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Stephanie Schorge, the current Pewterers Fellow, is the day-to-day supervisor of the Channelopathies group. Her current research revolves around a long-standing interest in the importance of RNA processing, particularly alternative splicing, in regulating ion channel biophysics. The work has evolved from a PhD project, supervised by Diane Lipscombe at Brown University, focused on the role of RNA processing (splicing and regulated degradation) in controlling calcium channel function. She spent five years investigating the subunit composition and single channel gating behavior of NMDA receptors with David Colquhoun, in the Pharmacology Department at UCL. After moving to IoN she worked with Dimitri Kullmann for a year on characterizing mutations in potassium and sodium channels linked to human neurological disorders. This position led to her current fellowship investigating how alternative splicing regulates sodium channel function in humans.

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Book Chapters

Dimitri M. Kullmann & Stephanie Schorge “Voltage-gated ion channels: molecular biology and role of mutations in epilepsy” Invited book chapter for Epilepsy: A Comprehensive Textbook, Second Edition. Jerome Engel and Timothy A. Pedley, Editors.

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1999 Brown University PhD Division of Biology and Medicine, Department of Neuroscience

Dissertation: “Variants of the Ca channel α1B subunit mRNA: Their distribution and function in the mammalian nervous system.”

1994 Yale University BSc Biology and Religious Studies

Personal Information Born May 1972 (USA), dual nationality UK and USA, female, single

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