bar;
  • A makefile which includes the tricky options to use on dvips and ps2pdf; and
  • Two ordinary figure files fig1.eps and fig2.eps to complete the poster.

Download all these files into one directory, then simply type make. The pdf file you should produce is here.

And finally: if you want to use features I haven't described in the sample poster, have a look at the a0poster.cls manual.