About The Society

The Augustus De Morgan Mathematics Society got its name from the first Mathematics Professor at UCL. With its strong heritage, it currently stands as one of the oldest societies in the university. It is a privilege to have everyone in the mathematics department to be part of the society; therefore proudly boasting a current membership of 600 students.
Our aim is to provide fellow Mathematicians with an enriching and fulfilling experience at UCL, as we mix fun with support and career advice throughout the year!
Our social events for this year will include: the traditional freshers’ BBQ and after party, the Christmas Quiz and Christmas Dinner, the end-of-term Big Event and others! Check out our events calendar, news feed and Facebook page for more information. We will also be holding a range of careers talks – possibly 3 every term. They will be aimed at all undergraduate and graduate students who wish to explore careers directly related to their degree. You will get to hear first-hand from maths graduates about the exciting range of jobs they have been involved in! Other things to watch out for include the First Year Inter-University Quiz and possibly a similar one (with prizes!) just for UCL Maths, as well us networking events exclusively for the Department.
If you have any ideas, want to see a particular event happen or just want to chat with us about something, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!