Truth in Mathematics

You may be interested to know that a book, entitled "Truth in Mathematics" has recently been published by Clarendon Press, Oxford. It is edited by H.G.Dales and G. Oliveri, and is the proceedings of a conference held in Mussomeli, Sicily, in 1995.

The contributions should be of interest to analysts and set-theorists, as well as to those who work in the philosophy of mathematics. Indeed there is little that is technical in the book, and so it could well be of interest to a wide swathe of mathematicians. Contributors include Vaughan Jones, Ed Effros, Tony Martin, Hugh Woodin, Yu Manin, Douglas Bridges, and Yiannis Moschovakis on the mathematical side, as well as a number of distinguished philosphers We consider - but do not resolve - the age-old question of what we are really talking about when we are doing mathematics. I think the outcome is of interest.

The book is listed at 70 pounds in the UK, but there is a 25% discount for LMS members, making the price 52.50 pounds. You can order from OUP at 01536 454 518, or obtain a flier with an order form from me, or you can obtain the book directly from me at either 45 pounds or 75 US dollars. The book will also be published in North America in November, I think at 115 US dollars; there seems to be no discount from the US price. Please contact me at if you would like any further information. Garth Dales