Targit trial – Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

The TARGIT-A trial is
-for patients who are 45 years or older and is designed to test if a risk adjusted approach using a single dose of IORT using TARGIT gives similar results as the usual radiotherapy over several weeks.
This trial has completed recruitment. The first results of the TARGIT-A trial were presented in ASCO 2010 and published in the Lancet in July 2010. The updated results after trial closure (n=3451) were presented in San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium on 6 December 2012.

The TARGIT-B trial is
for patients who are younger than 45 years, or have a higher risk of cancer recurrence and is designed to test if giving an intraoperative tumour bed boost using TARGIT is superior to the usual externally given tumour bed boost, both in addition to whole breast radiotherapy. This trial starts recruitment in Spring 2013

Both these trials are for patients who have a breast conserving surgery i.e., wide local excision, or lumpectomy. Breast cancer patients who need a mastectomy are not currently suitable for TARGIT.

Recent presentations about TARGIT at international scientific meetings and conference

March 2013 St Gallen Breast Cancer Conference: Two new posters:

Omitting whole breast radiotherapy does not increase axillary recurrence- data from TARGIT-A trial

Fewer non-breast cancer deaths in TARGIT-A trial:systemic benefit of TARGIT or lack of EBRT toxicity

6 December 2012 (General session 4)
Late breaking plenary presentation at the 2012 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium: TARGIT-A trial: Updated results and first analysis of survival
Click on Thursday, 6 December - then General session 4 - 2nd presentation

IORT for Breast Cancer TARGIT-A trial 2012 update (for those with Flash)

Intraoperative radiotherapy vs. External beam radiotherapy - ASCO Post (15 Feb 2013)
If you cannot access this on the original site the single page can be downloaded here TARGIT-A trial - risk adapted IORT vs EBRT

13 September 2012
TARGIT-A and TARGIT-B trials: Plenary presentation at the ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium, San Francisco

15 March 2012
The TARGIT trials: Audience poll after TARGIT presentation at the Miami Breast Cancer Conference, USA.

7 Nov 2011
TARGIT-A trial results: plenary lecture at the BASO-ACS Annual meeting, Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, UK

19 March 2011
At the 12th International St.Gallen Breast Cancer Conference, St.Gallen, Switzerland, the consensus panel of 52 experts at the Consensus session on the last day of the conference voted in favour of using intraoperative radiotherapy.

September 2010
A description of the TARGIT-A trial in an interview with eCancer TV at the ESSO meeting Bordeaux

5 June 2010
The results of the TARGIT-A trial published in The Lancet Online first
BBC news
A brief description of the TARGIT-A trial and its results: Click to read

6 June 2010
Oral presentation at the TARGIT Symposium, ASCO, Chicago, USA

The TARGIT - A trial

In the randomised TARGIT-A trial, two policies of local radiation treatment after breast cancer surgery are compared:


Breast cancer patient (>=45 years) suitable for breast conserving surgery

TARGIT trial core schema

The TARGIT technique uses the Intrabeam device for delivering precise and timely dose of intraoperative radiotherapy accurately to the tumour bed. This device was developed by an collaborative effort between University College London and the industry. It has had extensive experience since its first use on 2 July 1998.

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This page lists the original articles about the TARGIT treatment, the Targit trial, and evolution of the Targit approach.

Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy Literature

[NOTE: these papers can be downloaded strictly for personal use only. This site is maintained by Dr Jayant S Vaidya ]

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The Targit trial Protocol


Patient Information about Targit as a  Single Procedure

Patient Information about Targit as a Subsequent Procedure



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TARGIT is an elegant approach of partial breast irradiation (PBI) for breast cancer. Please scroll down for the literature about the TARGIT approach and the TARGIT trial