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roots percussion, dende-disco, guitars, funk, Brasilectronica, 
afro-samba-soulpunk collisions A unique night of independently minded Brazilian music
with dj Charles Morgan

We aim to create nights at which it is impossible not to dance yourself dizzy to a cross-section of great tunes reflecting the incredible, varied richness of Brazilian music.

We're sure you'll find this musical cocktail as exciting and as fun much as we do.

Next presentation: at Boomerangue, in Rio Vermelho, Salvador on 3rd July - and every Thursday thereafter in July. From 10pm onwards, entry: R$10 (sem consumção minima).

We have Barlavento playing live samba-de-roda (roots samba from the Reconcavo).

And this time - since we're actually in Brazil - we'll be adding some music from abroad to our usual cocktail of Brazilian sounds.

Check the music page (with new dj-list, March 08) and Charles's site to see what sort of things you might hear. (Or try out the the SC or CM myspaces.)