JD Wetherspoon Pubs


Welcome to my informal list of JD Wetherspoon pubs. It was started at a time when information about new pubs was not very forthcoming and difficult to find, and a lack of any full list available. Fortunately, it has got a lot better over the years what with the introduction of a yearly directory (most years!), a fully featured website and the mobile phone app. Note that I have no connections with JD Wetherspoon, not even shares, I am just a happy customer!

The list is divided into three parts: pubs currently open, pubs that are listed or rumoured as planned, and those no longer owned by JD Wetherspoon.

All comments, updates and corrections welcome. John Adams, jpa1260@gmail.com, 8th December 2003.


Number of JD Wetherspoon pubs visited = 845 out of 853 open pubs and 266 out of 270 ex-JD Wetherspoon pubs making a total of 1111 out of 1123 pubs.

Where's JPA? You may find me in these landside JDWs soon as they are the 7 I have not been to yet as well as the 1 airside bar listed in that section, a date is given if I know when I am going to be there:
Bourne (Richard Mays);
Carlow (Tullow Gate);
Dublin (Keavans Port);
Dublin (Silver Penny);
Dublin (South Strand);
Kingston-upon-Hull (Sanctuary Bar, Eats Deli & Asylum Nightclub);
Waterford (An Geata Arundel).
Last updated: Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

Update Log (approx last 3 months):

22/06/22 - Birmingham, London & North Western, New Street station, work starts after being empty for five years, opening 21st November.
08/06/22 - Bourne, Richard Mays, confirmed as now open.
05/06/22 - Aylesbury, Bell, confirmed as sold and now open under a new operator.
03/06/22 - Covent Garden, planning permission submitted in March for former TGI Fridays, 6 Bedford Street, to be converted to a public house.
30/05/22 - Windsor, Windlesora, confirmed as closed on Sunday 22nd May.
12/05/22 - Heswall, opening delayed until 28th June.
08/05/22 - Hull University, after feedback from those that have been there, the three sites in the students union should be considered as one venue.
04/05/22 - Bourne, Richard Mays, opening now 7th June.
29/04/22 - Waterford, An Geata Arundel, confirmed as now open.
24/04/22 - Hinckley, Leicestershire, planning application lodged for unit in Crescent shopping complex.
22/04/22 - Wick, Alexander Bain put up for sale again.
22/04/22 - BT email address, if you have one and have not received a reply from me, it's a known Gmail problem and there is no way round it!
22/04/22 - Romford, Worlds Inn, for sale on the Savills website.
07/04/22 - Basildon, former Poundworld purchased.
06/04/22 - Bournemouth, Christopher Creeke, closed on Sunday 3rd April.
06/04/22 - Basildon, Moon on the Square, as reported earlier, now confirmed to be demolished in September for redevelopment.
05/04/22 - Lease (or sublease) bought for Waterfront, Vauxhall.
28/03/22 - Croydon, Skylark, closed on Sunday 27th March 2022.
28/03/22 - Bury, Robert Peel, closed on Sunday 27th March 2022.
25/03/22 - Fulham, Oyster Rooms closed on Sunday 13th March 2022.
25/03/22 - Warrington, Looking Glass closed on Sunday 20th March 2022.
06/03/22 - Marlow, JD Wetherspoon has purchased M & Co.
04/03/22 - Blackrock, Three Tuns closed on Sunday 9th January 2022.

Open Pubs

This section lists those JD Wetherspoon pubs that are currently open. It lists them by county order (sorry, no complaints please about the county names, they are the ones I know!) The numbers after the county name are the total number in that county. Some of the location names may be a bit strange, but I think they reflect the location better than that given by JD Wetherspoon, often a case of local knowledge helps a lot when trying to find them. The date after each pub is when I first visited. NB some of these pubs may be closed (for a refurb or temporarily, for example) or for sale but they remain on the open list until they are no longer owned by JD Wetherspoon.

Bedfordshire: (5)
Bedford: Pilgrims Progress (WL), 42 Midland Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire. (12th December 1999)
Biggleswade: Crown (WL), 23 High Street, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. (3rd February 2018)
Dunstable: Gary Cooper, Unit 2, Grove Park Theatre Complex, Court Drive, Dunstable, Bedfordshire. (24th February 2008)
Leighton Buzzard: Swan Hotel (WL), 50 High Street, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. (9th August 2011)
Luton: White House, 1 Bridge Street, Luton, Bedfordshire. (12th December 1999)

Berkshire: (7)
Bracknell: Old Manor, Grenville Place, Bracknell, Berkshire. (17th July 1999)
Maidenhead: Bear, 8-10 High Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire. (4th April 2010)
Newbury: Hatchet (WL), 12 Market Place, Newbury, Berkshire. (30th July 2011)
Reading: Back of Beyond, 104-108 Kings Road, Reading, Berkshire. (17th July 1999)
Reading: Hope Tap, 99-105 Friar Street, Reading, Berkshire. (17th July 1999)
Slough: Moon & Spoon, 86-88 High Street, Slough, Berkshire. (13th February 1999)
Windsor: King & Castle, 15-16 Thames Street, Windsor, Berkshire. (26th October 2002)

Bristol: (10)
Bedminster: Robert Fitzharding, 24 Cannon Street, Bedminster, Bristol. (14th May 1999)
Bristol: Berkeley, 15-19 Queens Road, Bristol, Bristol. (10th April 1999)
Bristol: Commercial Rooms, 43-45 Corn Street, Bristol, Bristol. (15th May 1999)
Bristol: Knights Templar, 1 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, Bristol. (14th November 2002)
Bristol: V-Shed, Bordeaux Quay, Canons Road, Bristol, Bristol. (14th November 2002)
Cotham: W G Grace, 71-73 Whiteladies Road, Cotham, Bristol. (25th January 2013)
Fishponds: Van Dyck Forum, 748-756 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol. (13th May 1999)
Hanham: Jolly Sailor, High Street, Hanham, Bristol. (12th June 2011)
Kingswood: Kingswood Colliers, 94-96 Regent Street, Kingswood, Bristol. (4th March 2001)
Staple Hill: Staple Hill Oak, 84-86 High Street, Staple Hill, Bristol. (13th May 1999)

Buckinghamshire: (6)
Aylesbury: White Hart, Unit 4, Exchange Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. (29th August 2010)
Beaconsfield: Hope & Champion, Unit 1a, Beaconsfield Service Station, Windsor Road, Burtley Wood, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. (8th March 2014)
Bletchley: Captain Ridleys Shooting Party, 183-185 Queensway, Bletchley, Buckinghamshore. (30th December 2018)
High Wycombe: Falcon, 9 Cornmarket, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. (13th November 1999)
Milton Keynes: Moon under Water, Xscape, 10 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. (25th February 2001)
Milton Keynes: Wetherspoons, 201 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. (31st October 1999)

Cambridgeshire: (9)
Cambridge: Regal, 38-39 St Andrews Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. (13th July 2000)
Huntingdon: Sandford House (WL), George Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. (8th October 2016)
March: Hippodrome (WL), Dartford Road, March, Cambridgeshire. (21st May 2011)
Peterborough: College Arms, 40 The Broadway, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. (29th October 2000)
Peterborough: Drapers Arms, 29-31 Cowgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. (12th November 2005)
St Ives: Swan & Angel, 8-8A Market Hill, St Ives, Cambridgeshire. (6th May 2017)
St Neots: Weeping Ash, 15 New Street, St Neots, Cambridgeshire. (27th December 2010)
Whittlesey: George Hotel, 10 Market Place, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. (27th December 2010)
Wisbech: Wheatsheaf Inn, 18-22 Church Terrace, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. (16th April 2002)

Cheshire: (12)
Chester: Bull & Stirrup (WL), 8 Upper Northgate Street, Chester, Cheshire. (11th May 2017)
Chester: Square Bottle, 78-92 Foregate Street, Chester, Cheshire. (26th June 1999)
Congleton: Counting House, 18 Swan Bank, Congleton, Cheshire. (21st February 2005)
Ellesmere Port: Wheatsheaf, 43 Overpool Road, Overpool, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. (24th February 2001)
Macclesfield: Society Rooms, Park Green, Macclesfield, Cheshire. (21st February 2005)
Northwich: Penny Black, 110 Witton Street, Northwich, Cheshire. (23rd February 2004)
Poynton: Kingfisher, London Road South, Poynton, Cheshire. (13th April 2013)
Runcorn: Ferry Boat, 10 Church Street, Runcorn, Cheshire. (17th February 2007)
Sandbach: George Inn, 39 High Street, Sandbach, Cheshire. (19th February 2016)
Warrington: Friar Penketh, 4 Barbauld Street, Warrington, Cheshire. (5th January 2002)
Widnes: Premier, 93-99 Albert Road, Halton, Widnes, Cheshire. (5th January 2002)
Winsford: Queens Arms, Dene Drive, Winsford, Cheshire. (23rd February 2004)

Cleveland: (8)
Billingham: Half Moon, Unit 1, 11-21 West Precinct, Billingham, Cleveland. (25th April 2014)
Guisborough: Ironstone Miner, 88 Westgate, Guisborough, Cleveland. (15th October 2018)
Hartlepool: Ward Jackson, 3-9 Church Square, Hartlepool, Cleveland. (1st September 2006)
Middlesbrough: Resolution, 19 Newport Crescent, Middlesbrough, Cleveland. (3rd September 2006)
Middlesbrough: Swatters Carr, 228-230 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland. (21st September 2013)
Norton: Highland Laddie, 59 High Street, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland. (25th April 2014)
Redcar: Plimsoll Line, 138-142 High Street East, Redcar, Cleveland. (12th May 2002)
Stockton-on-Tees: Thomas Sheraton, 4 Bridge Road, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland. (12th May 2002)

Cornwall: (11)
Bodmin: Chapel an Gansblydhen, (between 80-82) Fore Street, Bodmin, Cornwall. (23rd May 2010)
Camborne: John Francis Bassett (WL), 19 Commercial Street, Camborne, Cornwall. (27th June 2011)
Falmouth: Packet Station, 4 The Moor, Berkeley Vale, Killigrew Street, Falmouth, Cornwall. (9th August 2003)
Helston: Coinage Hall, 9-11 Coinagehall Street, Helston, Cornwall. (2nd June 2016)
Liskeard: King Doniert, Barras Street, Liskeard, Cornwall. (14th June 2019)
Newquay: Towan Blystra, 12-16 Cliff Road, Newquay, Cornwall. (9th August 2003)
Penzance: Tremenheere, 4-8 Market Place, Penzance, Cornwall. (8th August 2003)
Perranporth: Green Parrot, St Georges Hill, Perranporth, Cornwall. (27th June 2011)
St Austell: Rann Wartha, 9 Biddicks Court, Fore Street, St Austell, Cornwall. (15th March 2008)
St Ives: Hain Line, Tregenna Place, Street an Pol, St Ives, Cornwall. (14th September 2012)
Truro: Try Dower, Unit 1, Lemon Quay, Truro, Cornwall. (17th September 2006)

Cumbria: (8)
Barrow-in-Furness: Furness Railway (WL), 76-80 Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. (29th November 2003)
Carlisle: William Rufus, 10-16 Botchergate, Carlisle, Cumbria. (18th May 2006)
Carlisle: Woodrow Wilson, 48 Botchergate, Carlisle, Cumbria. (10th May 2002)
Kendal: Miles Thompson, Council Offices, Allhallows Lane, Kendal, Cumbria. (8th April 2006)
Keswick: Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, 2 Bank Street, Keswick, Cumbria. (31st March 2017)
Penrith: Dog Beck, 20-22 Southend Road, Penrith, Cumbria. (31st March 2017)
Whitehaven: Bransty Arch, 9 Bransty Row, Whitehaven, Cumbria. (19th May 2006)
Workington: Henry Bessemer, New Oxford Street, Workington, Cumbria. (19th May 2006)

Derbyshire: (12)
Alfreton: Waggon & Horses, 9 King Street, Alfreton, Derbyshire. (30th December 2004)
Bolsover: Pillar of Rock, 15 Castle Street, Bolsover, Derbyshire. (19th September 2014)
Buxton: Wye Bridge House, Fairfield Road, Buxton, Derbyshire. (28th December 2004)
Chesterfield: Portland Hotel (WL), West Bars, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. (29th July 2001)
Chesterfield: Spa Lane Vaults, 34 St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. (29th July 2001)
Derby: Babington Arms, 11-13 Babington Lane, Derby, Derbyshire. (10th December 1999)
Derby: Standing Order, 28-32 Iron Gate, Derby, Derbyshire. (10th December 1999)
Derby: Thomas Leaper, 27 Iron Gate, Derby, Derbyshire. (2nd January 2010)
Glossop: Smithy Fold, Unit 10, Howard Town Mill, Victoria Street, Glossop, Derbyshire. (9th November 2013)
Ilkeston: Observatory, 14a Market Place, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. (30th December 2004)
Ripley: Red Lion, Market Place, Ripley, Derbyshire. (30th December 2004)
Swadlincote: Sir Nigel Gresley, Market Street, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. (20th November 2004)

Devon: (24)
Barnstaple: Panniers, 33-34 Boutport Street, Barnstaple, Devon. (31st May 2001)
Barnstaple: Water Gate, 7 The Strand, Barnstaple, Devon. (16th January 2010)
Bideford: Rose Salterne, 9-10 Bridgeland Street, Bideford, Devon. (24th August 2013)
Brixham: Vigilance, 5 Bolton Street, Brixham, Devon. (13th June 2002)
Crediton: General Sir Redvers Buller, 37 High Street, Crediton, Devon. (31st May 2001)
Exeter: Chevalier Inn, 81-82 Fore Street, Exeter, Devon. (16th January 2010)
Exeter: Georges Meeting House, 38 South Street, Exeter, Devon. (1st May 2005)
Exeter: Imperial, New North Road, Exeter, Devon. (4th May 2000)
Exeter: Sawyers Arms, 121 Cowick Street, St Thomas, Exeter, Devon. (16th January 2010)
Exmouth: Powder Monkey, 2-2a The Parade, Exmouth, Devon. (31st May 2001)
Honiton: Star Inn, 33 New Street, Honiton, Devon. (24th August 2013)
Ilfracombe: Admiral Collingwood, Wilder Road, Ilfracombe, Devon. (19th June 2015)
Newton Abbot: Richard Hopkins, 34-42 Queen Street, Newton Abbot, Devon. (5th June 2003)
Okehampton: White Hart (WL), Fore Street, Okehampton, Devon. (2nd June 2017)
Paignton: Talk of the Town, 46-52 Torbay Road, Paignton, Devon. (21st May 2010)
Plymouth: Britannia Inn, 1 Wolseley Road, Milehouse, Plymouth, Devon. (13th August 2000)
Plymouth: Gog & Magog, 57-59 Southside Street, Plymouth, Devon. (5th June 2003)
Plymouth: Mannamead, 61-63 Mutley Plain, Mutley, Plymouth, Devon. (5th June 2003)
Plymouth: Stannary Court, 93-99 Ridgeway, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon. (2nd June 2016)
Plymouth: Union Rooms, 19 Union Street, Plymouth, Devon. (13th August 2000)
Tavistock: Queens Head (WL), 79-80 West Street, Tavistock, Devon. (3rd June 2016)
Teignmouth: Jolie Brise, 9-15 Station Road, Teignmouth, Devon. (3rd June 2016)
Tiverton: White Ball Inn, 8 Bridge Street, Tiverton, Devon. (4th May 2000)
Torquay: Green Ginger, Unit 10, Lower Ground Floor, Winter Garden, Fleet Walk Shopping Centre, Fleet Street, Torquay, Devon. (21st May 2010)

Dorset: (12)
Bournemouth: Mary Shelley, The Quadrant Centre, St Peter's Road, Bournemouth, Dorset. (25th October 2008)
Bournemouth: Moon in the Square, 4-8 Exeter Road, Bournemouth, Dorset. (19th August 2001)
Bridport: Greyhound (WL), 2 East Street, Bridport, Dorset. (18th August 2001)
Broadstone: Blackwater Stream, 180 Lower Blandford Road, Broadstone, Poole, Dorset. (17th June 2011)
Dorchester: Royal Oak, 21-22 High West Street, Dorchester, Dorset. (17th August 2001)
Ferndown: Nightjar, 94 Victoria Road, Ferndown, Dorset. (19th August 2001)
Poole: Lord Wimborne, 59 Lagland Street, Poole, Dorset. (11th August 2002)
Poole: Quay, 21 The Quay, Poole, Dorset. (20th August 2004)
Weymouth: Swan, 41-43 St Thomas Street, Weymouth, Dorset. (17th August 2001)
Weymouth: William Henry, 1 Frederick Place, Weymouth, Dorset. (14th August 2008)
Wimborne Minster: Man in the Wall, 10 West Borough, Wimborne Minster, Dorset. (25th August 2013)
Winton: Parkstone & Heatherlands, 433-457 Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset. (4th May 2008)

Durham: (11)
Bishop Auckland: Stanley Jefferson, 5 Market Place, Bishop Auckland, Durham. (18th May 2007)
Chester-le-Street: Wicket Gate, 193 Front Street, Chester-le-Street, Durham. (3rd September 2011)
Consett: Company Row, Front Street, Consett, Durham. (2nd September 2006)
Crook: Horse Shoe Inn, 4 Church Street, Crook, Durham. (20th September 2013)
Darlington: Tanners Hall, 63-64 Skinnergate, Darlington, Durham. (29th October 2000)
Darlington: William Stead, 8 Crown Street, Darlington, Durham. (3rd September 2006)
Durham: Bishops Mill, Millennium Place, Walkergate, Durham, Durham. (18th May 2007)
Durham: Water House, 65 North Road, Durham, Durham. (2nd September 2006)
Peterlee: Five Quarter, Units 3b-3c Hailsham Place, Peterlee, Durham. (2nd September 2006)
Seaham: Hat & Feathers, 57-59 Church Street, Seaham, Durham. (19th September 2013)
Spennymoor: Grand Electric Hall, 2 Cheapside, Spennymoor, Durham. (20th September 2013)

Essex: (17)
Basildon: Moon on the Square, 1-15 Market Square, Basildon, Essex. (22nd November 2001)
Billericay: Blue Boar, 39 High Street, Billericay, Essex. (6th January 2001)
Braintree: Picture Palace, Fairfield Road, Braintree, Essex. (1st May 1999)
Brentwood: Dairyman, 16-18 High Street, Brentwood, Essex. (9th May 2015)
Chelmsford: Ivory Peg, 3-7 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex. (6th October 2002)
Clacton-on-Sea: Moon & Starfish, 1 Marine Parade East, Clacton, Essex. (1st May 1999)
Colchester: Playhouse, 4 St John's Street, Colchester, Essex. (1st May 1999)
Dovercourt: Bottle Kiln (WL), 60 Kingsway, Dovercourt, Harwich, Essex. (13th April 2017)
Harlow: William Aylmer, Aylmer House, Kitson Way, Harlow, Essex. (4th February 2003)
Leigh on Sea: Elms, 1060 London Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex. (28th February 2001)
Loughton: Last Post, 227 High Road, Loughton, Essex. (19th July 1998)
Maldon: Rose & Crown, 109 High Street, Maldon, Essex. (17th December 2015)
Rayleigh: Roebuck, 138 High Street, Rayleigh, Essex. (22nd July 2003)
Saffron Walden: Temeraire, 55 High Street, Saffron Walden, Essex. (13th July 2000)
Shoeburyness: Parsons Barn, Frobisher Way, North Shoebury, Shoeburyness, Essex. (17th April 2014)
Southend on Sea: Last Post (WL), Weston Road, Southend on Sea, Essex. (1st February 1997)
Witham: Battesford Court, 100-102 Newland Street, Witham, Essex. (6th October 2002)

Gloucestershire: (7)
Cheltenham: Bank House, 15-21 Clarence Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. (5th December 2009)
Cheltenham: Moon under Water, 16-28 Bath Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. (23rd November 2002)
Gloucester: Lord High Constable of England, Llanthony Warehouse, Gloucester Docks, Llanthony Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire. (25th September 2015)
Gloucester: Regal, 33 St Aldate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire. (5th May 1996)
Stroud: Lord John, 15-17 Russell Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire. (15th November 2003)
Tewkesbury: Royal Hop Pole (WL), 94 Church Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. (17th May 2008)
Yate: Thorns Farm, 11-17 South Parade, Kennedy Way, Yate, Gloucestershire. (25th January 2013)

Hampshire: (27)
Aldershot: Queen Hotel (WL), 1 High Street, Aldershot, Hampshire. (8th May 2014)
Alton: Ivy House, 89 High Street, Alton, Hampshire. (18th July 2015)
Andover: John Russell Fox (WL), 10 High Street, Andover, Hampshire. (16th June 2002)
Basingstoke: Angel, Unit R6, Festival Square, Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke, Hampshire. (9th February 2003)
Basingstoke: Maidenhead Inn, 17 Winchester Street, Basingstoke, Hampshire. (9th February 2003)
Bitterne: Red Lion, 448 Bitterne Road, Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire. (10th April 2017)
Cosham: First Post, 42 High Street, Cosham, Hampshire. (6th February 2000)
Cosham: Sir Alec Rose, 32-33 The Boardwalk, Port Solent, Cosham, Hampshire. (27th July 2002)
Eastleigh: Wagon Works, 28 Southampton Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire. (10th April 2009)
Fareham: Crown Inn, 40 West Street, Fareham, Hampshire. (10th April 2009)
Fareham: Lord Arthur Lee, 100-108 West Street, Fareham, Hampshire. (6th February 2000)
Farnborough: Tilly Shilling, Units 2-5, The Meads, 24-30 Victoria Road, Farnborough, Hampshire. (30th July 2011)
Fleet: Prince Arthur, 238 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire. (6th February 2000)
Gosport: Star, 28-29 High Street, Gosport, Hampshire. (30th March 2002)
Havant: Parchment Makers, 1 Park Road North, Havant, Hampshire. (3rd February 2001)
Lymington: Six Bells, 47-48 St Thomas Street, Lymington, Hampshire. (30th March 2013)
Petersfield: Red Lion, 3 College Street, Petersfield, Hampshire. (30th October 2010)
Portsmouth: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 2 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, Hampshire. (3rd Feburary 2001)
Portsmouth: John Jacques, 78-82 Fratton Road, Fratton, Portsmouth, Hampshire. (3rd February 2001)
Portsmouth: Sir John Baker, 80 London Road, North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire. (27th July 2002)
Southampton: Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Canute Road, Southampton, Hampshire. (25th October 2008)
Southampton: Bright Water Inn, 370-372 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire. (19th August 2001)
Southampton: Giddy Bridge, 10-16 London Road, Southampton, Hampshire. (5th February 2000)
Southampton: Standing Order, 30 High Street, Southampton, Hampshire. (5th February 2000)
Southsea: Lord Palmerston, 84-90 Palmerston Road, Southsea, Hampshire. (27th September 2010)
Waterlooville: Denmead Queen, 8-9 Queens Parade, 121-123 London Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire. (5th May 2012)
Winchester: Old Gaol House, 11 Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire. (6th February 2000)

Herefordshire: (3)
Hereford: Kings Fee, 49-53 Commercial Road, Hereford, Herefordshire. (17th July 2004)
Leominster: Dukes Head, Corn Square, Leominster, Herefordshire. (29th August 2011)
Ross-on-Wye: Mail Rooms, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. (11th April 2004)

Hertfordshire: (17)
Berkhamsted: Crown, 145 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. (27th June 1998)
Bishop's Stortford: Port Jackson, Units D1/D2, Block D, Riverside Walk, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. (31st January 2015)
Borehamwood: Hart & Spool, 148 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. (3rd April 1999)
Hatfield: Harpsfield Hall, 13a Parkhouse Court, Comet Square, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. (24th January 2015)
Hemel Hempstead: Full House, 128 Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. (8th January 2000)
Hertford: Six Templars, 1 The Wash, Hertford, Hertfordshire. (25th March 2008)
Hitchin: Angel Vaults, 5 Sun Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. (17th May 2015)
Hoddesdon: Star, 105 High Street, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. (31st January 2015)
Letchworth: Three Magnets, 18-20 Leys Avenue, Letchworth, Hertfordshire. (22nd May 1999)
Potters Bar: Admiral Byng, 186-192 Darkes Lane, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. (3rd April 1999)
Rickmansworth: Pennsylvanian, 115-117 High Street, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. (13th November 1999)
Royston: Manor House, 14 Melbourn Street, Royston, Hertforshire. (25th January 2014)
St Albans: Waterend Barn, St Peters Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire. (10th March 2005)
Stevenage: Standing Order, 33 High Street, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. (8th March 2001)
Waltham Cross: Moon & Cross, 104-106 High Street, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire. (26th December 1998)
Watford: Colombia Press, 72-74 The Parade, High Street, Watford, Hertfordshire. (22nd December 2001)
Watford: Moon under Water, 44 High Street, Watford, Hertfordshire. (17th June 1995)

Ireland: (12)
Belfast: Bridge House, 35-43 Bedford Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (15th August 2002)
Blanchardstown: Great Wood, Westend Shopping Park, Snugborough Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland. (21st July 2016)
Carlow: Tullow Gate, 7 Tullow Street, Carlow, Ireland. (Open)
Carrickfergus: Central Bar, 13-15 High Street, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. (17th August 2002)
Cork: Linen Weaver, Paul Street Plaza, 6-7 Paul Street, Cork, Ireland. (20th July 2016)
Dublin: Keavans Port Hotel (WL), 1-5 Camden Street Upper and 49-51 Camden Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland. (Open)
Dublin: Silver Penny, 12a & 12c Abbey Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland. (Open)
Dublin: South Strand, 1 Hanover Quay, Grand Canal Square, Dublin, Ireland. (Open)
Dun Laoghaire: Forty Foot, Pavilion Centre, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. (21st July 2016)
Newtownards: Spirit Merchant, 54-56 Regent Street, Newtownards, Northern Ireland. (18th August 2002)
Swords: Old Borough (WL), 72 Main Street, Swords, Dublin, Ireland. (21st July 2016)
Waterford:, An Geata Arundel, 7-9 Arundel Square, Waterford, Ireland. (Open)

Isle of Wight: (2)
Newport: Man in the Moon, 16-17 Lower St James's Street, Newport, Isle of Wight. (18th October 2014)
Ryde: S Fowler & Co, 41-43 Union Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight. (3rd February 2001)

Kent: (23)
Ashford: County Hotel, 10 High Street, Ashford, Kent. (27th September 2001)
Canterbury: Thomas Ingoldsby (WL), 5-9 Burgate, Canterbury, Kent. (14th March 1998)
Canterbury: West Gate Inn, 1-3 North Lane, Canterbury, Kent. (13th April 1999)
Chatham: Thomas Waghorn, 14 Railway Street, Chatham, Kent. (11th March 2017)
Dartford: Flying Boat, 36-42 Spital Street, Dartford, Kent. (25th June 2009)
Deal: Sir Norman Wisdom, 16-18 Queen Street, Deal, Kent. (11th May 2013)
Dover: Eight Bells, 19 Cannon Street, Dover, Kent. (27th September 2001)
Faversham: Leading Light, 20-22 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent. (13th April 1999)
Folkestone: Samuel Peto, The Baptist Galleries, 23 Rendezvous Street, Folkestone, Kent. (27th September 2001)
Gravesend: Robert Pocock, 181-183 Windmill Street, Gravesend, Kent. (13th April 1999)
Herne Bay: Saxon Shore, 78-80 Central Parade, Herne Bay, Kent. (4th March 2000)
Maidstone: Muggleton Inn, 8-9 High Street, Maidstone, Kent. (15th April 2001)
Maidstone: Society Rooms, Brenchley House, Week Street, Maidstone, Kent. (18th January 2003)
Margate: Mechanical Elephant, 28-30 Marine Terrace, Margate, Kent. (27th September 2001)
Rainham: Railway, 113 Station Road, Rainham, Kent. (24th October 2019)
Ramsgate: Royal Victoria Pavilion, 96 Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, Kent. (14th October 2017)
Rochester: Golden Lion (WL), 147-149 High Street, Rochester, Kent. (4th March 2000)
Royal Tunbridge Wells: Opera House, 88 Mount Pleasant Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. (25th April 2000)
Sevenoaks: Sennockian, 139-141 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent. (25th April 2000)
Sheerness: Belle & Lion, 22-24 High Street, Sheerness, Kent. (4th October 2015)
Sittingbourne: Golden Hope (WL), Court House, 1 Park Road, Sittingbourne, Kent. (4th October 2015)
Tonbridge: Humphrey Bean, 94 High Street, Tonbridge, Kent. (25th April 2000)
Whitstable: Peter Cushing, 16-18 Oxford Street, Whitstable, Kent. (18th October 2011)

Lancashire: (20)
Accrington: Commercial Hotel, 1 Church Street, Accrington, Lancashire. (22nd July 2011)
Blackburn: Postal Order, 15-19 Darwen Street, Blackburn, Lancashire. (30th November 2003)
Blackpool: Albert & Lion, Promenade, Blackpool, Lancashire. (21st July 2011)
Blackpool: Layton Rakes, 17-25 Market Street, Blackpool, Lancashire. (14th April 2013)
Blackpool: Velvet Coaster, 501-507 Promenade, South Shore, Blackpool, Lancashire. (1at April 2016)
Burnley: Boot Inn, 18 St James's Street, Burnley, Lancashire. (20th November 2009)
Chorley: Sir Henry Tate, New Market Street, Chorley, Lancashire. (23rd February 2007)
Cleveleys: Jolly Tars, 154-158 Victoria Road West, Cleveleys, Lancashire. (21st July 2011)
Colne: Wallace Hartley, 35-37 Church Street, Colne, Lancashire. (20th November 2009)
Darwen: Old Chapel, Railway Road, Darwen, Lancashire. (5th April 2014)
Fleetwood: Thomas Drummond, London Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire. (1st December 2003)
Lancaster: Sir Richard Owen, 4 Spring Garden Street, Lancaster, Lancashire. (29th November 2003)
Leyland: Leyland Lion, 60 Hough Lane, Leyland, Lancashire. (14th April 2013)
Lytham: Railway Hotel, Station Road, Lytham, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. (14th April 2013)
Morecambe: Eric Bartholomew, 10-18 Euston Road, Morecambe, Lancashire. (8th April 2006)
Ormskirk: Court Leet, 4 Wheatsheaf Walk, Burscough Street, Ormskirk, Lancashire. (20th February 2015)
Poulton-le-Fylde: Poulton Elk, 22 Hardhorn Road, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire. (1at April 2016)
Preston: Greyfriar, 144 Friargate, Preston, Lancashire. (1st December 2003)
Preston: Twelve Tellers, 14-15 Church Street, Preston, Lancashire. (1at April 2016)
St Annes on Sea: Trawl Boat Inn, 36-38 Wood Street, St Annes on Sea, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. (1st December 2003)

Leicestershire: (12)
Ashby-de-la-Zouch: Shoulder of Mutton, 1 Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire. (14th March 2015)
Coalville: Monkey Walk, 1 Marlborough Square, Coalville, Leicestershire. (20th November 2004)
Leicester: Corn Exchange, 1 The Corn Exchange, Market Place, Leicester, Leicestershire. (29th July 2001)
Leicester: High Cross, 103-105 High Street, Leicester, Leicestershire. (12th December 1999)
Loughborough: Amber Rooms, Unit 15, The Rushes, Loughborough, Leicestershire. (12th March 2005)
Loughborough: Moon & Bell, 6 Wards End, Loughborough, Leicestershire. (12th December 1999)
Market Harborough: Sugar Loaf, 18 High Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. (12th December 1999)
Melton Mowbray: Kettleby Cross, Wilton Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. (23rd October 2007)
Oadby: Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, 96-100 The Parade, Oadby, Leicestershire. (13th May 2003)
Oakham: Captain Noel Newton, 55 High Street, Oakham, Leicestershire. (17th April 2015)
Scraptoft: White House, 375 Scraptoft Lane, Scraptoft, Leicestershire. (14th May 2011)
Wigston Magna: William Wygston, 84 Leicester Road, Wigston Magna, Leicestershire. (13th May 2003)

Lincolnshire: (15)
Boston: Moon under Water, 6 High Street, Boston, Lincolnshire. (17th August 2006)
Bourne: Richard Mays, 44-48 North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire. (Open)
Brigg: White Horse, 24 Wrawby Street, Brigg, Lincolnshire. (19th July 2018)
Cleethorpes: Coliseum Picture Theatre, 26-28 High Street, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. (19th July 2018)
Gainsborough: Sweyn Forkbeard, 22-24 Silver Street, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. (27th March 2003)
Grantham: Tollemache Inn, 17 St Peters Hill, Grantham, Lincolnshire. (9th July 1999)
Grimsby: Yarborough Hotel (WL), 29 Bethlehem Street, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. (27th March 2003)
Lincoln: Ritz, 143-147 High Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. (13th May 2000)
Lincoln: Square Sail, Odeon Cinema Complex, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. (8th October 2006)
Louth: Joseph Morton, Hortons Yard, Kidgate, Louth, Lincolnshire. (6th August 2011)
Scunthorpe: Blue Bell Inn, 1-7 Oswald Road, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. (27th March 2003)
Skegness: Red Lion, 2-4 Roman Bank, Skegness, Lincolnshire. (17th August 2006)
Sleaford: Packhorse Inn, 7 Northgate, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. (12th November 2005)
Spalding: Ivy Wall, 18-19 New Road, Spalding, Lincolnshire. (12th November 2005)
Stamford: Stamford Post, 7 Sheep Market, Stamford, Lincolnshire. (17th April 2015)

Greater London: (104)
Acton: Red Lion & Pineapple, 281 High Street, Acton, W3. (11th June 1994)
Aldgate: Goodmans Field, 87-91 Mansell Street, Aldgate, E1. (22nd November 2001)
Barking: Barking Dog, 61 Station Parade, Longbridge Road, Barking, IG11. (14th June 1997)
Barkingside: New Fairlop Oak, Fencepiece Road, Fulwell Cross, Barkingside, IG6. (11th April 1998)
Battersea: Asparagus, 1-13 Falcon Road, Battersea, SW11. (23rd August 1998)
Bexleyheath: Furze Wren, Unit 6, Broadway Square, Market Place, Bexleyheath, DA6. (5th October 2002)
Bexleyheath: Wrong'un, 234-236 The Broadway, Bexleyheath, DA6. (13th April 1999)
Brixton: Beehive, 407-409 Brixton Road, Brixton, SW9. (10th April 1999)
Brockley: Brockley Barge, 184 Brockley Road, Brockley, SE4. (2nd December 2000)
Bromley: Greyhound, 205 High Street, Bromley, BR1. (28th July 2011)
Bromley: Richmal Crompton, 23 Westmoreland Place, Bromley, BR2. (11th October 1999)
Camberwell: Fox on the Hill, 149 Denmark Hill, Camberwell, SE5. (10th April 1999)
Camden: Ice Wharf, Units 1-2 Suffolk Wharf, 28 Jamestown Road, Camden Town, NW1. (22nd May 2002)
Catford: London & Rye, 109 Rushey Green, Catford, SE6. (25th May 2000)
Chadwell Heath: Eva Hart, 1128 High Road, Chadwell Heath, RM6. (19th July 1998)
Chingford: Kings Ford, 250-252 Chingford Mount Road, Chingford, E4. (11th April 1998)
City (Cannon Street): Sir John Hawkshaw, Station Concourse, Cannon Street Station, Cannon Street, EC4. (14th February 2015)
City (Leadenhall Market): Crosse Keys, 9 Gracechurch Street, City, EC3. (13th July 1999)
City (Liverpool Street): Hamilton Hall, Unit 32, Liverpool Street Station, Bishopsgate, EC2. (6th December 1991)
City (Tower Hill): Liberty Bounds, 15 Trinity Square, Tower Hill, EC3. (10th April 1999)
Clapham Junction: London & South Western, 276-288 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, SW11. (5th August 2021)
Colindale: Moon under Water, 10 Varley Parade, The Hyde, Colindale, NW9. (7th July 1998)
Collier Row: Colley Rowe Inn, 54-56 Collier Row Road, Collier Row, RM5. (19th July 1998)
Cricklewood: Beaten Docket, 50-56 Cricklewood Broadway, Cricklewood, NW2. (9th February 1999)
Croydon: George, 17-21 George Street, Croydon, CR0. (28th February 1998)
Ealing: Sir Malcom Balcon, 46-47 The Mall, Ealing, W5. (14th October 2008)
East Ham: Millers Well, 419-423 Barking Road, East Ham, E6. (11th April 1998)
Elephant & Castle: Rockingham Arms, Ground Floor, Metro Central Heights, 119 Newington Causeway, Elephant & Castle, SE1. (10th December 2000)
Eltham: Bankers Draft, 80 Eltham High Street, Eltham, SE9. (13th April 1999)
Enfield: Moon under Water, 115-117 Chase Side, Enfield, EN2. (7th July 1998)
Farringdon: Sir John Oldcastle, 29-35 Farringdon Road, Farringdon, EC1. (21st August 1998)
Feltham: Moon on the Square, Unit 30, The Centre, High Street, Feltham, TW13. (14th February 1998)
Forest Gate: Hudson Bay, 1-5 Upton Lane, Forest Gate, E7. (6th March 1999)
Forest Hill: Capitol, 11-21 London Road, Forest Hill, SE23. (14th July 2001)
Greenwich: Gate Clock, 210 Creek Road, Greenwich, SE10. (30th July 2002)
Hackney: Baxters Court, 282-284 Mare Street, Hackney, E8. (25th February 2003)
Hammersmith: Plough & Harrow, 120-124 King Street, Hammersmith, W6. (5th October 2002)
Hammersmith: William Morris, Swan Island, 2-4 King Street, Hammersmith, W6. (7th February 1998)
Harrow: Moon on the Hill, 373-375 Station Road, Harrow, HA1. (24th January 1998)
Hatch End: Moon & Sixpence, 250 Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, HA5. (24th January 1998)
Hayes: Botwell Inn, 25-29 Coldharbour Lane, Hayes, UB3. (16th November 2000)
Holborn: Knights Templar, 95 Chancery Lane, Holborn, WC2. (16th April 1999)
Holborn: Penderels Oak, 283-288 High Holborn, Holborn, WC1. (9th April 1998)
Holborn: Shakespeares Head, Africa House, 64-68 Kingsway, Holborn, WC2. (9th April 1998)
Holloway: Coronet, 338-346 Holloway Road, Holloway, N7. (11th April 1996)
Hornchurch: JJ Moons, Unit 3, 46-62 High Street, Hornchurch, RM12. (11th April 1998)
Hounslow: Moon under Water, 84-88 Staines Road, Hounslow, TW3. (14th February 1998)
Ickenham: Tichenham Inn, 11 Swakeleys Road, Ickenham, UB10. (13th November 1999)
Ilford: Great Spoon of Ilford, 114-116 Cranbrook Road, Ilford, IG1. (11th April 1998)
Isle of Dogs: Ledger Building, 4 Hertsmere Road, Isle of Dogs, E14. (28th June 2001)
Islington: Angel, 3-5 Islington High Street, Islington, N1. (2nd January 1999)
Islington: White Swan, 255-256 Upper Street, Islington, N1. (20th December 2000)
Kings Cross: Barrel Vault, Unit 23, Ground Floor, St Pancras International Station, Pancras Way, Kings Cross, N1. (7th October 2018)
Kingsbury: JJ Moons, 553 Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury, NW9. (24th January 1998)
Kingston upon Thames: Kings Tun, 153-157 Clarence Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1. (14th February 1998)
Lee: Edmund Halley, 25-27 Burnt Ash Road, Lee, SE12. (23rd August 1998)
Lewisham: Watch House, 198-204 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, SE13. (4th July 1998)
Leytonstone: Walnut Tree, 857-861 High Road, Leytonstone, E11. (11th April 1998)
Marylebone: Metropolitan Bar, 7 Station Approach, Marylebone Road, Marylebone, NW1. (24th April 2000)
Mile End: Half Moon, 213-223 Mile End Road, Mile End, E1. (31st July 1998)
Muswell Hill: Mossy Well, 258 Muswell Hill Broadway, Muswell Hill, London N10. (25th October 2015)
New Barnet: Railway Bell, 13 East Barnet Road, New Barnet, EN4. (7th July 1998)
New Malden: Watchman, 184 High Street, New Malden, KT3. (21st April 2012)
Norbury: Moon under Water, 1327 London Road, Norbury, SW16. (28th February 1998)
Northolt: Greenwood Hotel (WL), 674 Whitton Avenue West, Wood End, Northolt, HA3. (4th August 2016)
North Cheam: Nonsuch Inn, 552-556 London Road, North Cheam, SM3. (28th February 1998)
Old Street: Masque Haunt, 168-172 Old Street, Old Street, EC1. (11th May 1997)
Orpington: Harvest Moon, 141-143 High Street, Orpington, BR6. (14th March 1998)
Palmers Green: Alfred Herring, 316-322 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13. (2nd June 2006)
Peckham: Kentish Drovers, 71-79 Peckham High Street, Peckham, SE15. (28th May 2000)
Penge: Moon & Stars, 164-166 High Street, Penge, SE20. (4th July 1998)
Petts Wood: Sovereign of the Seas, 109-111 Queensway, Petts Wood, BR5. (14th March 1998)
Purley: Foxley Hatch, 8-9 Russell Hill Parade, Russell Hill Road, Purley, CR2. (28th February 1998)
Putney: Rocket, Putney Wharf Tower, 16 Brewhouse Lane, Putney, SW15. (9th May 2010)
Rayners Lane: Village Inn, 402-408 Rayners Lane, Rayners Lane, HA5. (24th January 1998)
Romford: Moon & Stars, 99-103 South Street, Romford, RM1. (11th April 1998)
Romford: Worlds Inn, 113-117 South Street, Romford, RM1. (21st May 2009)
Rotherhithe: Surrey Docks, 185 Lower Road, Rotherhithe, SE16. (13th April 1999)
Ruislip Manor: JJ Moons, 12 Victoria Road, Ruislip Manor, HA4. (24th January 1998)
Selsdon: Sir Julian Huxley, 152-154 Addington Road, Selsdon, CR2. (24th June 2000)
Shepherds Bush: Central Bar, Unit 1, First Floor, West 12 Shopping & Leisure Centre, Shepherds Bush Green, Shepherds Bush, W12. (22nd December 2002)
Sidcup: Tailors Chalk, 47-49 Sidcup High Street, Sidcup, DA14. (30th April 2009)
Soho: Montagu Pyke, 105-107 Charing Cross Road, Soho, WC2. (25th January 1997)
Soho: Moon under Water, 28 Leicester Square, Soho, WC2. (31st October 1993)
Southgate: New Crown, 80-84 Chase Side, Southgate, N14. (24th March 1996)
Southwark: Pommelers Rest, 196-198 Tower Bridge Road, Southwark, SE1. (23rd August 1998)
Stoke Newington: Rochester Castle, 143-145 Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington, N16. (5th May 1991)
Stratford: Goldengrove, 146-148 The Grove, Stratford, E15. (16th September 1995)
Streatham: Holland Tringham, 107-109 Streatham High Road, Streatham, SW16. (1st January 1999)
Surbiton: Coronation Hall, St Marks Hill, Surbiton, KT6. (14th February 1998)
Sutton: Moon on the Hill, 5-9 Hill Road, Sutton, SM1. (28th February 1998)
Tooting: JJ Moons, 56a Tooting High Street, Tooting, SW17. (3rd January 1998)
Turnpike Lane: Toll Gate, 26-30 Turnpike Lane, Turnpike Lane, N8. (19th January 1993)
Twickenham: William Webb Ellis, 24 London Road, Twickenham, TW1. (27th February 2003)
Uxbridge: Good Yarn, 132 High Street, Uxbridge, UB8. (23rd May 1998)
Victoria: Wetherspoons, Unit 5, Victoria Island, Victoria Station, Victoria, SW1. (4th March 1993)
Victoria: Willow Walk, 25 Wilton Road, Victoria, SW1. (11th October 1999)
Wallington: Whispering Moon, 25 Ross Parade, Woodcote Road, Wallington, SM6. (28th February 1998)
Wanstead: George, 155-159 High Street, Wanstead, E11. (3rd June 1992)
Welling: New Cross Turnpike, 55 Bellegrove Road, Welling, DA16. (23rd January 1999)
Wembley: JJ Moons, 397 High Road, Wembley, HA9. (24th January 1998)
Wimbledon: Wibbas Down Inn, 6-12 Gladstone Road, Wimbledon, SW19. (14th February 1998)
Wood Green: Spouters Corner, Unit 5 Hollywood Green, 180 High Road, Wood Green, N22. (21st May 2000)
Woolwich: Great Harry, 7-9 Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18. (25th May 2000)

Greater Manchester: (33)
Altrincham: Unicorn, 1-7 Ashley Road, Altrincham, Greater Manchester. (15th December 2002)
Ashton-in-Makerfield: Sir Thomas Gerard, 2 Gerard Street, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Greater Manchester. (12th June 1999)
Ashton-under-Lyne: Ash Tree, 9-11 Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester. (16th December 2002)
Bolton: Spinning Mule, Unit 2, Nelson Square, Bolton, Greater Manchester. (17th December 2002)
Bury: Art Picture House, 36 Haymarket Street, Bury, Greater Manchester. (21st November 2009)
Chorlton-cum-Hardy: Sedge Lynn, 21a Manchester Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Greater Manchester. (15th December 2002)
Dumplington: Castle in the Air, Chill Factor E Ski Centre, Trafford Quays Leisure Village, Trafford Way, Dumplington, Greater Manchester. (8th May 2008)
Dumplington: Mardis Gras, Unit 108-111, New Orleans, First Floor, Trafford Centre, Trafford Boulevard, Dumplington, Greater Manchester. (28th February 2011)
East Didsbury: Gateway, 882 Wilmslow Road, East Didsbury, Greater Manchester. (22nd June 2012)
Eccles: Eccles Cross, 13 Regent Street, Eccles, Greater Manchester. (15th December 2002)
Fallowfield: Great Central, Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, Greater Manchester. (6th March 2004)
Hazel Grove: Wilfred Wood, 204 London Road, Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester. (28th February 2011)
Heywood: Edwin Waugh, 10-12 Market Street, Heywood, Greater Manchester. (16th December 2002)
Leigh: Thomas Burke, 20a Leigh Road, Leigh, Greater Manchester. (8th May 2008)
Manchester: Manchester & County, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester, Greater Manchester. (22nd February 1997)
Manchester: Moon under Water, 68-74 Deansgate, Manchester, Greater Manchester. (23rd February 1997)
Manchester: Paramount, 33-35 Oxford Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester. (16th December 2002)
Manchester: Seven Stars, Balloon Lane, The Printworks, 6-8 Dantzic Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester. (17th December 2002)
Manchester: Waterhouse, 67-71 Princess Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester. (15th December 2002)
Middleton: Harbord Harbord, 17-21 Long Street, Middleton, Greater Manchester. (16th December 2002)
Oldham: Up Steps Inn, 17-23 High Street, Oldham, Greater Manchester. (16th December 2002)
Rochdale: Regal Moon, The Butts, Rochdale, Greater Manchester. (16th December 2002)
Rusholme: Ford Madox Brown, Unit 3, Wilmslow Park, Oxford Road, Rusholme, Manchester, Greater Manchester. (8th May 2008)
Sale: JP Joule, 2a Northenden Road, Sale, Greater Manchester. (15th December 2002)
Shaw: Shay Wake, 2-10 Milnrow Road, Shaw, Greater Manchester. (23rd June 2012)
Stalybridge: Society Rooms, 49-51 Grosvenor Street, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester. (6th March 2004)
Stockport: Calverts Court, 13 St Petersgate, Stockport, Greater Manchester. (16th December 2002)
Stretford: Bishop Blaize, 708 Chester Road, Old Trafford, Stretford, Greater Manchester. (15th December 2002)
Urmston: Tim Bobbin, 41 Flixton Road, Urmston, Greater Manchester. (17th December 2002)
Walkden: Bulls Head, 12 High Street, Walkden, Greater Manchester. (23rd June 2012)
Westhoughton: Robert Shaw, 34-40 Market Street, Westhoughton, Greater Manchester. (17th December 2002)
Wigan: Brocket Arms (WL), 38 Mesnes Road, Swinley, Wigan, Greater Manchester. (12th June 1999)
Wigan: Moon under Water, 5-7a Market Place, Wigan, Greater Manchester. (12th June 1999)

Merseyside: (27)
Birkenhead: Brass Balance, 39-47 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside. (23rd February 2002)
Bootle: Wild Rose, 2a & 1b Triad Centre, Stanley Road, Bootle, Merseyside. (22nd April 1999)
Childwall: Childwall Fiveways Hotel, 179 Queens Drive, Childwall, Merseyside. (22nd February 2010)
Earlestown: Nine Arches, 3 Legh Street, Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. (4th February 2017)
Formby: Lifeboat, 41 Three Tuns Lane, Formby, Merseyside. (17th February 2017)
Hoylake: Hoylake Lights, 52-54 Market Street, Hoylake, Merseyside. (24th April 1999)
Huyton: Barkers Brewery, 2 Archway Road, Huyton, Merseyside. (27th February 2011)
Kirkdale: Thomas Frost, 177-187 Walton Road, Kirkdale, Merseyside. (22nd February 2002)
Liverpool: Captain Alexander, Victoria House, 7-11 James Street, Liverpool, Merseyside. (4th January 2020)
Liverpool: Fall Well, 1-2 Brythen Street, Liverpool, Merseyside. (23rd February 2003)
Liverpool: Lime Kiln, Concert Street, Liverpool, Merseyside. (21st February 2004)
Liverpool: North Western, 7 Lime Street, Liverpool, Merseyside. (19th February 2016)
Liverpool: Richard John Blackler, Units 1 & 2 Charlotte Row, Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool, Merseyside. (22nd April 1999)
Liverpool: Welkin, 7 Whitechapel, Liverpool, Merseyside. (23rd February 2003)
Maghull: Frank Hornby, 38-44 Eastway, Maghull, Merseyside. (24th June 2012)
Moreton: Mockbeggar Hall, 239-241 Hoylake Road, Moreton, Merseyside. (24th February 2001)
New Brighton: Master Mariner, 3-5 Union Terrace, Marine Prominade, New Brighton, Merseyside. (10th November 2013)
New Ferry: John Masefield, 70-72 New Chester Road, New Ferry, Merseyside. (18th February 2008)
Old Swan: Navigator, 694 Queens Drive Stoneycroft, Old Swan, Merseyside. (31st March 2000)
Prescot: Watch Maker, 60-62 Eccleston Street, Prescot, Merseyside. (20th February 2012)
St Helens: Glass House, 5 Market Street, St Helens, Merseyside. (5th January 2002)
Southport: Sir Henry Segrave, 93-97 Lord Street, Southport, Merseyside. (22nd April 1999)
Southport: Willow Grove, 387-389 Lord Street, Southport, Merseyside. (29th November 2003)
Wallasey: Clairville, 48 Wallasey Road, Liscard, Wallasey, Merseyside. (20th February 2005)
Walton: Raven, 72-74 Walton Vale, Walton, Merseyside. (23rd April 1999)
Waterloo: Queens Picture House, 47-49 South Road, Waterloo, Merseyside. (24th June 2012)
West Kirby: Dee Hotel, 44 Grange Road, West Kirby, Merseyside. (23rd February 2002)

Norfolk: (11)
Downham Market: Whalebone, 58-64 Bridge Street, Downham Market, Norfolk. (6th October 2018)
(East) Dereham: Romany Rye (WL), Church Street, East Dereham, Norfolk. (4th February 2012)
Fakenham: Limes, 30 Bridge Street, Fakenham, Norfolk. (22nd April 2013)
Gorleston-on-Sea: William Adams, 176-177 High Street, Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. (22nd June 2018)
Great Yarmouth: Troll Cart (WL), 7-9 Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. (4th May 2002)
Kings Lynn: Globe Hotel (WL), Tuesday Market Place, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. (14th March 2003)
Norwich: Bell Hotel, 5 Orford Hill, Norwich, Norfolk. (1st August 1998)
Norwich: Glass House, 11-13 Wensum Street, Norwich, Norfolk. (4th May 2002)
Norwich: Queen of the Iceni, Unit 6, Riverside, Norwich, Norfolk. (4th May 2002)
Norwich: Whiffler, Boundary Road, Hellesdon, Norwich, Norfolk. (4th May 2002)
Thetford: Red Lion, Market Place, Thetford, Norfolk. (21st July 2012)

Northamptonshire: (7)
Corby: Samuel Lloyd, Zone 7, Princewood Road, Rockingham Park, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire. (11th October 2008)
Corby: Saxon Crown (WL), 100 Elizabeth Street, Corby, Northamptonshire. (15th August 2015)
Daventry: Saracens Head, 1 Brook Street, Daventry, Northamptonshire. (13th March 2004)
Kettering: Earl of Dalkeith, 13-15 Dalkeith Place, Kettering, Northamptonshire. (24th October 1998)
Northampton: Cordwainer, The Ridings, Northampton, Northamptonshire. (2nd January 2010)
Rushden: Railway Inn, 143 High Street, Rushden, Northamptonshire. (9th August 2011)
Wellingborough: Red Well, 16 Silver Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. (12th December 1999)

Northumberland: (6)
Ashington: Rohan Kanhai, 1-4 Woodhorn Road, Ashington, Northumberland. (27th October 2000)
Bedlington: Red Lion, Front Street West, Bedlington, Northumberland. (5th September 2011)
Blyth: Wallaw, 14 Union Street, Blyth, Northumberland. (28th April 2014)
Cramlington: John the Clark of Cramlington, Low Main Place, Cramlington, Northumberland. (19th September 2013)
Hexham: Forum, 8-9 Market Place, Hexham, Northumberland. (27th October 2000)
Morpeth: Electrical Wizard, 11 New Market, Morpeth, Northumberland. (5th September 2011)

Nottinghamshire: (22)
Arnold: Ernehale, 149-151 Nottingham Road, Arnold, Nottinghamshire. (13th November 2004)
Beeston: Last Post, Chilwell Road, Beeston, Nottinghamshire. (29th July 2001)
Bingham: Butter Cross, Market Place, Bingham, Nottinghamshire. (12th July 2013)
Bulwell: William Peverel, 245-259 Main Street, Bulwell, Nottinghamshire. (9th March 2012)
Carlton: Free Man, 334-336 Carlton Hill, Thorneywood, Carlton, Nottinghamshire. (6th November 2010)
Eastwood: Lady Chatterley, 59 Nottingham Road, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. (19th September 2014)
Hucknall: Pilgrim Oak, 44-46 High Street, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire. (13th November 2004)
Kirkby-in-Ashfield: Regent, Diamond Avenue, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. (12th July 2013)
Mansfield: Stag & Pheasant, Unit 4, Clumber Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. (6th November 2010)
Mansfield: Widow Frost, 41-43 Leeming Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. (13th November 2004)
Mapperley: Woodthorpe Top, 151a Woodthorpe Drive, Mapperley, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (29th November 2008)
Newark: Sir John Arderne, 1-3 Church Street, Newark, Nottinghamshire. (29th October 2000)
Nottingham: Gooseberry Bush, Peel Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (9th March 2012)
Nottingham: Joseph Else, 11-12 South Parade, Market Square, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (29th July 2001)
Nottingham: Lloyds No. 1, 1 Carlton Street, Hockley, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (29th July 2001)
Nottingham: Roebuck Inn, 9-11 St James Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (29th July 2001)
Retford: Dominie Cross, 38 Grove Street, Retford, Nottinghamshire. (9th June 2007)
Sherwood: Samuel Hall, Old Bus Depot, Mansfield Road, Sherwood, Nottinghamshire. (6th November 2010)
Stapleford: Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren, 97 Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (9th March 2012)
Sutton in Ashfield: Picture House, Fox Street, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. (13th November 2004)
West Bridgford: Trent Bridge Inn, 2 Radcliffe Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (9th March 2012)
Worksop: Liquorice Gardens, 1a Newcastle Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. (13th November 2004)

Oxfordshire: (8)
Abingdon-on-Thames: Narrows, 25 High Street, Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. (4th January 2014)
Banbury: Exchange, 49-50 High Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire. (13th November 1999)
Bicester: Penny Black, 58 Sheep Street, Bicester, Oxfordshire. (13th November 1999)
Cowley: William Morris, 59a Between Towns Road, Cowley, Oxfordshire. (28th September 2003)
Henley-on-Thames: Catherine Wheel (WL), 7-15 Hart Street, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire. (26th May 2001)
Oxford: Four Candles, 51-53 George Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire. (31st August 2008)
Oxford: Swan & Castle, Castle Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire. (27th December 2009)
Witney: Company of Weavers, 31 Market Square, Witney, Oxfordshire. (5th April 2012)

Scotland: (59)
Aberdeen: Archibald Simpson, 5 Castle Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. (26th August 2001)
Aberdeen: Justice Mill, 423-425 Union Street, Aberdeen, Scotland. (18th October 2004)
Alloa: Bobbing John, 46 Drysdale Street, Alloa, Scotland. (24th September 2016)
Anniesland: Esquire House, 1487 Great Western Road, Anniesland, Glasgow, Scotland. (28th August 2001)
Arbroath: Corn Exchange, 14 Olympic Centre, Market Place, Arbroath, Scotland. (8th September 2003)
Ayr: West Kirk, 58a Sandgate, Ayr, Scotland. (5th September 2003)
Blairgowrie: Fair O'Blair, 25-29 Allan Street, Blairgowrie, Scotland. (11th October 2018)
Braehead: Lord of the Isles, Unit 21, Xscape Centre, Kings Inch Road, Braehead, Renfrew, Scotland. (6th June 2008)
Broughty Ferry: Jollys Hotel (WL), 43-51 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry, Scotland. (11th October 2018)
Cambuslang: John Fairweather, 50-60 Main Street, Cambuslang, Scotland. (23rd September 2016)
Corstorphine: White Lady (WL), 92-98 St John's Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, Scotland. (28th June 2012)
Cumbernauld: Carrick Stone, Units 52-54, Teviot Walk, Ground Floor, Cumbernauld Shopping, Central Way, Carbrain, Cumbernauld, Scotland. (30th June 2012)
Dumbarton: Captain James Lang, 97-99 High Street, Dumbarton, Scotland. (23rd September 2016)
Dumfries: Robert the Bruce, 81-83 Buccleuch Street, Dumfries, Scotland. (18th May 2006)
Dundee: Counting House, 67-71 Reform Street, Dundee, Scotland. (8th September 2003)
Dunfermline: Guildhall & Linen Exchange (WL), 79-83 High Street, Dunfermline, Scotland. (24th September 2016)
East Kilbride: Hay Stook, 26-36 Princes Mall, East Kilbride Shopping Centre, 300 Cornwall Street, East Kilbride, Scotland. (22nd September 2016)
Edinburgh: Alexander Graham Bell, 128 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. (27th March 2011)
Edinburgh: Booking Office, 17 Waverley Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland. (24th September 2016)
Edinburgh: Caley Picture House, 31 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Scotland. (13th October 2018)
Edinburgh: Playfair, Unit 1, Omni Centre, Leith Walk, Edinburgh, Scotland. (7th September 2003)
Edinburgh: Standing Order, 62-66 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. (5th February 1999)
Elgin: Muckle Cross, 34 High Street, Elgin, Scotland. (26th August 2001)
Falkirk: Carron Works, Bank Street, Falkirk, Scotland. (5th September 2003)
Fort William: Great Glen, 104 High Street, Fort William, Scotland. (27th July 2013)
Fraserburgh: Saltoun Inn (WL), 8 Saltoun Square, Fraserburgh, Scotland. (12th October 2018)
Galashiels: Hunters Hall, 56-58 High Street, Galashiels, Scotland. (7th September 2003)
Glasgow: Counting House, 2 St Vincent Place, Glasgow, Scotland. (6th February 1999)
Glasgow: Crystal Palace, 36 Jamaica Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (27th August 2001)
Glasgow: Henglers Circus, 351-363 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (27th August 2001)
Glasgow: Sir John Moore, 260-292 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (5th September 2003)
Glasgow: Society Room, 151 West George Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (5th September 2003)
Glenrothes: Golden Acorn (WL), 1 North Street, Glenrothes, Scotland. (8th September 2003)
Greenock: James Watt, 80-92 Cathcart Street, Greenock, Scotland. (5th September 2003)
Hawick: Bourtree, 22 Bourtree Place, Hawick, Scotland. (4th September 2011)
Helensburgh: Henry Bell, 19-29 James Street, Helensburgh, Scotland. (30th June 2012)
Inverness: Kings Highway (WL), 72-74 Church Street, Inverness, Scotland. (23rd July 2005)
Inverurie: Gordon Highlander, 71 West High Street, Inverurie, Scotland. (29th June 2012)
Irvine: Auld Brig, Units 13-15, Rivergate Shopping Centre, New Street, Irvine, Scotland. (22nd September 2016)
Kilmarnock: Wheatsheaf Inn, Unit 5, Portland Gate, Portland Street, Kilmarnock, Scotland. (5th September 2003)
Kirkcaldy: Robert Nairn, 2-6 Kirk Wynd, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. (24th August 2001)
Kirkintilloch: Kirky Puffer, 1-11 Townhead, Kirkintilloch, Scotland. (16th October 2004)
Largs: Paddle Steamer, Escape Amusement Complex, 30 Gallowgate Street, Largs, Scotland. (22nd September 2016)
Leith: Foot of the Walk, 183 Constitution Street, Leith, Scotland. (7th September 2003)
Livingston: NewYearField, 1 McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Almondvale Road, Almondvale, Livingston, Scotland. (28th March 2011)
Motherwell: Brandon Works, 45-61 Merry Street, Motherwell, Scotland. (15th October 2004)
Musselburgh: David Macbeth Moir, 82-84 North High Street, Musselburgh, Scotland. (28th June 2012)
Oban: Corryvreckan, 1 The Waterfront Centre, Railway Pier, Shore Street, Oban, Scotland. (23rd September 2016)
Paisley: Last Post, 2 County Square, Paisley, Scotland. (27th August 2001)
Peebles: Cross Keys (WL), 24 Northgate, Peebles, Scotland. (25th September 2016)
Perth: Capital Asset, 26 Tay Street, Perth, Scotland. (26th August 2001)
Peterhead: Cross Keys, 7-9 Back Street, Kirktown, Peterhead, Scotland. (7th June 2008)
Prestwick: Prestwick Pioneer, 87 Main Street, Prestwick, Scotland. (30th June 2012)
Rutherglen: An Ruadh Ghlean, 40-44 Main Street, Rutherglen, Scotland. (30th July 2013)
Saltcoats: Salt Cot, 7 Hamilton Street, Saltcoats, Scotland. (5th September 2003)
Shawlands: Sir John Stirling Maxwell, Unit 13b, Shawlands Arcade, 104 Kilmarnock Road, Shawlands, Glasgow, Scotland. (28th August 2001)
Stirling: Crossed Peels, 8 Spittal Street, Stirling, Scotland. (24th September 2016)
Wick: Alexander Bain, Market Place, Wick, Scotland. (24th July 2005)
Wishaw: Wishaw Malt, 62-66 Kirk Road, Wishaw, Scotland. (15th October 2004)

Shropshire: (7)
Bridgnorth: Jewel of the Severn, 80-81 High Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. (13th July 2003)
Market Drayton: Hippodrome, 34 Queen Street, Market Drayton, Shropshire. (23rd February 2008)
Oswestry: Wilfred Owen, 17 Willow Street, Oswestry, Shropshire. (21st August 2003)
Shrewsbury: Montgomerys Tower, Lower Claremont Bank, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. (17th November 2008)
Shrewsbury: Shrewsbury Hotel (WL), Bridge Place, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. (17th November 1999)
Telford: Thomas Botfield, Unit I, Central Square, Telford Shopping Centre, Hollinswood, Telford, Shropshire. (20th May 2006)
Wellington: William Withering, 43-45 New Street, Wellington, Shropshire. (27th August 2011)

Somerset: (15)
Bath: King of Wessex, Kingsmead Leisure Complex, 5-10 James Street West, Bath, Somerset. (28th September 2004)
Bridgwater: Carnival Inn, 37 St Mary Street, Bridgwater, Somerset. (1st February 2003)
Burnham-on-Sea: Reeds Arms, 1 Pier Street, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. (2nd May 2005)
Chard: Cerdic, 49-51 Fore Street, Chard, Somerset. (10th October 2002)
Midsomer Norton: Palladium Electric, 110 High Street, Midsomer Norton, Somerset. (17th November 2018)
Minehead: Duke of Wellington (WL), Wellington Square, Minehead, Somerset. (21st December 2008)
Nailsea: Glassmaker, 12 Crown Glass Place, Nailsea, Somerset. (10th June 2012)
Portishead: Posset Cup, Unit 3, Mustad Way, Harbour Road, Portishead, Somerset. (4th June 2017)
Street: Lantokay, 111-113 High Street, Street, Somerset. (15th March 2003)
Taunton: Coal Orchard, 30 Bridge Street, Taunton, Somerset. (1st February 2003)
Taunton: Perkin Warbeck, 22-23 East Street, Taunton, Somerset. (14th May 1999)
Wellington: Iron Duke, Fore Street, Wellington, Somerset. (3rd June 2017)
Wells: Quarter Jack, 18 Priory Road, Wells, Somerset. (4th September 2015)
Weston-super-Mare: Cabot Court Hotel (WL), Knightstone Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. (14th August 2011)
Yeovil: William Dampier, 97 Middle Street, Yeovil, Somerset. (7th May 2000)

Staffordshire: (16)
Biddulph: Bradley Green, 68 High Street, Biddulph, Staffordshire. (6th December 2003)
Burton upon Trent: Lord Burton, 154 High Street, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. (10th December 1999)
Cannock: Linford Arms, 79 Market Place, Cannock, Staffordshire. (3rd August 2002)
Cheadle: Wheatsheaf, 53 High Street, Cheadle, Staffordshire. (9th February 2013)
Hanley: Reginald Mitchell, 20 Parliament Row, Hanley, Staffordshire. (6th December 2003)
Hednesford: Hedgeford Lodge, Anglesey Lodge, Anglesey Street, Hednesford, Staffordshire. (21st October 2016)
Leek: Green Dragon, 2 St Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire. (19th October 2013)
Lichfield: Acorn Inn, 16-18 Tamworth Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire. (11th November 2000)
Newcastle-under-Lyme: Arnold Machin, 37 Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. (6th December 2003)
Rugeley: Plaza, Horsefair, Rugeley, Staffordshire. (3rd August 2002)
Stafford: Butlers Bell, 25-27 Gaolgate Street, Stafford, Staffordshire. (11th February 2012)
Stafford: Picture House, Bridge Street, Stafford, Staffordshire. (31st October 1999)
Stoke-on-Trent: Wheatsheaf, 84-92 Church Street, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. (6th December 2003)
Stone: Poste of Stone, 1 Granville Square, Stone, Staffordshire. (6th December 2003)
Tamworth: Bole Bridge, 8 Bolebridge Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire. (6th September 2002)
Uttoxeter: Old Swan, Market Place, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. (25th February 2007)

Suffolk: (8)
Beccles: Kings Head Hotel (WL), 4-6 New Market, Beccles, Suffolk. (19th April 2013)
Bury St Edmunds: Corn Exchange, Abbeygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. (21st July 2012)
Haverhill: Drabbet Smock, 5-6 Peas Hill, Haverhill, Suffolk. (13th July 2000)
Ipswich: Cricketers, 51 Crown Street, Ipswich, Suffolk. (23rd July 1999)
Lowestoft: Joseph Conrad, 18-32 Station Square, Lowestoft, Suffolk. (31st August 2013)
Newmarket: Golden Lion, 44 High Street, Newmarket, Suffolk. (24th May 2001)
Stowmarket: Willow Tree, 101-103 Ipswich Street, Stowmarket, Suffolk. (4th February 2012)
Sudbury: Grover & Allen, 68-69 North Street, Sudbury, Suffolk. (5th September 2007)

Surrey: (10)
Camberley: Claude du Vall, 77-81 High Street, Camberley, Surrey. (25th July 2002)
Epsom: Assembly Rooms, 147-153 High Street, Epsom, Surrey. (31st July 2002)
Godalming: Jack Phillips, 48-56 High Street, Godalming, Surrey. (3rd February 2001)
Guildford: Rodboro Buildings, 1-10 Bridge Street, Guildford, Surrey. (3rd May 1999)
Horley: Jack Fairman, 30 Victoria Road, Horley, Surrey. (22nd April 2007)
Leatherhead: Edmund Tylney, 30-34 High Street, Leatherhead, Surrey. (3rd May 1999)
Oxted: Oxted Inn, Units 1-4, Hoskins Walk, Station Road West, Oxted, Surrey. (22nd January 2000)
Redhill: Sun, 17-21 London Road, Redhill, Surrey. (18th October 1999)
Staines: George, 2-8 High Street, Staines, Surrey. (20th May 1999)
Woking: Herbert Wells, 51-57 Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey. (19th June 1999)

Sussex (East/West): (18)
Please note there is one landside bar at Gatwick Airport listed in the Airports section later in this document.
Bexhill-on-Sea: Picture Playhouse, 36-38 Western Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex. (30th December 2017)
Bognor Regis: Hatters Inn, 2-10 Queensway, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. (6th November 1999)
Brighton: Bright Helm, 20-22a West Street, Brighton, East Sussex. (23rd June 2001)
Brighton: Post & Telegraph, 155-158 North Street, Brighton, East Sussex. (21st April 2011)
Brighton: West Quay, Marina Way, Brighton Marina Village, Kemp Town, Brighton, East Sussex. (30th October 2004)
Burgess Hill: Six Gold Martlets, 49-51 Church Walk, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. (24th September 2015)
Chichester: Dolphin & Anchor, West Street, Chichester, West Sussex. (6th November 1999)
Crawley: Jubilee Oak, 6 Grand Parade, High Street, Crawley, West Sussex. (6th November 1999)
Crowborough: Crowborough Cross, Beacon Road, Crowborough, East Sussex. (26th June 2016)
East Grinstead: Ounce & Ivy Bush, Atrium Cinema Complex, Little King Street, East Grinstead, East Sussex. (11th January 2003)
Eastbourne: Cornfield Garage, 21-23 Cornfield Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex. (23rd March 2003)
Eastbourne: London & County, 46 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex. (29th May 2010)
Hailsham: George Hotel, 1 George Street, Hailsham, East Sussex. (29th May 2010)
Hastings: John Logie Baird, 29-31 Havelock Road, Hastings, East Sussex. (10th September 2002)
Horsham: Lynd Cross, St Johns House, 1 Springfield Road, Horsham, West Sussex. (6th November 1999)
Hove: Cliftonville Inn, 98-101 George Street, Hove, East Sussex. (28th February 1999)
Littlehampton: George Inn, 14-18 Surrey Street, Littlehampton, West Sussex. (6th November 1999)
Worthing: Three Fishes, 56 Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex. (29th May 2010)

Tyne & Wear: (16)
Byker: High Main, 63 Shields Road, Byker, Tyne & Wear. (27th April 2014)
Concord: Sir William de Wessyngton, 2-3 Victoria Road, Concord, Washington, Tyne & Wear. (1st September 2006)
Gateshead: Tilley Stone, 9-10 Jackson Street, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. (19th September 2013)
Gateshead: Wetherspoons, Unit 177, Upper Floor, Blue Mall, 85 Russell Way, Metro Centre, Whickham, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. (27th October 2000)
Gosforth: Job Bulman, St Nicholas Avenue, Gosforth, Tyne & Wear. (1st September 2006)
Houghton-le-Spring: Wild Boar, Frederick Place, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear. (3rd September 2011)
Newcastle upon Tyne: Five Swans, 14 St Mary's Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear. (3rd September 2011)
Newcastle upon Tyne: Keel Row, Unit G3, Ground Floor, The Gate Cinema Complex, Newgate Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear. (1st September 2006)
Newcastle upon Tyne: Mile Castle, 19-25 Grainger Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear. (5th September 2011)
Newcastle upon Tyne: Quayside, 35-37 The Close, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear. (26th October 2000)
South Shields: Wouldhave, 16 Mile End Road, South Shields, Tyne & Wear. (27th October 2000)
Sunderland: Cooper Rose, 2-4 Albion Place, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. (5th September 2011)
Sunderland: William Jameson, 30-32 Fawcett Street, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. (27th October 2000)
Wallsend: Ritz, 87-93 High Street West, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear. (14th October 2018)
Whickham: Harry Clasper, Front Street West, Whickham, Tyne & Wear. (14th October 2018)
Whitley Bay: Fire Station, 18 York Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear. (1st September 2006)

Wales: (50)
Aberdare: Ieuan Ap Iago, 6 High Street, Aberdare, Wales. (12th April 2003)
Abergavenny: Coliseum, Lion Street, Abergavenny, Wales. (18th June 2001)
Abertillery: Pontlottyn, Somerset Street, Abertillery, Wales. (10th June 2010)
Aberystwyth: Hen Orsaf, Station Chambers, Alexandra Road, Aberystwyth, Wales. (5th October 2001)
Bangor: Black Bull Inn, 107 High Street, Bangor, Wales. (3rd October 2001)
Barry: Sir Samuel Romilly, 4-6 Romilly Buildings, Broad Street, Barry, Wales. (11th June 2009)
Blackwood: Sirhowy, 61-63 High Street, Blackwood, Wales. (23rd November 2000)
Brecon: George Hotel (WL), 1 George Street, Brecon, Wales. (24th August 2017)
Bridgend: Wyndham Arms (WL), Dunraven Place, Bridgend, Wales. (16th November 1999)
Caernarfon: Tafarn Y Porth, 5-9 Eastgate Street, Caernarfon, Wales. (4th October 2001)
Caerphilly: Malcom Uphill, 87-91 Cardiff Road, Caerphilly, Wales. (20th November 2011)
Cardiff: Aneurin Bevan, Caerphilly Road, Heath, Cardiff, Wales. (10th June 2010)
Cardiff: Central Bar, 39 Windsor Place, Cardiff, Wales. (1st March 2003)
Cardiff: Ernest Willows, 2-12 City Road, Roath, Cardiff, Wales. (11th March 2000)
Cardiff: Gatekeeper, 9-10 Westgate Street, Cardiff, Wales. (18th June 2001)
Cardiff: Great Western, 64 St Mary Street, Cardiff, Wales. (16th November 2004)
Cardiff: Ivor Davies, 245-249 Cowbridge Road East, Canton, Cardiff, Wales. (22nd November 2000)
Cardiff: Mount Stuart, Landsea House, Stuart Place, Butetown, Cardiff, Wales. (19th November 2013)
Cardiff: Prince of Wales, 81-83 St Mary Street, Cardiff, Wales. (18th November 1999)
Carmarthen: Hen Dderwen, 47-48 King Street, Carmarthen, Wales. (18th November 2002)
Chepstow: Bell Hanger, 9-10 St Mary Street, Chepstow, Wales. (20th April 2008)
Colwyn Bay: Picture House, 24-26 Prince's Drive, Colwyn Bay, Wales. (1st May 2000)
Cwmbran: John Fielding, 1 Caradoc Road, Cwmbran, Wales. (11th June 2005)
Ebbw Vale: Picture House, Market Street, Ebbw Vale, Wales. (12th March 2000)
Gorseinon: Mardy Inn, 117 High Street, Gorseinon, Wales. (17th November 2013)
Haverfordwest: William Owen, 6 Quay Street, Haverfordwest, Wales. (15th July 2010)
Holywell: Market Cross, 9-11 High Street, Holywell, Wales. (25th June 2012)
Llandudno: Palladium, 7 Gloddaeth Street, Llandudno, Wales. (4th October 2001)
Llanelli: York Palace, 51 Stepney Street, Llanelli, Wales. (22nd November 2000)
Maesteg: Sawyers Arms, 3-7 Commercial Street, Maesteg, Wales. (10th April 2015)
Merthyr Tydfil: Dic Penderyn, 102-103 High Street, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. (23rd November 2000)
Mold: Gold Cape, 8-8a Wrexham Street, Mold, Wales. (23rd August 2003)
Monmouth: Kings Head (WL), 8 Agincourt Square, Monmouth, Wales. (12th March 2000)
Morriston: Red Lion Hotel, 49 Sway Road, Morriston, Swansea, Wales. (22nd November 2011)
Neath: David Protheroe, 7 Windsor Road, Neath, Wales. (16th June 2001)
Newtown: Black Boy, 31-32 Broad Street, Newtown, Wales. (17th November 2014)
Newport: Godfrey Morgan, 158 Chepstow Road, Maindee, Newport, Wales. (18th November 1999)
Newport: John Wallace Linton, Units 10-12, The Cambrian Centre, Cambrian Road, Newport, Wales. (18th November 1999)
Penarth: Bears Head, 37-39 Windsor Road, Penarth, Wales. (22nd November 2000)
Pontypridd: Tumble Inn, 4-9 Broadway, Pontypridd, Wales. (16th November 2004)
Port Talbot: Lord Caradoc, 69-73 Station Road, Port Talbot, Wales. (22nd November 2000)
Pwllheli: Pen Cob, Station Square, Pwllheli, Wales. (12th April 2014)
Rhyl: Sussex, 20-26 Sussex Street, Rhyl, Wales. (3rd October 2001)
Ruthin: Castle Hotel (WL), St Peter's Square, Ruthin, Wales. (25th June 2012)
Shotton: Central Hotel, 2-4 Chester Road West, Shotton, Wales. (20th October 2010)
Swansea: Bank Statement, 57-58 Wind Street, Swansea, Wales. (16th November 1998)
Swansea: Potters Wheel, 85-86 Kingsway, Swansea, Wales. (16th November 1998)
Tredegar: Olympia, Morgan Street, Tredegar, Wales. (1st March 2003)
Wrexham: Elihu Yale, 44-46 Regent Street, Wrexham, Wales. (31st March 2000)
Wrexham: North & South Wales Bank, 14 High Street, Wrexham, Wales. (22nd August 2003)

Warwickshire: (6)
Bedworth: Bear & Ragged Staff, 50 King Street, Bedworth, Warwickshire. (12th July 2003)
Nuneaton: Felix Holt, 3 Stratford Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. (25th February 2001)
Royal Leamington Spa: Benjamin Satchwell, 112-114 The Parade, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. (8th September 2002)
Rugby: Rupert Brooke, 8-10 Castle Street, Rugby, Warwickshire. (21st July 2001)
Stratford upon Avon: Golden Bee, 41-42 Sheep Street, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire. (8th September 2002)
Warwick: Thomas Lloyd, 3-7 Market Place, Warwick, Warwickshire. (8th September 2002)

West Midlands: (43)
Acock's Green: Spread Eagle, 1146a Warwick Road, Acock's Green, West Midlands. (11th November 2000)
Aldridge: Avion, 19 Anchor Road, Aldridge, West Midlands. (1st March 2014)
Bickenhill: Atrium, The Atrium, National Exhibition Centre, Bickenhill, West Midlands. (20th May 2006)
Bickenhill: Wetherspoons, The Piazza, National Exhibition Centre, Bickenhill, West Midlands. (8th March 2008)
Bilston: Sir Henry Newbolt, 45-47 High Street, Bilston, West Midlands. (19th October 2002)
Birmingham: Briar Rose (WL), 25 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands. (15th April 2000)
Birmingham: Dragon Inn, 90 Hurst Street, Birmingham, West Midlands. (20th November 2007)
Birmingham: Figure of Eight, 236-239 Broad Street, Birmingham, West Midlands. (31st October 1999)
Birmingham: Soloman Cutler, Regency Wharf, Broad Street, Birmingham, West Midlands. (11th July 2003)
Birmingham: Square Peg, 115 Corporation Street, Birmingham, West Midlands. (25th October 1997)
Blackheath: Britannia, 124 Halesowen Street, Blackheath, West Midlands. (21st April 2001)
Bloxwich: Bloxwich Showman, 156 High Street, Bloxwich, West Midlands. (14th February 2015)
Boldmere: Bishop Vesey, 63 Boldmere Road, Boldmere, West Midlands. (11th November 2000)
Brierley Hill: Abraham Darby, Unit 25, Ground Floor, Westfield Shopping Centre, Times Square Avenue, Brierley Hill, West Midlands. (20th May 2006)
Brierley Hill: Waterfront Inn, 6-7 The Waterfront, Level Street, Brierley Hill, West Midlands. (15th April 2000)
Coventry: Earl of Mercia, 18 High Street, Coventry, West Midlands. (20th April 2001)
Coventry: Flying Standard, 2-10 Trinity Street, Coventry, West Midlands. (4th November 2000)
Coventry: Spon Gate, Unit 2M, The Skydome, Croft Road, Coventry, West Midlands. (9th October 2010)
Cradley Heath: Moon under Water, 164-166 High Street, Cradley Heath, West Midlands. (15th April 2000)
Dudley: Full Moon, 58-60 High Street, Dudley, West Midlands. (15th April 2000)
Earlsdon: City Arms, 1 Earlsdon Street, Earlsdon, West Midlands. (20th April 2001)
Erdington: Charlie Hall, 49 Barnabas Road, Erdington, West Midlands. (11th November 2000)
Halesowen: William Shenstone, 1-5 Queensway, Halesowen, West Midlands. (21st April 2001)
Kings Norton: Navigation Inn, 1 Wharf Road, Kings Norton, West Midlands. (26th February 2022)
Kingswinford: Cross Inn, High Street, Kingswinford, West Midlands. (26th February 2022)
Mere Green: Mare Pool, 294 Lichfield Road, Mere Green, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. (27th December 2011)
Moseley: Elizabeth of York, 12a St Marys Row, Moseley, West Midlands. (18th October 2002)
Northfield: Black Horse, Bristol Road South, Northfield, West Midlands. (9th October 2010)
Oldbury: Court of Requests, 19 Church Street, Oldbury, West Midlands. (11th February 2012)
Perry Barr: Arthur Robertson, Units 51-53 One Stop Shopping Centre, 2 Walsall Road, Perry Barr, West Midlands. (31st May 2010)
Sedgley: Clifton, Bull Ring, Sedgley, West Midlands. (15th April 2000)
Shirley: Pump House, Unit 1, Parkgate, Stratford Road, Shirley, West Midlands. (14th February 2015)
Solihull: White Swan, 32-34 Station Road, Solihull, West Midlands. (11th December 2004)
Stourbridge: Chequers Inn, 96 High Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands. (31st May 2010)
Sutton Coldfield: Bottle of Sack, 2 Birmingham Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. (20th April 2001)
Walsall: St Matthews Hall, Lichfield Street, Walsall, West Midlands. (27th December 2011)
Ward End: Hornet, 991 Alum Rock Road, Ward End, West Midlands. (18th October 2002)
Wednesbury: Bellwether, 3-4 Walsall Street, Wednesbury, West Midlands. (19th October 2002)
Wednesfield: Royal Tiger, 41-43 High Street, Wednesfield, West Midlands. (3rd August 2002)
West Bromwich: Billiard Hall, St Michaels Street, West Bromwich Ringway, West Bromwich, West Midlands. (31st July 1999)
Willenhall: Malthouse, The Dale, New Road, Willenhall, West Midlands. (3rd August 2002)
Wolverhampton: Moon under Water, 53-55 Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. (31st July 1999)
Yardley: William Tyler, 140 Church Road, Yardley, West Midlands. (11th February 2012)

Wiltshire: (10)
Amesbury: Bell Inn, 13-15 Salisbury Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire. (4th August 2012)
Chippenham: Bridge House, Borough Parade, Chippenham, Wiltshire. (24th April 2010)
Devizes: Silk Mercer, 37-38 St John's Street, Devizes, Wiltshire. (27th February 2009)
Melksham: Bear, 3 Bath Road, Melksham, Wiltshire. (4th August 2012)
Salisbury: Kings Head Inn (WL), 1 Bridge Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire. (2nd November 2002)
Swindon: Dockle Farmhouse, 2 Bridge End Road, Lower Stratton, Swindon, Wiltshire. (2nd May 2005)
Swindon: Savoy, 38-40 Regent Street, Swindon, Wiltshire. (18th November 1999)
Swindon: Sir Daniel Arms, Fleet Street, Swindon, Wiltshire. (22nd September 2007)
Trowbridge: Albany Palace, 1 Park Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. (13th September 2009)
Warminster: Bath Arms (WL), 41 Market Place, Warminster, Wiltshire. (18th August 2017)

Worcestershire: (8)
Bewdley: George Hotel (WL), Load Street, Bewdley, Worcestershire. (12th July 2008)
Bromsgrove: Golden Cross Hotel, 20 High Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. (1st January 2004)
Evesham: Old Swanne Inne, 66 High Street, Evesham, Worcestershire. (11th October 1998)
Great Malvern: Foley Arms Hotel (WL), 14 Worcester Road, Great Malvern, Worcestershire. (29th August 2011)
Redditch: Royal Enfield, The Old Cinema, Unicorn Hill, Redditch, Worcestershire. (31st May 2010)
Redditch: Rising Sun, Unit 4, The Quadrant, Alcester Street, Redditch, Worcestershire. (11th December 2004)
Worcester: Crown (WL), Crown Passage, Broad Street, Worcester, Worcestershire. (17th July 2004)
Worcester: Postal Order, 18 Foregate Street, Worcester, Worcestershire. (21st April 2001)

Yorkshire (East): (7)
Beverley: Cross Keys, 6-8 Lairgate, Beverley, East Yorkshire. (20th July 2018)
Bridlington: Prior John, 34-36 Promenade, Bridlington, East Yorkshire. (19th July 2002)
Goole: City & County, Market Square, Goole, East Yorkshire. (19th July 2002)
(Great) Driffield: Benjamin Fawcett, Unit 1, The Viking Centre, 37 Middle Street North, Great Driffield, East Yorkshire. (1st September 2012)
Kingston-upon-Hull: Admiral of the Humber (WL), 1 Anlaby Road, Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. (19th July 2002)
Kingston-upon-Hull: Sanctuary Bar, Eats Deli & Asylum Nightclub, Student Central, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Newland, Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. (Open)
Kingston-upon-Hull: Three John Scotts, City Exchange, Alfred Gelder Street, Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. (19th July 2002)

Yorkshire (North): (12)
Harrogate: Winter Gardens, Unit 4, Royal Baths, Parliament Street, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. (20th July 2002)
Knaresborough: Crown Inn, 71-75 High Street, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. (27th April 2014)
Northallerton: Buck Inn, 237-238 High Street, Northallerton, North Yorkshire. (18th April 2022)
Richmond: Ralph Fitz Randal, 6 Queens Road, Richmond, North Yorkshire. (30th March 2003)
Ripon: Unicorn Hotel (WL), 1 Market Place, Ripon, North Yorshire. (18th June 2011)
Scarborough: Lord Rosebery, 85-87 Westborough, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. (29th May 2001)
Selby: Giant Bellflower, 47a Gowthorpe, Selby, North Yorkshire. (11th July 2013)
Skipton: Devonshire Inn, 22 Newmarket Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire. (31st May 2004)
Thirsk: Three Tuns (WL), 54 Market Place, Thirsk, North Yorkshire. (30th July 2009)
Whitby: New Angel Hotel (WL), 1 New Quay Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire. (21st September 2013)
York: Postern Gate, 90 Piccadilly, York, North Yorkshire. (19th July 2002)
York: Punchbowl, 5-9 Blossom Street, York, North Yorkshire. (19th July 2002)

Yorkshire (South): (19)
Barnsley: Joseph Bramah, 15 Market Hill, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. (1st April 2007)
Barnsley: Silkstone Inn, 64 Market Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. (22nd January 2009)
Beighton: Scarsdale Hundred, 2 Sevenairs Road, Drakehouse, Beighton, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (17th April 2022)
Chapeltown: Wagon & Horses, 2 Market Place, Chapeltown, South Yorkshire. (27th October 2017)
Doncaster: Gate House, Priory Walk, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (21st July 2002)
Doncaster: Red Lion (WL), 37-38 Market Place, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (21st July 2002)
Maltby: Queens Hotel, Tickhill Road, Maltby, South Yorkshire. (22nd June 2012)
Mexborough: Old Market Hall, Market Street, Mexborough, South Yorkshire. (22nd January 2009)
Rotherham: Blue Coat, The Crofts, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. (28th July 2001)
Sheffield: Bankers Draft, 1-3 Market Place, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (2nd September 2000)
Sheffield: Benjamin Huntsman, 12-18 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (2nd September 2000)
Sheffield: Francis Newton, 7 Clarkehouse Road, Broomfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (19th October 2010)
Sheffield: Rawson Spring, Langsett Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (11th December 2007)
Sheffield: Sheaf Island, Wards Brewery, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (19th October 2010)
Sheffield: Sheffield Waterworks Company, Cambridge House, 2-12 Division Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (28th July 2001)
Sheffield: Woodseats Palace, 692 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (29th March 2005)
Tinsley: Steel Foundry, Unit 12, The Oasis Dining Quarter, Lower Level, Meadowhall Centre, Tinsley, South Yorkshire. (27th October 2017)
Wath-upon-Dearne: Church House, Montgomery Square, Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire. (28th July 2001)
Wombwell: Horseshoe, 30 High Street, Wombwell, South Yorkshire. (29th March 2005)

Yorkshire (West): (33)
Batley: Union Rooms, 4 Hick Lane, Batley, West Yorkshire. (19th October 2001)
Bingley: Myrtle Grove, 141 Main Street, Bingley, West Yorkshire. (16th December 2003)
Bradford: Turls Green, Unit D, Centenary Square, Bradford, West Yorkshire. (14th May 2005)
Bramley: Old Unicorn, 165 Lower Town Street, Bramley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (11th March 2016)
Brighouse: Richard Oastler, Bethel Street, Brighouse, West Yorkshire. (19th October 2001)
Castleford: Glass Blower, 15 Bank Street, Castleford, West Yorkshire. (22nd October 1999)
Castleford: Winter Seam, Xscape, Colorado Way, Glass Houghton, Castleford, West Yorkshire. (4th November 2004)
Chapel Allerton: Three Hulats, 13 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, West Yorkshire. (21st October 1999)
Cleckheaton: Obediah Brooke, 19 Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. (19th October 2001)
Cross Gates: Charles Henry Roe, 39-41 Austhorpe Road, Cross Gates, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (18th April 2022)
Garforth: Briggate, 37 Main Street, Garforth, West Yorkshire. (29th October 2017)
Halifax: Barum Top Inn, 17 Rawson Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire. (19th October 2001)
Halifax: Percy Shaw, Broad Street Plaza, Bond Street, Halifax, West Yorkshire. (12th March 2016)
Headingley: Golden Beam, Headlingley Lane, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (18th April 2022)
Hemsworth: Blue Bell, 8 Cross Hill, Hemsworth, West Yorkshire. (27th October 2017)
Huddersfield: Cherry Tree, Pearl Assurance House, 14-18 John William Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. (16th December 2003)
Huddersfield: Lord Wilson, Unit 27, Kingsgate Centre, King Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. (16th December 2003)
Ilkley: Listers Arms, Unit 14, The Moors Shopping Centre, South Haksworth Street, Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (19th June 2011)
Keighley: Livery Rooms, 89-97 North Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire. (4th November 2004)
Leeds: Becketts Bank, 28-30 Park Row, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (20th October 2001)
Leeds: Cuthbert Brodrick, 99 Portland Crescent, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (11th December 2007)
Leeds: Hedley Verity, 43a Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (18th February 2011)
Leeds: Stick or Twist, The Podium Site, 16 Merrion Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (18th April 2022)
Leeds: Wetherspoons, Unit 6, Wellington Quarter, Leeds City Station, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (31st August 2000)
Morley: Picture House, 117-117a Queen Street, Morley, West Yorkshire. (11th March 2016)
Otley: Bowling Green, 18 Bondgate, Otley, West Yorkshire. (18th February 2011)
Pontefract: Broken Bridge, 5 Horsefair, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. (18th February 2011)
Pudsey: Crossed Shuttle, 11 Manor House Street, Pudsey, West Yorkshire. (18th February 2011)
Shipley: Sir Norman Rae, Victoria House, Market Square, Shipley, West Yorkshire. (16th December 2003)
Sowerby Bridge: Commercial Inn, 31 Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. (12th March 2016)
Todmorden: White Hart Hotel, White Hart Fold, Station Approach, Todmorden, West Yorkshire. (22nd July 2011)
Wakefield: Six Chimneys, 41-43 Kirkgate, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. (1st September 2000)
Yeadon: Clothiers Arms, 56 High Street, Yeadon, West Yorkshire. (22nd September 2013)

Airports Landside: (1)
Gatwick: Beehive, Mezzanine Level, South Terminal (Landside), Gatwick Airport, West Sussex. (16th October 2011)

Airports Airside: (7)
These are listed in their own category as officially they are not in the UK, being beyond passport control and customs, but still count in their own right as JD Wetherspoon pubs or bars.
Birmingham: Wetherspoons, International Departure Lounge, Terminal One (Airside), Birmingham Airport, Bickenhill, West Midlands. (31st July 2014)
Doncaster: Running Horse, First Floor Robin Hood Airport (Airside), First Avenue, Finningley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (8th July 2011)
Edinburgh: Sir Walter Scott, Unit ???, Gates 10 & 11, Edinburgh Airport (Airside), Ingliston, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Open)
Gatwick: Flying Horse, Unit 8, Upper Level, South Terminal (Airside), Gatwick Airport, West Sussex. (10th July 2009)
Gatwick: Red Lion, Unit 37, Lower Level, North Terminal (Airside), Gatwick Airport, West Sussex. (4th September 2003)
Heathrow: Crown Rivers, Gates A6/A7, Terminal A, Terminal Five (Airside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (25th March 2011)
Stansted: Windmill, Stansted Airport (Airside), Stansted, Essex. (20th August 2015)

Forthcoming Pubs

This section lists those pubs that are planned or about to open. Sources generally include the JD Wetherspoon newsletter and website, but mostly information is gained from online press and CAMRA newsletters. An opening date is given if found but this is often a rough guess and pubs sometimes open months (or years!) after these dates. If you intend going to one, then please check ahead to see if it has opened yet! Those that have opened and have been verified will be moved to the main section.

Date order:
28th Jun 22: Heswall (Prense Well)
21st Nov 22: Birmingham (London & North Western)

Basildon: 8-20 East Walk, Basildon, Essex. Former Poundworld shop, closed in 2018, purchased by JD Wetherspoon in April 2022 making a replacement for the to be demolished Moon on the Square.

Beaconsfield: 12 Station Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinhamshire. Former Prezzo restaurant bought in October 2021. (Bucks Free Press, October 2021). Plans submitted for change of use in March 2022. (Bucks Free Press, March 2022).

Belfast: 25-39 Arthur Street, Belfast, Ireland. Contracts exchanged to purchase freehold of former Cafe Vaudeville premises, currently let to Revolution Bars trading as Revolucion de Cuba. (Irish News, September 2019). Still trading as Revolucion de Cuba in September 2021. Reported that JD Wetherspoon will not be developing the site due to the long lease Revolution Bars has on the site. (Hospitality Ireland, April 2021).

Belfast: (Eglantine), 40 Malone Road, Botanic, Belfast, Ireland. In process of signing the legal paperwork and purchase to be complete by end of January 2022. (Irish News, January 2022).

Belfast: 58-66 Royal Avenue, Belfast, Ireland. Former JJB Sports shop purchased. (Belfast Telegraph, December 2014). Drinks licence application submitted. (Belfast Telegraph, April 2017). Drinks licence application failed. (Belfast Telegraph, January 2018). Property still owned by JD Wetherspoon. (Irish News, September 2019). Planning consent granted April 2016, permission expired April 2021. (JPA). No plans to proceed. (Hospitality Ireland, April 2021). Premises now for sale. (Belfast Telegraph, April 2022).

Belfast: (21) University Road, Belfast, Ireland. Former methodist church purchased. (Belfast Telegraph, October 2014). Alcohol licence application withdrawn due to local objections. (Irish News, September 2019). No plans to proceed. (Hospitality Ireland, April 2021). Premises now for sale. (Belfast Telegraph, April 2022).

Birmingham: London & North Western, Unit C1, Grand Central Shopping Centre, New Street Station, Hill Street, Birmingham, West Midlands. Plans submitted for empty retail unit within the shopping centre. (Birmingham Mail, August 2017). Unit is next to the staircase up from the Hill Street entrance. Still on the station map as Unit C1 in January 2019. Unit still empty and no work being done in February 2022. (JPA). Work started in converting unit at the side entrance to New Street station, due to open 21st November. (Birmingham Mail, June 2022).

Bishopston: 349-353 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol, Gloucestershire. Former Nooze n Booze supermarket, planning application submitted. (Lots of papers, August 2014). Plans withdrawn. (Mark Hanrahan, January 2015). New plans submitted. (Bishopston Voice, February 2015). New plans submitted again! (Western Daily Press, January 2016). Plans submitted again in November 2017 but permission refused May 2018. Reported in April 2019 to be submitting more plans soon. (Bristol Post, April 2019). Plans submitted again in October 2019 but withdrawn in December 2019, the fifth time! Still intending to use the site. (Bristol Live, December 2019). New plans submitted. (Bristol Live, February 2020). Plans approved. (Bristol Live, July 2021). Location changed from Horfield to Bishopston as that is what is used in the local press. Building to start in 2022. (Bristol Cable, July 2021). In the JD Wethersspoon 2021 Plan. Confirms JD Wetherspoon has planning consent and are reviewing options. (Bristol Live, December 2021).

Covent Garden: 6 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London WC2. Planning permission submitted in March 2022 by nineteen47 on behalf of JD Wetherspoon to convert the former TGI Fridays to a public house. Westminster Council application 22/01873/LBC. (London Drinker, May 2022).

Crystal Palace: (Grape & Grain), 2 Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace, London SE19. Freehold of pub bought by JD Wetherspoon in April 2014. The current leasholder expires in December 2021 with a break point in September 2016. JDW can teminate lease with one years notice. (News from Crystal Palace, April 2014). Pub closing in Oct/Nov 2016 with conversion to a Wetherspoons starting from 1st December. (SW London CAMRA). Closure delayed until January. Pub still open in March 2017, plans still not passed by Bromley Council. To close on 5th Novemeber 2017 and then probably converted into a Wetherspoon pub. Plans submitted in January 2019 for conversion to a Wetherspoons pub, decision to be made on 18th April. (MyLondon News, January 2019). Green light given to opening. (News Shopper, May 2019). Another planning application submitted Feb 2020, still not decided by September 2021. (Bromley Planning WWW, September 2021). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan. Still no plans to open. (Newsshopper, March 2022).

Diss: Kings Head, Kings Head Yard, Diss, Norfolk. Landowner submitted plans to build a new JD Wetherspoon pub. Previous plans four years ago were accepted but need to be altered and resubmitted. Plans supported by Diss Town Council. (EADT24, January 2013). Plans approved. (Diss Express, March 2013). Archeology report needed so opening delayed until Easter 2014. (Eastern Daily Press, May 2013). Full planning consent granted. Being built by local landowner and designed for JD Wetherspoon, but no commitment to site from the pub company and no obligation to buy it. (Diss Press, May 2013). Fresh plans submitted for a larger pub in the complex. (Diss Express, July 2015). Plans approved. (Diss Express, September 2015). Work aiming to start end of 2017 and open in 2018 (Diss Express, July 2017). New plans submitted and work unlikely to start in 2018. (Diss Mercury, September 2018). Work to start February or March 2019 with opening September or October 2020. (Diss Mercury, December 2018). Work to finally start before Christmas 2019! (Eastern Daily Press, September 2019). Alcohol licence applied for. (Eastern Daily Press, December 2019). Licence granted. (Eastern Daily Press, February 2020). Still committed to building new JD Wetherspoon pub once pandemic over. (Eastern Daily Press, March 2021). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan.

Dublin: Aston Quay, Dublin, Ireland. Three storey office with roof terrace close to Temple Bar purchased in June 2021. Aston Quay is the southern bank of the Liffey. (Dublin Live, June 2021).

Edinburgh: 50 Nicolson Street, Newington, Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, Scotland. Empire Bingo hall purchased and planning application submitted. To be decided by July 11th. (Edinburgh Evening News, May 2014). Planning permission refused in November 2014. (David Myles, March 2015). Planning application submitted again. (STV Edinburgh news, April 2015). Planning permission passed. (Edinburgh Scotsman, April 2019). Another planning application submitted in August 2021 (Edinburgh planning WWW, 21/04442/FUL, November 2021). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan.

Ely: Boarding House, 24 St Mary's Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire. Site purchased, planning consent and licensing permission still needed. (Cambridgeshire Live, September 2019). In the JD Wetherspoons Plan for 2020. Plans submitted, September 2020. (Ely Standard, September 2020). In the JD Wetherspoons 2021 Plan. Permission refused. (Ely Standard, March 2021).

Felixstowe: Hamilton Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk. Grove Medical Centre now purchased with plans to demolish and build a new pub. (Ipswich Star, July 2014). Plans approved. (Ipswich Star, August 2014). Plans for larger premisis gone to appeal. (Ipswich Star, June 2015). Appeal won. (Felixstowe Star, August 2015). Permission lapsed and revised plans submitted. (April 2018). Plans reportedly withdrawn. (Ipswich Star? June 2018). Sixth set of plans submitted. (Ipswich Star, January 2020). Seventh set of plans subitted! (Ipswich Star, July 2020). Plans approved. (Ispwich Star, August 2020). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan. Demolition to start in July. (Suffolk News, July 2021).

Galway: 19-21 Eglinton Street, Galway, Ireland. Carbon nightclub bought in July 2019. Planning permission to be applied for. (Irish Times, July 2019). Carbon nightclub now closed by end of August 2019. (Facebook, August 2019). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan. Still intending to open. (Irish Examiner, March 2022).

Glasgow: Dugald Drummond, Unit 12, Glasgow Central Station, Gordon Street, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. Reported in July 2018 that Wetherspoons plans to take over the former Central Bar above the main concourse have been approved. (Glasgow Live, July 2018). Still going through legal processes. (Glasgow Live, May 2019). Alcohol licence approved. (Evening Times, June 2019). Name revealed in December 2019 as the Dugald Drummond. No opening date mentioned. (Glasgow Live, December 2019). Confirmed project dropped by JD Wetherspoon. (Glasgow Live, February 2022).

Glasgow: 18 Moss-side Road, Shawlands, Glasgow, Strathclyde. Planning applioation lodged in August for the Tusk Building and Waverley tearooms. (Evening Times, August 2019). Application successful. (Re:Glasgow, January 2020). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan.

Grays: George Street, Grays, Essex. State cinema purchased in September 2015. (Your Thurrock, September 2015). Planning application to be submitted soon as no work done yet. (Clacton and Frinton Gazette, September 2017). Plans submitted to Thurrock council. (Braintree and Whitham Times, December 2017). Being considred this month. (YourThurrock, August 2018). Plans approved. (Thurrock Gazette, August 2018). Licence application submitted January 2019. (Thurrock Independent, January 2019). Unlikely any building work to start until 2020 although tenders for work have gone out. (Thurrock Gazetter, January 2019). Remedial works in progress from late April. (Braintree and Whitham Times, April 2019). Works in progress still. (Essex Live, May 2019). Work halted pending changes to plans. (BCS Echo, December 2019). Updated plans to be submitted in 2021. (Essex Live, December 2020). In the JD Wetherspoons 2021 Plan. Planning application approved. (Your Thurrock, July 2021). No work so far but work due to go out to tender this month. (Essex Live, December 2021).

Hamilton: Quarry Street, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Former Bairds department store, plans for conversion to a JD Wetherspoon pub passed in May 2018. (Daily Record, May 2018). Plans approved, JDW to buy the building. (Daily Record, February 2019). Alcohol licence applied for. (Daily Record, May 2019). Alcohol licence approved. (Daily Record, June 2019). In the JD Wetherspoon Plan for 2020. Building finally sold to JD Wetherspoon in February 2020. (Daily Record, February 2020). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan.

Heswall: Prense Well, 1-5 The Mount, Heswall, Merseyside. Former Exchange bar, plans approved by Council. All developments on hold due to lockdown so no start plans yet. (Wirral Globe, May 2020). Licence approved. (Wirral News, September 2021). Reported to be opening on 17th May 2022. (John Marriott, December 2021). In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan. Opening "Summer 2022". (Heswall Nub News, January 2022). Confirmed as 17th May opening. (Liverpool Echo, January 2022). Opening delayed to 28th June. (Liverpool Echo, May 2022).

Hinckley: Units x - x, The Crescent Shopping Centre, Station Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire. Planning application submitted for a vacant unit in the shopping centre between Poundland and Sainsburys. (Leicester Mercury, April 2022).

Kilburn: 34 Kilburn High Road, Kilburn, NW6. Licence application by JD Wetherspoon approved by August 2021, site is former Red Lion but most recently Soul Store West. (Twitter, August 2021). Purchased in September, showing in the Land Registry by January 2022. (London CAMRA).

Limerick: Limerick, Ireland. Location unknown, often quoted as a planned opening, confirmed as still planned. (Irish Examiner, March 2022).
Marlow: 2-3 Market Square, Marlow, Buckinghamshire. 2-3 Market Square bought in March 2022, currently containing M & Co. M & Co has a 10 year lease due to expire in March 2029. (MyMarlow, March 2022).

Newport Pagnell: 18-20 St John Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. JD Wetherspoon confirmed they purchased Robinsons restaurant in May 2015. (oneMK, August 2015). Plans submitted. (oneMK, January 2016). Plans submitted again in August 2019 as all previous attempts failed. (MK FM, August 2019). Plans accepted. (MK Citizen, November 2019). In the JD Wetherspoon 2020 Plan. In the JD Wetherspoon 2021 Plan. Further plans submitted. (Buckinghamshire Live, March 2022). Licence granted. (Buckinghamshire Live, May 2022).

North Walsham: New Road, North Walsham, Norfolk. Town Council's ex-offices. Offer made depending on planning and licensing permission granted. (Eastern Daily Press 24, October 2014). Still no progress, Wetherspoon not making any offer until it has guaranteed vacant possession although Council may want to continue use of the building. (Eastern Daily Press, September 2015). Still in negotiation with district council. (North Norfolk News, March 2018). Locals say nothing to stop JDW coming, the pathing problem was solved early in 2018. (Facebook, January 2019). Now off the table and council having rethink over use of the premisis. (North Norfolk News, June 2019). Survey of premises being done, and JD Wetherspoon says it is still on the agenda. (Eastern Daily Press, September 2020). Survey complete, building called the Cedars, but 165k repairs needed. Town Council not expecting it to be a Wetherspoons. (Eastern Daily Press, December 2020). Council pulled out from selling the permisis. (North Norfolk News, July 2021).

Prestatyn: Municipal Offices, 6-8 Nant Hill Road. In the JD Wetherspoon plan for 2020. Any interest in the building withdrawn. (Rhyl Journal, December 2021).

Southwark: (Bridge Tap), 32-34 Borough High Street, Southwark, London SE1. Freehold bought in early 2022. Stonegate has the sub-lease until 2033. It is not known if there is a break clause or not. (London Drinker, Jan 2022).


Stirling: 43-51 King Street, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Planniong application to convert retail and office space submitted, close to the other (already granted planning permission but no alcohol licence yet) application on Spittal Street. (Stirling Observer, August 2012). Already have planning application passed, submitted alcohol licence. (Daily Record, February 2015). Licence approved, Daily Record. (June 2015). Site included in the 34 Wetherspoon pubs up for sale. (Propery Mall, November 2015). Still closed and boarded in September 2016. (JPA).

Temple: 222 Strand, Temple, London WC2. Former Lloyds Bank, plans submitted in May 2018 to convert into a JD Wetherspoon pub! (Evening Standard, May 2018). Assume now purchased or leased as widely reported that conversion now going ahead. (Evening Standard etc, January 2020). Reported in May 2022 that possibly abandoned, more information needed. (London Drinker, May 2022).

Vauxhall: (Waterfront), Unit 3, Block D, St George Wharf, Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall, London SW8. Lease taken from Publican Investments Ltd by March 2022, assumed a sublease currently let to "Steax and the City" which run the Waterfront Bar & Brasserie. (London CAMRA, April 2022).

Ware: Amwell End, Ware, Hertfordshire. Former SKY club purchsed in October 2011. (Ware Online, October 2011).

Welwyn Garden City: Cherry Tree, 22 Parkway, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. Former medical centre purchased in November 2014. No plans sumbitted yet. (Welwyn Hatfield Times, April 2015). Plans submitted. (Welwyn Hatfield Times, June 2015). To be decided on 5th October though rejection has been recommended. (Welwyn Hatfield Times, September 2015). Planning application rejected. (Morning Advertiser, September 2015). Appeal to be submitted. (Welwycn & Hatfield Times, April 2016). Revised plans submitted. (Times 24, May 2016). Plans turned down. (Times 24, August 2016). Time for appeal expired. (Welwyn Hatfield Times, March 2017). New plans submitted for new build pub and hotel. (Welwyn Hatfield Times, July 2018). Plans rejected. (Welwyn Hatfield Times, November 2018). Building put up for sale. (Welwyn Hatfield Times, April 2020).

Wickford: Market Lane, Wickford, Essex. Announced in October 2019 that will open on the oldmarket site by the end of 2020. Working with Basildon Council. (Basildon, Canvey and Southend Echo, October 2019). Still require planning permission. (Essex Live, November 2020). Scheme cancelled in December 2020 by agreement with the local council. (Basildon Canvey Southend Echo, December 2020).

Former JD Wetherspoon pubs

This section lists those pubs that used to be JD Wetherspoon pubs but have since been sold on. Their current ownership and usage is noted after the pub details. There is a suprisingly large number of ex-Wetherspoon pubs!

Closing soon or for sale: (these pubs are still open as JD Wetherpoon pubs but are currently up for sale or are to close soon, they are still listed in the main section and are not included in the closed total. See also the JDW Disposals website (http://www.jdwdisposals.co.uk/)):
Barking (Barking Dog, to close in April 2022 for redevelopment of Trocoll House, a 28 storey building behind and around the pub. To "re-open" in two years);
Basildon (Moon on the Square, to close September 2022 as whole area to be demolished for redevelopment);
Beaconsfield (Hope & Champion, put up for sale in November 2021. On JDW Disposals website November 2021);
Bodmin (Capel an Gansblydhen, included in 7 pubs put up for sale in July 2021. On JDW Disposals website November 2021);
Cumbernauld (Carrick Stone, plans released in Spring 2022 for whole of the centre of Cumbernauld to be demolished and redeveloped)
Lee (Edmund Halley, Leegate Centre bought in 2020 by Galliard and to be demolished and redeveloped if plans approved);
Newport, Gwent (John Wallace Linton, plans to replace frontage and possibly more if plans submitted in October 2020 for Station Quarter go ahead);
Romford (Worlds Inn, for sale on the Savills website in April 2022);
Shawlands, Glasgow (Sir John Stirling Maxwell, whole shopping centre to be demolished for redevelopment);
Taunton (Coal Orchard, put up for sale in October 2021. On JDW Disposals website November 2021. Still for sale in April 2022);
Trowbridge (Isaac Pitman, still up for sale. On JDW Disposals website November 2021);
Wick (Alexander Bain, put up for sale again in April 2022);
Worcester (Postal Order, included in 7 pubs put up for sale in July 2021. On JDW Disposals website November 2021);
Wrexham (North & South Wales Bank, included in 7 pubs put up for sale in July 2021. On JDW Disposals website November 2021. Still for sale in April 2022, Leader).

Sold: (these pubs are no longer owned by JD Wetherspoon but are not yet open under new ownership, they are included in the closed total):
Benwell (Plaza, still closed and boarded in October 2021, any reports of changes to a restaurant relate to the buildings facing the road built up to the pub);
Birkenhead (John Laird, closed on 20th August 2017 according to Trip Advisor, no activity by 2020?. Reported to be becoming a market);
Blackrock (Three Tuns, closed on Sunday 9th January 2022, sold to a consortium of rugby players);
Bournemouth (Christopher Creeke, closed on Sunday 3rd April);
Bradford (Sir Titus Salt, closed on 5th March 2017, sold prior to auction on 7th February 2017 at Allsops to the adjacent Brewhouse bar, no activity by July 2018. Plans to open as the Ginga Rodizio Bar & Grill in October 7th 2018 dropped. Still empty by March 2022 when all four units in the Royal Windsor Baths complex put up for sale through Fleurets);
Cambridge (Tivoli, closed in April 2015, purchased by City Pub Company in April 2018, planning permission approved in September 2019, plans now on hold due to coronavirus but due to open before end of 2022);
Cheshunt (King James, closed during pandemic, application to become a Toolstation shop);
Chichester (Gatehouse, closed on 28th January 2018 as expected);
Croydon (Milan Bar, closed on Sunday 13th February 2022);
Croydon (Skylark, closed on Sunday 27th March 2022);
Dalkeith (Blacksmiths Forge, not re-opening after lockdown, lease with Lidl not being renewed);
Edinburgh Airport (Turnhouse, landside, listed as closed in JD Wetherspoon annual report, October 2021);
Fulham (Oyster Rooms, closed on Sunday 13th March 2022);
Glasgow Airport (Sandpiper landside, listed as closed in JD Wetherspoon annual report, October 2021);
Glasgow Airport (Sanderling airside, listed as closed in JD Wetherspoon annual report, October 2021);
Grangemouth (Earl of Zetland, sold to Hawthorn Leisure / New River in 2016 and closed for good in February 2022 after structural damage in Storm Eunice);
Grimsby (Ice Barque, closed 2nd November 2016, building still standing and closed, June 2022);
Harlesden (Coliseum, latterly Harlesden Picture Palace run by Antic but still closed by February 2020);
Hayes (White House, closed on 15th April 2018, still closed by Jan 22, Travelodge was built next door);
Ipswich (Golden Lion, closed in April 2016, lease surrendered in February 2019 and now to be sold through Trevor Harris);
Islington (Glass Works, closed on 21st August 2016, closed and boarded but work in progress during 2020 to convert to a shop);
Heathrow Airport (Flying Chariot T2, listed as closed in JD Wetherspoon annual report, October 2021);
Heathrow Airport (Wetherspoons Express T5B, listed as closed in JD Wetherspoon annual report, October 2021);
Kenton (New Moon, listed as closed in JD Wetherspoon annual report, October 2021);
Kings Heath (Pear Tree, closed (and stripped) as expected on 28th November 2021);
Lancaster (Green Ayre, closed since December 2015 after flooding, sold in December 2018 to, and still for sale from in April 2020, Fisher Wrathall Commercial);
Leicester (Last Plantagenet, closed as a Wetherspoons in September 2019 and purchased by Friends Tavern, however it never opened, remains closed and boarded, plans submitted (and later approved) in 2021 to convert upstairs to student flats and a ground floor pub);
Lincoln (Forum, opened again as the Bierkeller but lease terminated in January 2021);
Luton (London Hatter, closed in February 2016, no longer for sale at http://www.jdwdisposals.com/ by December 2017, no activity by July 2018);
Matlock (Crown Inn, closed in late 2019 after flooding, lease surrenored early 2021, on the market in November 2021);
Neston (Lodestar, latterly run by G W Horners, still closed and empty by July 2019 on GSV);
New Southgate (Bankers Draft, latterly Bank but still closed by May 2019);
Northampton (Moon on the Square, closed in March 2017, for sale at http://www.jdwdisposals.com/ in July 2018 but reported last sold in September 2019);
Nottingham (Company Inn, closed during lockdown and never re-opened, confirmed in November 2021 as permanently closed);
Redfield, Bristol (St Georges Hall, closed September 2021, possible plans include converting to residential);
Raynes Park (Edward Rayne, closed and lease sold during lockdown possibly to another operator);
Smethwick (Sampson Lloyd, still closed on Google StreetView by May 2019).
South Oxhey (Wetherspoons, became the Ox, closed by March 2018 and to be demolished as part of area redevelopment);
St Helens (Running Horses, closed as expected on 28th November 2021);
Stansted Airport (Express, airside, listed as closed in JD Wetherspoon annual report, October 2021);
Stevenage (Standard Bearer, closed during lockdown, whole area going to be redeveloped into a new shopping centre);
Surbiton (Cap in Hand, closed in January 2016, still closed and boarded in May 2019. All plans submitted rejected. New plans submitted August 2020);
Sutton (Grapes, closed on Sunday 5th August 2018, plans submitted Nov 2019, still closed May 2019);
Tamworth (Silk Kite, closed in April 2016, for sale on Savills April 2020);
Thornton Heath (Flora Sandes, closed on 21st May 2018 as expected. Will become a branch of PureGym during 2020);
Trowbridge (Sir Isaac Pitman, closed in April 2017, for sale on Savills April 2020);
Upper Norwood (Postal Order, closed during pandemic and lease not being renewed);
Walsall (Imperial, closed in March 2016, for sale at http://www.jdwdisposals.com/ in July 2018, still closed on Google Street View in May 2019. For sale by auction by acuitus.co.uk on 9 Jul 2020 but sold prior to auction);
Warrington (Looking Glass, sold and closed on 20th March 2022);
West Hendon (White Lion of Mortimer, formerly converted to a supermarket, still closed by July 2019);
Weston-super-Mare (Dragon Inn, closed during lockdown and lease surrendored);
Windsor (Windlesora, closed on Sunday 22nd May 2022).

The Pubs
Pubs in ordinary text are those that I have been to as JD Wetherspoon pubs. Pubs in italics and with the location underlined are those that I have been to since they were sold by JD Wetherspoon. Those in just italics are those that I have not been to.

Total number of former JD Wetherspoon pubs = 270.
Number of the above I have been to as JD Wetherspoon pubs = 249.
Number of the above I have been to since sold by JD Wetherspoon = 17.
Number of the above I have not been to = 4.

Bedfordshire (2):
Bedford: Bankers Draft, 115-117 High Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire. (now called Brewhouse & Kitchen run by Brewhouse & Kitchen)
Luton: London Hatter, 46 Park Street, Luton, Bedfordshire. (now closed, see above)

Berkshire (7):
Caversham: Baron Cadogan, 22-24 Prospect Street, Caversham, Berkshire. (now run by Oakflower Limited)
Newbury: Diamond Tap, 42 Cheap Street, Newbury, Berkshire. (now called Walkabout run by Stonegate)
Maidenhead: Greyhound, 86-92 Queen Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire. (now Demolished)
Reading: Monks Retreat, 163 Friar Street, Reading, Berkshire. (now run by Stonegate)
Slough: Lloyds No. 1, 230 High Street, Slough, Berkshire. (now called Brickhouse run by ?)
Windsor: Windlesora, 17 William Street, Windsor, Berkshire. (now closed, see above)
Wokingham: Gig House, 2 The Plaza, Denmark Street, Wokingham, Berkshire. (now run by ?)

Bristol (2):
Redfield: St Georges Hall, 203 Church Road, Redfield, Bristol. (now closed, see above)
Stokes Croft: Magic Box, 135-137 Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft, Bristol, Bristol. (now a mosque)

Buckinghamshire (5):
Aylesbury: Bell Hotel (WL), 40 Market Square, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. (now run by ?)
Chesham: Last Post, 77 The Broadway, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. (now called Generals Arms run by ?)
High Wycombe: William Robert Loosley, 120-123 Oxford Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. (now called Chiltern Taps run by Stonegate)
Milton Keynes: David Garrick, 7 Savoy Crescent, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. (now called Brewhouse & Kitchen run by Brewhouse & Kitchen)
Milton Keynes: Secklow Hundred, 316 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. (now called Brewdog run by Brewdog)

Cambridgeshire (1):
Cambridge: Tivoli, 16 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. (now closed, see above)

Cleveland (2):
Hartlepool: King Johns Tavern, 1 South Road, Hartlepool, Cleveland. (Run by Tees Inns)
Middlesbrough: Isaac Wilson, 61 Wilson Street, Middlesbrough, Cleveland. (Run by Tees Inns)

Cheshire (6):
Chester: Forest House, Love Street, Chester, Cheshire. (now called Brewhouse & Kitchen run by Brewhouse & Kitchen)
Crewe: Gaffers Row, 48 Victoria Street, Crewe, Cheshire. (now Demolished)
Ellesmere Port: Thomas Telford, 65-69 Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. (now called William Jessop run by Amber Taverns)
Neston: Lodestar, 20-22 Brook Street, Neston, Cheshire. (now run by G W Horners, still closed by July 2019)
Warrington: Looking Glass, 41-43 Buttermarket Street, Warrington, Cheshire. (now closed, see above)
Wilmslow: Bollin Fee, 6-12 Swan Street, Wilmslow, Cheshire. (now called Brewhouse & Kitchen run by Brewhouse & Kitchen)

Cornwall (1):
Newquay: Cribbar, 11-19 Gover Lane, Newquay, Cornwall. (now called Slug & Lettuce and run by Stonegate)

Derbyshire (3):
Heanor: Red Lion, 2 Derby Road, Heanor, Derbyshire. (now run by New River)
Long Eaton: Twitchel Inn, Clifford Street, Long Eaton, Derbyshire. (now run by Pub People)
Matlock: Crown, Derwent House, Crown Square, Bakewell Road, Matlock, Derbyshire. (now closed, see above)

Devon (2):
Paignton: Isaac Merritt, 54-58 Torquay Road, Paignton, Devon. (now run by South Wales Pubs)
Torquay: London Inn, 15-16 The Strand, Torquay, Devon. (now called Yates run by Stonegate)

Dorset (2):
Boscombe: Sir Percy Florence Shelley, 673-675 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Dorset. (now a Gym)
Bournemouth: Christopher Creeke, 2 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, Dorset. (now closed, see above)

Essex (7):
Chelmsford: Globe, 65 Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, Essex. (now run by Greene King)
Chelmsford: Thomas Mildmay, 77 Frenchs Walk, Springfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex. (now called Walkabout run by Stonegate)
South Ockendon: Moon under Water, Broxburn Drive, South Ockendon, Essex. (now called Woodlands Edge run by Greene King)
Stansted: Windmill, Stansted Airport (Airside), Stansted, Essex. (now "Demolished")
Stansted: Wetherspoons Express, Gates 19-39, Satellite 1 / South Satellite, Stansted Airport (Airside), Stansted, Essex. (now closed, see above)
Tilbury: Anchor, Civic Square, Tilbury, Essex. (now Religious Centre, Fruitful Land!)
Witham: Little Elms, Dorothy Sayers Drive, Witham, Essex. (now run by Greene King)

Gloucestershire (1):
Gloucester: Water Poet, 61-63 Eastgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire. (now called Doctors run by Amber Taverns)

Hampshire (2):
Portsmouth: Trafalgar, Trafalgar House, 16 Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire. (now Restaurant, a noodle bar)
Portsmouth: White Swan, 26 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, Hampshire. (now called Brewhouse & Kitchen run by Brewhouse & Kitchen)

Hertfordshire (4):
Cheshunt: King James, 2-3 Lynton Parade, Turners Hill, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. (now closed, see above)
St Albans: Cross Keys, 2 Chequer Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire. (now Restaurant, part of Bill's chain)
South Oxhey: Wetherspoons, 4 Bridlington Road, South Oxhey, Hertfordshire. (now called Ox run by ?, closed by March 2018 and to be demolished as part of the area redevelopment)
Stevenage: Standard Bearer, Unit 1, The Plaza, Market Square, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. (now closed, see above)

Ireland (7):
Ballymena: Spinning Mill, 17-21 Broughshane Street, Ballymena, Northern Ireland. (now Granny Annies run by Granny Annies)
Coleraine: Old Court House, Castlerock Road, Coleraine, Northern Ireland. (now called Granny Annies run by Granny Annies)
Derry: Diamond, 23-24 The Diamond, Derry, Northern Ireland. (now called Granny Annies run by Granny Annies)
Derry: Ice Wharf, 22-24 Strand Road, Derry, Northern Ireland. (now called Granny Annies) run by Granny Annies)
Blackrock: Three Tun Tavern, 1-5 Temple Road, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland. (now closed, see above)
Enniskillen: Linen Hall, 11-13 Townhall Street, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. (now called Granny Annies run by Granny Annies)
Lisburn: Tuesday Bell, 4 Lisburn Square, Lisburn, Northern Ireland. (now called Lark run by Beannchor)

Greater London (97):
Archway: Dog, 17-19 Archway Road, Archway, London, N19. (now called Charlotte Despard run by private individual?)
Balham: Moon under Water, 194 Balham High Road, Balham, SW12. (now called Cyclist run by Urban Pubs and Bars)
Barnet: Bat & Goldfish, 70 High Street, Barnet, London, EN5. (now Demolished)
Barnet: Moon under Water, 148 High Street, Barnet, London, EN5. (now called Butchers Arms run by Red Tree UK)
Bethnal Green: Camdens Head, 456 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2. (now called Bethnal Green Tavern run by Grace Lane)
Bow: Match Maker, 580-586 Roman Road, Bow, E3. (now Commercial, a branch of Poundland)
Camden: Man in the Moon, 40-42 Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town, London, NW1. (now called Monarch run by Camden Bars)
Catford: Tigers Head, 350 Bromley Road, Southend, Catford, SE6. (now Demolished)
Chiswick: JJ Moons, 80-82 Chiswick High Road, London, W4. (now Restaurant, called Piano)
City (Bank): Green Man, Basement, 1 Poultry, Bank, EC2. (now called Puttshack run by Puttshack)
Clerkenwell: Printworks, 113-117 Farringdon Road, Clerkenwell, EC1. (now called Piano Works run by TDC Concepts)
Crouch End: Devonshire House, 2-4 Broadway, Crouch End, N8. (now Commercial, a branch of Superdrug)
Crouch End: Dick's Bar, 61 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, London, N8. (now Commercial, a window shop)
Crouch End: Elbow Room, 22 Topsfield Parade, Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, London, N8. (now called Small Beer run by Henry Leader Limited)
Crouch Hill: Marlers Bar, 29 Crouch Hill, Crouch Hill, London, N4. (now called Brave Sir Robin run by Carouse London)
Croydon: Milan Bar, Unit C, Grants Entertainment Centre, 14-32 High Street, Croydon, CR0. (now closed, see above)
Croydon: Ship of Fools, 9-11 London Road, Croydon, CR0. (now Commercial, a branch of Sainsburys Local)
Croydon: Skylark, 34-36 South End, Croydon, CR0. (now closed, see above)
Dagenham: Lord Denman, 270-272 Heathway, Dagenham, RM10. (now run by Amba Pubco)
Edgware: Blacking Bottle, 122-126 High Street, Edgware, London, HA8. (now called Three Wishes run by Bigger Pear)
Edmonton (Lower): Lamb, 52-54 Church Street, Lower Edmonton, London, N9. (now run by Stonegate)
Edmonton (Upper): Gilpins Bell, 50-54 Fore Street, Upper Edmonton, N18. (now run by Woolwich Taverns)
Forest Hill: Bird in Hand, 35 Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23. (now run by Stonegate)
Fulham: Oyster Rooms, Unit 3, First Floor, Fulham Broadway Centre, Fulham Broadway, Fulham, SW6. (now closed, see above)
Goodmayes: Standard Bearer, 7-13 Goodmayes Road, Goodmayes, IG3. (now Restaurant, called Eyva)
Hampstead: Three Horseshoes, 28 Heath Street, Hampstead, NW3. (now called Horseshoe run by Camden Town Brewery)
Hampstead: Wetherspoons, Units 22 & 23, First Floor, O2 Centre, 255 Finchley Road, Hampstead, NW3. (now Restaurant, a branch of Pizza Express)
Harlesden: Coliseum, 25-26 Manor Park Road, Harlesden, London, NW10. (now Harlesden Picture Palace run by Antic but still closed by February 2020)
Harringay: Mortimer Arms, 405 Green Lanes, Harringay, London, N4. (now called Old Ale Emporium run by Woolwich Taverns)
Harringay: Old Suffolk Punch, 10-12 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay, London, N4. (now Commercial, branches of Winkworth and Ladbrokes)
Hayes: Moon under Water, 10-11 Broadway Parade, Coldharbour Lane, Hayes, London, UB3. (now called Pub Punjabi run by Pind Punjabi Ltd)
Hayes: White House, The Arena, Bennetsfield Road, Stockley Park, Hayes, UB11. (now closed, see above)
Hayes End: Moon and Sixpence, 1250-1256 Uxbridge Road, Hayes End, London, UB4. (now called Wishing Well run by All Our Bars)
Heathrow: Skylark, Mezzanine Level, Terminal One (Landside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Wetherspoons Express, Rotunda (Gates 77-90, Ireland departures), Terminal One (Airside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Wetherspoons Express, Gate 80 (Ireland departures), Terminal One (Airside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Wetherspoons Express, Gate 82 (Ireland departures), Terminal One (Airside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Wetherspoons, Terminal Two (Landside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Flying Chariot, Top Floor, Terminal Two (Landside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now closed, see above)
Heathrow: Wetherspoons, Terminal Two (Airside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Windsor Castle, Mezzanine Level, Terminal Four (Landside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Wetherspoons, Terminal Four (Airside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now "Demolished")
Heathrow: Wetherspoons Express, Gate B36, Terminal B, Terminal Five (Airside), Heathrow Airport, Heathrow, TW6. (now closed, see above)
Highgate: Gatehouse, 1 North Road, Highgate, N6. (now run by Urban Pubs & Bars)
Holloway: Fat Harrys, 60 Isledon Road, Holloway, London, N7. (now Residential)
Holloway: JJ Moons, 37 Landseer Road, Holloway, London, N19. (now called Landseer Arms run by Patron Capital)
Hornchurch: Lloyds No. 1, 168 High Street, Hornchurch, RM12. (now Restaurant, a branch of Ask)
Ilford: Red Lion, 71 Ilford Hill, Ilford, IG1. (now Offices for Crossrail)
Islington: Glass Works, Units R5 & R6, First Floor, Angel Central Shopping Centre, 21 Parkfield Street, Islington, N1. (now closed, see above)
Islington: Moon under Water, 179 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1. (now Vineyard run by Stonegate)
Kenton: New Moon, 25-26 Kenton Park Parade, Kenton Road, Kenton, HA3. (now closed, see above)
Leyton: Auctioneers, 596 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London, E10. (now called Bootlaces run by Patron Capital)
Leyton: Drum, 557-559 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, E10. (now called Spark House run by Laine Pub Company)
Marble Arch: Tyburn, 18-20 Edgware Road, Marble Arch, W2. (now Demolished)
Mitcham: White Lion of Mortimer, 223 London Road, Mitcham, CR4. (now run by Individual)
Morden: Lady St Helier, Unit 3, 33 Aberconway Road, Morden, SM4. (now Commercial, a branch of Lidl)
Muswell Hill: Wetherspoons, 89 Colney Hatch Lane, Muswell Hill, London, N10. (now called Furlong run by Patron Capital)
Neasden: Outside Inn, 312-314 Neasden Lane, Neasden, NW10. (now Commercial, a branch of Tesco Express)
New Southgate: Bankers Draft, 36-38 Friern Barnet Road, New Southgate, London, N11. (now called Bank run by Bramwell but still closed by May 2019)
Newington Green: Nobody Inn, 92 Mildmay Park, Newington Green, London, N1. (now called Lady Mildmay run by Islington Pub Company)
North Finchley: Tally Ho, 749 High Road, North Finchley, N12. (now run by Stonegate)
North Harrow: JJ Moons, 19-20 The Broadwalk, Pinner Road, North Harrow, London, HA2. (now called Three Wishes run by Lightshield)
Northwood: Sylvan Moon, 27 Green Lane, Northwood, HA6. (now called Misty Moon run by Lightshield)
Northwood Hills: William Jolle, 53 The Broadway, Joel Street, Northwood Hills, HA6. (now called Three Wishes run by ?)
Palmers Green: Whole Hog, 430-434 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13. (now Restaurant called Vadi)
Ponders End: Picture Palace, Howards Hall, Lincoln Road, Ponders End, EN3. (now run by New River)
Putney: Railway, 202 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15. (now called Revolution run by Revolution Bars)
Raynes Park: Edward Rayne, 8-12 Coombe Lane, Raynes Park, SW20. (now closed, see above)
Shepherds Bush: Moon on the Green, 172-174 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W12. (now called Green run by Stonegate)
Soho: Moon & Sixpence, 181-185 Wardour Street, Soho, W1. (now Restaurant, part of the Chipotle chain)
South Harrow: JJ Moons, 3 Shaftesbury Parade, Shaftesbury Avenue, South Harrow, London, HA2. (now called Maya run by Upper Deck)
South Norwood: William Stanley, 7-8 High Street, South Norwood, SE25. (now called Shelverdine Goathouse run by Antic)
Southfields: Grid Inn, 22 Replingham Road, Southfields, SW18. (now Commercial, a branch of Tesco Express)
Stanmore: Man in the Moon, 1 Buckingham Parade, The Broadway, Stanmore, HA7. (now Restaurant, a branch of Nandos)
Stoke Newington: Marlers Bar, 178 Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington, London, N16. (now Coach & Horses run by Patron Capital)
Streatham Hill: Crown & Sceptre, 2a Streatham Hill, Streatham Hill, SW2. (now run by LT Management)
Stroud Green: White Lion of Mortimer, 125-127 Stroud Green Road, Stroud Green, N4. (now called White Lion run by Urban Pubs & Bars)
Surbiton: Cap in Hand, 174 Hook Rise North, Southborough, Surbiton, KT6. (now closed, see above)
Sutton: Grapes, 198 High Street, Sutton, SM1. (now closed, see above)
Sydenham: Windmill, 125-131 Kirkdale, Sydenham, SE26. (now demolished)
Thornton Heath: Flora Sandes, 2-4 Ambassador House, Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, CR4. (now closed, see above)
Tottenham: Elbow Room, 503-505 High Road, Tottenham, London, N17. (now run by Stonegate)
Tottenham: Goat, 414-416 West Green Road, Tottenham, London, N15. (now Commercial, a hair salon)
Tottenham: JJ Moons, 11 Markfield Road, Tottenham, London, N15. (now Demolished)
Tottenham: KK McCools, 265 West Green Road, Tottenham, London, N15. (now run by ?)
Tottenham: Moon under Water, 423 Lordship Lane, Tottenham, London, N22. (now Commercial, a branch of Paddy Powers bookmakers)
Tottenham: Narrow Boat, Reedham Close, Tottenham, London, N17. (now Demolished)
Tottenham: New Moon, 413 Lordship Lane, Tottenham, London, N17. (now run by Woolwich Taverns)
Twickenham: Moon under Water, 53-57 London Road, Twickenham, TW1. (now called Timberyard run by individual)
Upper Norwood: Postal Order, 31-33 Westow Street, Upper Norwood, SE19. (now closed, see above)
Walthamstow: College Arms, 807 Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, E17. (now called William Morris run by Star Bars)
Wandsworth: Rose & Crown, 134-138 Wandsworth High Street, Wandsworth, SW18. (now called L'Affaire run by individual)
Wandsworth: Spotted Dog, 72 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, London, SW18. (now Demolished)
Wealdstone: Sarsen Stone, 32 High Street, Wealdstone, London, HA3. (now Commercial, a branch of Betfred bookmakers)
West Hendon: White Lion of Mortimer, 3 York Parade, 256-258 West Hendon Broadway, West Hendon, London, NW9. (now Commercial but still closed by Jul 2019)
Westminster: Lord Moon of the Mall, 16-18 Whitehall, Westminster, SW1. (now called Spoons Under The Water run by McMullen)
Winchmore Hill: Half Moon, 749 Green Lanes, Winchmore Hill, London, N21. (now called Three Wishes run by Bigger Peach)

Greater Manchester (7):
Bury: Robert Peel, 5-10 Market Place, Bury, Greater Manchester. (now run by Robert Peel (Bury) Ltd)
Cheadle Hulme: Kings Hall, 11-13 Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester. (now called Kings Tap run by Stonegate)
Didsbury: Milson Rhodes, 1d School Lane, Didsbury, Greater Manchester. (now called Botanist run by New World)
Hyde: Cotton Bale, 21-25 Market Place, Hyde, Greater Manchester. (now run by Amber Taverns)
Longsight: Sir Edwin Chadwick, 587 Stockport Road, Longsight, Greater Manchester. (now Restaurant, branch of Sanam Sweets)
Oldham: Squire Knott, Yorkshire Street, Oldham, Greater Manchester. (run by Makerfield Catering)
Tyldesley: George & Dragon, 185-187 Elliott Street, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester. (now Demolished)

Isle of Wight (1):
Newport: William Coppin, Unit 2, Coppins Bridge Retail & Leisure Centre, Furrlongs, Newport, Isle of Wight. (now Nightclub, called Fever)

Kent (2):
Dartford: Paper Moon, 55 High Street, Dartford, Kent. (now Restaurant, a branch of Efes)
Sittingbourne: Summoner, Units 1-3, Bell Shopping Centre, High Street, Sittingbourne, Kent. (now Commercial a branch of Kaspas ice cream chain)

Lancashire (4):
Blackpool: Auctioneer, 235-237 Lytham Road, Blackpool, Lancashire. (now called Gavel run by New River)
Burnley: Brun Lea, 31-39 Manchester Road, Burnley, Lancashire. (now called Fitzpatricks run by private owners)
Lancaster: Green Ayre, 63 North Road, Lancaster, Lancashire. (now closed, see above)
Nelson: Station Hotel, 13 Hibson Road, Nelson, Lancashire. (now run by Amber Taverns)

Leicestershire (2):
Hinckley: Baron of Hinckley, 5-7 Regent Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire. (now called New Baron of Hinckley run by Elmsthorpe Brewery)
Leicester: Last Plantagenet, 107 Granby Street, Leicester, Leicestershire. (now closed, see above, owned by Friends Tavern)

Lincolnshire (2):
Grimsby: Ice Barque, Unit 4, Riverhead, Frederick Ward Way, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. (now closed, see above)
Lincoln: Forum, 13-14 Silver Street, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. (now called Bierkeller run by Bierkeller, but now closed, see above)

Merseyside (8):
Birkenhead: John Laird, Unit 4, Europa Centre, 88 Claughton Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside. (now closed, see above)
Bootle: Merton Inn, 42 Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside. (now run by JSM Group)
Huyton: Oak Tree, Kingsway Parade, Liverpool Road, Huyton, Merseyside. (now run by ?)
Kirkby: Gold Balance, 6-10 Newtown Gardens, Kirkby, Merseyside. (now called Market Tavern run by Greene King)
Liverpool: Argosy, Aintree Food Village, Level 3 (Airside), Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Speke, Merseyside. (now "Demolished")
Liverpool: Wetherspoons Express, Gate 1, Estuary Food Village, Level 2 (Airside), Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Speke, Merseyside. (now called Beer House run by ?)
Kensington: Picturedrome, 286 Kensington, Kensington, Liverpool, Merseyside. (now run by ?)
St Helens: Running Horses, Cineworld, St Helens Leisure Park, Chalon Way West, St Helens, Merseyside. (now closed, see above)

Norfolk (2):
Kings Lynn: Lattice House, Chapel Street, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. (now run by Hawthorn Leisure)
Norwich: City Gate, 5-7 Dereham Road, Norwich, Norfolk. (now called Bowling House run by ?)

Northamptonshire (3):
Northampton: Eastgate, 98-102 Abington Street, Northampton, Northamptonshire. (now a restaurant called Burger King)
Northampton: Moon on the Square, 6 The Parade, Market Square, Northampton, Northamptonshire. (now closed, see above)
Northampton: Wetherspoons, 7a St Peters Square, Northampton, Northamptonshire. (now called Bar With No Name run by ?)

Northumberland (1):
Berwick-upon-Tweed: Leaping Salmon, Golden Square, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. (now run by Stonegate)

Nottinghamshire (3):
Mansfield: Court House, Market Place, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. (now run by New River)
Nottingham: Company Inn, Castle Wharf, Canal Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. (now closed, see above)
Worksop: White Lion, Park Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. (now run by Greene King)

Oxfordshire (1):
Banbury: Fleur-de-Lis, 63-67 Broad Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire. (now called Cherwell run by Stonegate)

Scotland (19):
Aberdeen: Granite City, Aberdeen Airport (Landside), Dyce, Scotland. (now run by TRG Concessions)
Airdrie: Robert Hamilton, 12-14 Bank Street, Airdrie, Scotland. (now run by private ownership?)
Bathgate: James Young, 36-40 Hopetoun Street, Bathgate, Scotland. (now called Foundry run by private ownership)
Coatbridge: Vulcan, 181 Main Street, Coatbridge, Scotland. (now run by independent operator)
Dalkeith: Blacksmiths Forge, 5 Newmills Road, Dalkeith, Scotland. (now closed, see above)
Dundee: Capitol, 7-9 Seagate, Dundee, Scotland. (now called Market Bar run by Market Leisure)
Edinburgh: Turnhouse, First Floor, Edinburgh Airport (Landside), Ingliston, Edinburgh, Scotland. (now closed, see above)
Edinburgh: Wetherspoons, Upper Level, Edinburgh Airport (Landside), Edinburgh, Scotland. (now "Demolished")
Edinburgh: Gate Bar, International Departure Lounge, Edinburgh Airport (Airside), Edinburgh, Scotland. (now "Demolished")
Edinburgh: Wetherspoons Express, Gate 4, Edinburgh Airport (Airside), Edinburgh, Scotland. (now "Demolished")
Edinburgh: Wetherspoons, Edinburgh Airport (Airside), Edinburgh, Scotland. (now "Demolished")
Edinburgh: Sir Walter Scott, Unit C170, Gates 11/12, Edinburgh Airport (Airside), Ingliston, Edinburgh, Scotland. (now "Demolished")
Glasgow: Camperdown Place, 4-5 West George Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (now Demolished)
Glasgow: Edward G. Wylie, 103-107 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (now restaurant called Wolf Italian)
Glasgow: Sandpiper, Ground Floor, Glasgow Airport (Landside), Paisley, Scotland. (now closed, see above)
Glasgow: Sanderling, Glasgow Airport (Airside), Paisley, Scotland. (now closed, see above)
Grangemouth: Earl of Zetland, Bo'ness Road, Grangemouth, Scotland. (now closed, see above)
Lanark: Clydesdale Inn, 15 Bloomgate, Lanark, Scotland. (now run by New River)
Livingston: Almond Bank, 30-32 McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, Almondvale Road, Almondvale, Livingston, Scotland. (now Restaurant, part of the Prezzo chain)

Shropshire (2):
Telford: Church Wickets, Church Road, Malinslee, Telford, Shropshire. (now run by Greene King)
Whitchurch: Red Lyon, 46 High Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire. (now Residential)

Somerset (1):
Weston-super-Mare: Dragon Inn, 15 Meadow Street, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. (now closed, see above)

Staffordshire (3):
Lichfield: Gatehouse, 1 Bird Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire. (now called Brewhouse & Kitchen run by Brewhouse & Kitchen)
Longton: Last Post, Transport Lane, Longton, Staffordshire. (now run by Oxford Inns)
Tamworth:, Silk Kite, 59-60 Church Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire. (now closed, see above)

Suffolk (3):
Bury St Edmunds: Wolf, 88-89 St John's Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. (now called Snug Bar run by Snug Bar)
Ipswich: Golden Lion / Wetherspoons, 10 Corn Hill, Ipswich, Suffolk. (now closed, see above)
Ipswich: Robert Ransome, Trafalgar House, Tower Street, Ipswich, Suffolk. (now called Yates's run by Stonegate)

Surrey (2):
Haslemere: Swan Inn, 15 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey. (now run by Stonegate)
Walton on Thames: Regent, 19 Church Street, Walton on Thames, Surrey. (now run by Stonegate)

Sussex (East/West) (8):
Chichester: Gatehouse, Chichester Gate, Terminus Road, Chichester, West Sussex. (now closed, see above)
Gatwick: Lloyds No. 1, Unit 6, Upper Level, North Terminal (Airside), Gatwick Airport, West Sussex. (now Commercial)
Gatwick:, London Bar, Upper Level, South Terminal (Airside), Gatwick Airport, West Sussex. (now run by ?)
Gatwick: Village Inn, Upper Level, South Terminal (Landside), Gatwick Airport, West Sussex. (now "Demolished")
Gatwick: Village Inn, Unit 15, Upper Level, South Terminal (Landside), Gatwick Airport, West Sussex. (now "Demolished")
Gatwick: Wetherspoons, Unit 34, Mezzanine Level, South Terminal (Airside), Gatwick Airport, East Sussex. (now "Demolished")
Gatwick: Wetherspoon Express, Gate 105, Gates 101-113, Pier 6, North Terminal (Airside), Gatwick Airport, East Sussex. (now ?)
Worthing: Sir Timothy Shelley, 47-49 Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex. (now Restaurant, called Aqua)

Tyne & Wear (4):
Benwell: Plaza Tavern, 72-74 West Road, Benwell, Tyne & Wear. (now closed, see above)
Jarrow: Ben Lomond, Grange Road West, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear. (now run by Greene King)
Newcastle upon Tyne: Union Rooms, 48 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear. (now run by a Lorenzo North East)
Sunderland: Lambton Worm, Victoria Building, Low Row, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. (now run by Lime Leisure)

West Midlands (11):
Birmingham: Dragonfly, Mezzanine Level, Terminal One (Landside), Birmingham Airport, Bickenhill, West Midlands. (now "Demolished?")
Birmingham: Wetherspoons, Terminal Two (Airside), Birmingham Airport, Bickenhill, West Midlands. (now "Demolished?")
Birmingham: Wetherspoons, Unit 31, Paradise Place, Birmingham, West Midlands. (now Demolished)
Kings Heath: Pear Tree, 25-27 Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, West Midlands. (now closed, see above)
Smethwick: Sampson Lloyd, 24-26 Cape Hill, Cape Hill, Smethwick, West Midlands. (still closed by May 2019)
Solihull: Assembly Rooms, 21 Poplar Road, Solihill, West Midlands. (now called Yates run by Stonegate)
Stourbridge: Edward Rutland, 77-78 High Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands. (now called Stourbridge Lion run by Amber Taverns)
Stourbridge: Wetherspoons, Hungary Hill, Stourbridge, West Midlands. (now Commercial, a branch of One Stop convenience stores)
Walsall: Imperial, Darwall Street, Walsall, West Midlands. (now closed, see above)
West Bromwich: Moon under Water, 33 Kesteven Road, Hateley Heath, West Bromwich, West Midlands. (now called Coach & Horses run by Admiral Taverns)
Wolverhampton: Moon under Water, Old Fallings Lane, Low Hill, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. (now Demolished)

Worcestershire (3):
Kidderminster: Penny Black, 14-18 Bull Ring, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. (now called Pennies run by Adam Wilcox)
Kidderminster: Hare & Hounds, 140 Stourbridge Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. (now run by Star Pubs & Bars)
Stourport-on-Severn: Olde Crown Inn, 9 Bridge Street, Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire. (now run by New River)

East Yorkshire (2):
Kingston-upon-Hull: William Wilberforce, Trinity House Lane, Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. (now called Yates's run by Stonegate)
Kingston-upon-Hull: Zacariah Pearson, 386 Beverley Road, Newland, Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire. (now called Harry Pursey run by Amber Taverns)

North Yorkshire (1):
Harrogate: Lloyds No. 1, 18-20 Parliament Street, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. (now Revolucion de Cuba run by Revolucion de Cuba)

South Yorkshire (8):
Barnsley: Courthouse Station, 24 Regent Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. (now called Courthouse run by Wear Inns)
Doncaster: Amy Johnson, Landside (Arrivals), Ground Floor, Robin Hood Airport, First Avenue, Finningley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (now a restaurant, a branch of Subway)
Doncaster: Finningley Windmill, First Floor, Robin Hood Airport (Airside), First Avenue, Finningley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (now Demolished)
Doncaster: Finningley Windmill, First Floor, Robin Hood Airport (Airside), First Avenue, Finningley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (now Demolished)
Doncaster: Old Angel, Cleveland Street, Doncaster, South Yorkshire. (now called Angel & Royal run by Amber Taverns)
Rotherham: Corn Law Rhymer, 35-37 High Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. (now called Stone & Taps run by New River)
Rotherham: Rhinoceros, 35-37 Bridgegate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. (now run by Cape Designs Ltd)
Sheffield: Swim Inn, 217-231 Glossop Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. (now called Edwards run by New River)

West Yorkshire (7):
Bradford: Sir Titus Salt, Unit B, Windsor Baths, Morley Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire. (now closed, see above)
Burmantofts: Moon under Water, Rigton Drive, Burmantofts, West Yorkshire. (now Rose & Crown run by Tadcaster Pub Company)
Dewsbury: Time Piece, 11-15a Northgate, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. (now run by Cape Designs Ltd)
Leeds: Lloyds No. 1, 23-25 Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (now a restaurant, a branch of Almost Famous)
Leeds: Stick or Twist, The Podium Site, Merrion Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire. (now demolished)
Shipley: Sun Hotel, 3 Kirkgate, Shipley, West Yorkshire. (now run by Wear Inns)
Wakefield: Moon under Water, 2 Batley Road, Alverthorpe, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. (now called Red Lion run by Wear Inns)

Wales (4):
Cardiff: Crockerton, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff, Wales. (now run by Star Pubs and Bars)
Newport: Queens Hotel (WL), 19 Bridge Street, Newport, Wales. (now Restaurant, called Queens Bar & Brasserie)
Newport: Tom Toya Lewis, 108-112 Commercial Street, Newport, Wales. (now run by Close Community)
Pontypool: John Capel Hanbury, 130-131 Osborne Road, Pontypool, Wales. (now called Iron Duke run by Amber Taverns)

Warwickshire (3):
Nuneaton: William White, Bond House, 42 Newdegate Street, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. (now called Silk Mill run by Stonegate)
Royal Leamington Spa: Jug & Jester, 11-13 Bath Street, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. (now called Old Library run by Stonegate)
Rugby: Lawrence Sheriff, 28-29 High Street, Rugby, Warwickshire. (now run by Stream Developments)

Wiltshire (2):
Swindon: Groves Company Inn, 22-23 Fleet Street, Swindon, Wiltshire. (now run by Phoenix Pubs)
Trowbridge: Sir Isaac Pitman, 1-2 Castle Place, 5 Market Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. (now closed, see above)