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UCL Student Experience Survey

This is an internal survey developed specifically for UCL students and is separate from national surveys such as the National Student Survey (NSS).

The UCL Student Experience Survey (SES) is for undergraduates in their penultimate year of study. Students on a year abroad are also eligible to take the survey, but your responses should be reflective of your time at UCL only. As with all of our surveys, your answers will be anonymous.

SES 2021-22 Results

Results from the 2021-22 Student Experience Survey are now available.  

The survey was open between 15 November and 17 December 2021, and over 1,000 students completed the questionnaire. 

See the results for SES 2022 on the results page (UCL log-in required) 

SES 2020-21 Results

The 2021 Student Experince survey ran from 1 - 31 March 2021. 994 stduents took part in the survey, with a total response rate of 18%.

Results and anonymised comments were shared with departments as part of the Annual Student Experience Review (ASER) data set. Responses to surveys have already shaped a number of significant changes across UCL and in academic departments.