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Top Description

The MAGICAL software comprises a suite of three programs that provide a multi-agent simulation extension for the GRASS GIS software. Together these programs allow the user to create agents which can move around GRASS raster maps according to the goals specified in their `genotypes'. These goals may include altering the maps (e.g. harvesting resources). The agents can have cognitive maps, which are often imperfect and which they may agree or refuse to share with other agents. Agents can also breed, resulting in simple natural selection of their `genotypes'.

Top Acknowledgements

The MAGICAL software was written by Mark Lake for the MAGICAL Project directed by Prof. Steven Mithen of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading, U.K. The MAGICAL Project was made possible by a Natural Environment Research Council award (NERC GR3/9540) to Prof. Mithen. Additional functionality was added during Mark Lake's tenure of a Leverhulme Trust Special Research Fellowship at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. Elizabeth Stone kindly compiled and provided some of the documentation.

Top Examples

Click here to see a few examples of simulation output.

Top Download

The MAGICAL software is currently available as source code for GRASS 4.x. The source code may be downloaded as a compressed tar file.

Top Installation

Installation of the MAGICAL software should be straightforward if you have a source code distribution of GRASS 4.x on a Linux computer. I would also expect the code to compile on other UNIX platforms that have the GNU C and C++ compilers, but I haven't tested this. The proceedure is as follows.

($GISBASE is the top-level directory of your GRASS source code tree,
e.g. /usr/local/grass42/src421)

1) Copy the source file into the contrib directory:

cp m.sim.tar.gz $GISBASE/src.contrib

2) Unpack the source file :

cd $GISBASE/src.contrib
gunzip m.sim.tar.gz
tar -xvf magical_code.tar

3) Read the installation instructions:

cd MWL/m.sim
more INSTALL.txt

4) Have fun!

Top Documentation

Read the manual or download it as a postscript file.